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NYT bestselling author of THE WALLS AROUND US. New novel A ROOM AWAY FROM THE WOLVES coming Sept. 4 from @algonquinyr. New to Philly! Similar users

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While at @vcfawcya in the midst of our July residency, I got the first finished copies of A ROOM AWAY FROM THE WOLVES, my book coming Sept. 4 from @algonquinyr! Even more beautiful and shimmery in person!! at Vermont College of Fine Arts


Back to teach in the summer residency! #vcfawcya at Vermont College of Fine Arts


#Philly out my window. (That little figure to the right is William Penn standing on top of City Hall!) I’ll miss this place while I’m teaching in Vermont for the next 12 days, but I’ll be back! #nofilter at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I’ve never done a pre-order campaign before, but I’m working on one for this. Stay tuned for an announcement with details, and if you do preorder just keep a copy or photo of your receipt! #aroomawayfromthewolves


The lambs are watching me eat. #art at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Sculpture by Nikki Lau. #inspiration #beautifulthings #art at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Post-speed dating, post-signing selfie. Thank you to everyone I met who wants to read A ROOM AWAY FROM THE WOLVES. Recuperating in my hotel room before shenanigans out in the French Quarter. Where can I find a charm that will make me more dazzling and headache-free at conferences? at New Orleans, Louisiana


I was wandering the convention floor to kill time while waiting for my hotel room to be ready and ran right into this signing line... the fall galley I MOST wanted to read... for Reasons. How serendipitous! I have it now and it’s signed. #alaac18 #lolita #thereallolita at New Orleans, Louisiana


Haven’t noticed any ghosts at all. #writingretreat at The Highlights Foundation


A ROOM AWAY FROM THE WOLVES is visiting Highlights with me this weekend. I may tuck it away on one of the bookshelves and leave it behind. #spookystory #magicalsecrets #bookstagram


Philadelphia murals are so beautiful. This was somewhere near Lombard Street. #philly at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Exploring my new city keeps revealing wonderful pockets of history. #billieholiday #philly at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


What a beautiful housewarming present! Thank you, mystery sender (aka Shawnee)! ❤️ at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Embedded in my memory: Standing on this rooftop at night, in my old home in New York City, and watching the sweep of city lights all around me, the clouds hovering, the dark shadows wavering, the possibilities of what might happen seeming endless and almost in reach. I’m writing my monthly letter about leaving this city behind, a heartbreaking yet significant moment for me as a person, and maybe one day as a writer. A ROOM AWAY FROM THE WOLVES is my first novel set in the city I loved and have since left behind after so many years. If you want to read the whole letter, subscribe at the link in my bio. . . . #latergram #newyorkcity #nyc #authorsofinstagram #writerdreams #aroomawayfromthewolves at Greenwich Village


A ROOM AWAY FROM THE WOLVES comes out exactly 3 month from today! #bookstagram #writersofinstagram


Had a great first #bookexpo2018 and #bookcon. Thank you to all the many people who surprised me by lining up and waiting for my signed ARC! I didn’t expect so many readers, and we ran out of copies! And thank you to the awesome people at @algonquinyr & @workmanpub who made this happen! . . . #aroomawayfromthewolves #thebookcon #authorsofinstagram #bookstagram #latergram


Wondering how FORESHADOW is happening? Here I am at BookCon with one of the linchpins of this whole operation... our managing editor @little_mswriter! I don’t know how we would do this without Mara! 💜 . p.s. For more about FORESHADOW, a new online venue for publishing short YA fiction, check out! We’re open to submissions from all writers now!


Have you read SADIE yet? @summerscourtney is on top of the world with this book. Her best yet. Hearing the live podcast performance at #thebookcon today reminded me of its power and gutting brilliance. ❤️ Here we are looking out the giant window in her hotel room after a fantastic conference day, and before that in the @algonquinyr booth after my signing. . . #bookcon #bookcon2018 #thebookcon #courtneysummers #findsadie


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