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The first 10-15 seconds of your self-tape is CRITICAL. ☝🏻 @kelcygriffin made the choice to sing at the top of her scene and wave to her adoring fans, so that we get to see “on-stage” persona 💃🏻 for a few seconds before we watch her revert to her default “Imma-shade-a-bitch” setting. 🤣 Was it in the script? Yes. 💁🏻 Did the sides start there? NO. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Did casting give a shit? HELL NO. Even though the sides start with her character’s “off-stage” persona, casting LOVED the fact that she sang and requested she submit a tape of her singing a full song. 🙌🙌🙌 PLAY, people. PLAY! 🤗🤗🤗


HAPPY FRIDAY! 💃🏻 Did you know that submissions with a “SlateShot” get moved to the TOP of the pile on Actors Access? 🤗 @lizzyroseplimpton booked a session for slate shots and immediately received a self-tape request the very next day. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. ✌🏻Also, can we talk about how awesome and alive (!!!) she looks in these screen grabs?




THE AUDACITY. But, also... like how can I live? #pilotseasonhumor


It only takes 10-15 seconds to make an impression (in a good OR bad way). 💥 You have to be especially conscious that ANYTHING you send in can go straight to the 🔝. @anamariecalise received a self-tape callback (along with new notes, including one about makeup - yes, makeup) from a tape she did on her own. 🙌 For her callback, we worked on creating a history between her and the other person in the scene. Afterwards, all we had to do was press “record” and HOLY SHIT. 💥 Ana BOOKED the role off her tape and will be shooting on location in Florida. YES GIRL! 👏👏👏


The best part of our job? Getting to meet and hang out with awesome people like @jordanpschroeder. 🤗 He came PREPARED 🙌🙌🙌 and knocked out two self-tapes at 9am on a Saturday. 💥 If you’re down, we’re down.


We had ourselves a mid afternoon self-tape party with @shonica. 🎉 She rapped, sang, made us laugh, and then broke our hearts. ✊🏻


Two new faces with us! Ladies and gents, meet @caseywaller and @whittensavannah! 👭 These two besties and roomies came in to tape their audition for the same pilot (different roles). They received their sides the night before, helped each other get off book, and were ready to rock and roll. 💥 Thank you for a fun morning, ladies! ❤️


We’re still playing catch up with our posts, but you know we gatta shout out our girl, @rachaelemrich! This 👑 can make anything better than what’s on the page. 🙌 Rachael will also be sharing the screen with Jennifer Lopez in the upcoming feature, Second Act! 🎬


Death wears a smile 😈 feat. @frannyfoo. If you’re playing a baddie, no one should see it coming until it’s too late. 🔪


Aaaand every now and then, everything that could possibly go wrong in a take DOES and it’s the most watchable thing on the planet. 🤣 From a live protest going off on her phone (see bottom screen grab!) to accidentally dropping a Twizzler down her shirt, @a.evangela stayed present and improv’d her way through the scene. 🙌🙌🙌 We knew we HAD to send in that take, as well as a second one where Alex had the words down. 💁🏻 This was the first time she was auditioning for this CD, so we both felt it was important to show that she did take her time to learn the dialogue. And guess what. Even though they didn’t ask for two takes, the casting director and the director LOVED what they saw and gave her a CALLBACK. 💥 CONGRATS ALEX!!! ❤️


“I don’t care if this is right.” BOOM. CALLBACK! 💥 For both roles. 🙌 Congratulations, @jacksochet!!! If you know Jack, you’d also know he gives no f*cks about “doing it right.” Acting is an art form. There is no “right” or “wrong” in art, so let’s pursue being alive instead. 💁🏻🤗


One thing we ❤️ about @pete5keet5keet? The dude is FEARLESS and he can make ANYTHING funny. 🤣 While this particular scene was written as a comedy, we gatta find the heart and the humanity in our characters. His character’s day went from Thursday to HELL in a matter of a page and a half. What’s happening is more than just a “disagreement” over Crate and Barrel/Cracker Barrel - it’s the heartbreaking reality that he thought there was a friendship when there wasn’t one. 💔 And THAT, is what makes it filmworthy. 🎬 YES PETER.


Aaaand sometimes you get 5 pages with NO lines for one of the most exciting characters in a new TV series. Who remembers what Mark Margolis DID as “Hector Salamanca” in Breaking Bad? The dude had no lines 🤭 and a friken BELL. 🛎 @themeganmann did her research, showed up, and did her damn thing. 🙌


TALENT TUESDAYS 💥: VERY SERIOUS SLATING feat. @ava_luu. 🎈 And yes, we sent this in with her audition AS IS. 🤗💁🏻 Let the whole world meet who you are in your slate. 🙌


As viewers, we either have to LOVE YOU or HATE TO LOVE YOU. We can’t just hate you. ☝🏻 And as far as we can tell, we are LOVING what’s happening with @sarahgracesanders here. 💋👏


CONGRATULATIONS 💥 to our homie, @dmcr1 for booking one of the LEAD roles in an upcoming feature film. 🙌 Casting invited Dartel for a meeting with the director and here’s what he had to say: “Your self-tape was the best I’ve seen and you need to move to LA.” Then, he offered Dartel the role on the spot. 🕺🏻😎 BOOM. Oh, and if any of you are lucky enough to know Dartel, you’ll know that he’s one of the happiest people you’ll ever meet. 😌 He hustles, never complains 🤭, and makes your day better just by being in it. 💫❤️


Most of your competition will come in and do what’s on the page. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Lift that sh*t off the page and show ‘em what’s not there! We will never forget that top right picture of @jessejameskeitel and we bet casting won’t either! 👣 Thank you for connecting us, @jaimeschwarz! 💁🏻🤗

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