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I don't take photos - I create art. Celebrating the lines, curves, and details of some of Orange County's finest automobiles. Repost w/ credit plz.

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SOCAL Super Car Show Updates

This lady takes #tooshietuesday very seriously. She’s so close, she could give that @wraplegends Huracan a rectal exam. 🍑💩 at Supercars by the Sea


Feeling groggy from a weekend full of partying? Not quite ready for the week ahead? It’s cool - Red Bull has you covered. at Lamborghini Newport Beach


“And I 🏃🏻‍♀️... I 🏃🏻‍♀️ so far away... couldn’t get away.” Name that song... and the owner of this slick Porsche. at Supercars by the Sea


I love the 80’s style that just pops on the MSOX. What do you think? at Lamborghini Newport Beach


“Kneeling before the king.” This is a first for me. Instead of catching one photographer taking pictures, I was able to catch three in one photo! Talk about hitting the jackpot! Tag yourselves, you wild adventurers. at Supercars by the Sea


This is my 600th post ever! So, it jut has to be my favorite car ever. The Dodge Viper. at Lamborghini Newport Beach


Today we celebrate #tooshietuesday California style - where all of the best are found. Go ahead; try and change my mind. at Supercars by the Sea


1️⃣✅ Wake Up 2️⃣✅ Get ready by spraying some yellow stuff on. 3️⃣✅Conquer the week ahead. Have a great Monday everyone! at Supercars by the Sea


The pre-production Aston Martin Superleggera sure knows how to bring out the ladies. Straight from the dealership. Tag the amazed spectator. at Supercars by the Sea


D•E•P•T•H OF F•I•E•L•D at Lamborghini Newport Beach


*Knock Knock Knock* “Hi, I am from the Church of Scientology. May I come in and tell you the way to eternal life?” at Lamborghini Newport Beach


I sat my camera down on the ground to pick a booger the size of a leviathan and ended up getting this rad shot of the @sonystyle02 NSX. Neat angle, all thanks to a 👃🏼 at Lamborghini Newport Beach


What does the FE stand for? Wrong answers only. I’m going with “Fried Eggs.” at Lamborghini Newport Beach


Well. Now I’ve seen everything. A car the same color as a safety vest or highlighter. Scroll through to see some more shots of this interesting car... and tag the owner please. Which photo in the slideshow is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! at Lamborghini Newport Beach


What is he thinking to himself right now? Funniest wins. Make me laugh. Let me know in the comments below. 😉 at Lamborghini Newport Beach


One thing the Viper HATES is being stuck in traffic... especially behind much slower cars... 😉😏🐍 at Lamborghini Newport Beach


@dailydrivenexotics has a leg up on the competition... 😏 at Lamborghini Newport Beach


Throwing back to this time last year when @jaguar brought their Project 8 to @southoccarsandcoffee for a sneak-peek before car week. (I threw a fresh edit on this old photo.) Also, unrelated: Yes, I’m still around. Posts have been infrequent because of a busy season at work. I’ll be at Lambo on Saturday grabbing some fresh content for sure! at South OC Cars and Coffee

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