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We are rockin another episode of #RaiseYourHorns via @wah_music ... This Friday April 10th! This week I am having my brother @arejayhale as a special guest. Tune in for crazy Questions, tips and tricks on thriving during this pandemic...Surprises, performance and as always a celebration of the power of rock music! Come join me 1pm pacific/ 3pm central and 4pm eastern! 🤘🤘


I’m rocking another episode of #raiseyourhorns this friday at 1PM PST 3PM CST abd 4PM EST. This week I will have a special guest ..... drum roll please.... my little brother @arejayhale ! We are gonna get a little crazy, tell stories, answer questions and Im throwing in a few surprises!! Tune in live on


If anyone has ever been to a Halestorm Show, you know that it is so much more than just us four band members on stage. Our Road Crew is the very heartbeat of the Rock Show, we wouldn’t sound the way we do or look the way we do without them. Hell, we wouldn’t know how to function without these people. The full Halestorm experience, as you know it would not exist if not for our Crew. But they are so much more to us than just a crew who sets up lights, makes sure we can hear in our monitors, manages our travel plans and accommodations, runs sound, takes photos,sets up equipment, runs security, sells Merch or keeps our guitars in tune... they are OUR road FAMILY! We live a very unique life. These men and women are the only people in the would who understand that life. They have been living side by side us as we tour the world. We’ve experienced tremendous ups and downs together, they keep me laughing to the point of tears, they’ve seen my darkness and light. So we’ve decided to put a special road crew Tshirt out, and all the proceeds go to our beautiful road family during this trying time. Link is in my bio! We salute you! Michael Mahar, Detroit Haller, Noah Beachy, Joe Miller, Dave Brown, Joey Delio, Judy Won, Bill Collier, Craig Richter, Big T, and Luke Hammer! See you all for the Best Tour on the other side!


Dad just sent me this. Our first gig in NYC at The Spiral. Summer of 1998. We had to haul my Fender Rhodes four blocks to the club. A representative from Mercury Records, Jim Fourat was kind enough to see the show. Needless to say, we weren’t ready for a record deal and that was our first label rejection. Ha! But I love looking back on these exciting times. Everything was so new, and we were stepping into this great unknown. But we knew there was something magical about this silly little band @halestormrocks ... and I’m so proud to say that all these years later... it’s still the only thing I ever want to do! Sending all my love to all my New York City people!


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🤘Hey Everyone! Something very exciting is happening This Friday! Raise Your Horns LIVE with me in Nashville at @1pm PT/ 3pm CT/4pm ET on! I’ll be talking about all my passions, thoughts on this crazy new world, the importance of checking in on your mental health as well as keeping your physical health, q&a, I'll also be chatting with @reallindaperry & playing a few songs to support those in our music community impacted by COVID-19 through @musicares. Big thank you to @wah_music @roland_us & @taylorguitars for making this possible! #stayhome #staysafe #togetherathome #wearehear


Happy Birthday to my brother @arejayhale . Thirty-Two years ago you came into this world one month premature. It’s the April Fools Day prank that can never be topped! Thank you for starting this crazy band with me, and seeing it through with me for over 23 years. But even more importantly, thank you for being my rock. You’ve always been there to pull me out of the quicksand, and for somehow knowing exactly what to say to make me laugh when I start to spiral out into darkness. You are part Alien part Wise Old Owl. You never deny your inner child and you wear your brightest colors on the outside for the world to see. In a world where everyone is trying to fit neatly and quietly inside the coloring box, you dump that fucker out, melt em all down and create your own damn crayons! I’m so proud of you too! You are the most legendary rockstar drummer of our generation...both on and off the drum kit! -Sis photo by @thejoestorm


#Repost @halestormrocks with @make_repost ・・・ @thejoestorm and I will be streaming for charity on @twitch during the first ever #TwitchStreamAid today, raising money to help WHO fight COVID-19 by streaming games, music, and more. We’ll be live at 1:25 PM PST / 3:25 PM CST / 4:25 PM EST performing 2 songs at Link in bio !


It’s here! My dear friends @inthismomentofficial have just released their latest and we’re kind enough to ask me and my other dear sister @taylormomsen to join them on their @officialqueenmusic cover of #wewillrockyou ; fun fact, they also invited me to do my best @brianmayforreal impression and sit in for the guitar solo! It was also the first guitar solo I officially recorded with my signature @epiphone guitar! Life is weird and fantastic.


#SelfQuarentine can drive you insane. Literally. It’s a breeding ground for depression, anxiety, panic, dark spirals and other mental health issues. But we can all do something about it. Reach out to friends that you know are struggling. Stay connected and remind each other that we are in this together, we are not alone in this crisis. If you normally visit with a psychiatrist, continue to do so online via Skype or FaceTime. Some things that I do to keep the voices quiet are: 1. “Free write” everyday; this is the act of spilling your thoughts onto paper, with no need for rhyme; reason or dates. This is not a diary entry, this is you cleaning out your mental closet. The physical act of writing everything in your head down is extremely therapeutic! 2. Start a project that you didn’t have time for before, sew something you can wear when this all blows over, learn how to change a tire, paint, try poetry, get creative in the kitchen, write short erotica stories if that’s your thing, it’s important to have goals and take small steps to achieve them. 3. Have a routine. Get up, do something physical everyday, there are a ton of apps you can get that will instruct you on how to properly work out from home, get dressed the way you normally would if you were going out, put some ‘work time’ in, clock out and have some You time. Try not to cling to or overdo your vices. These will only exacerbate your darkness. 4. Music. I cannot stress this enough. Now is the time we truly get to see the healing powers of music. Listen to it, play it, share your playlists with friends Listen to music together via online etc. As Always, #RaiseYourHorns for each other. Be kind. #Stayathome We got this! Photo by @thejoestorm


It’s important to remember, that we are more than the walls that confine us. Art is truly the greatest way to escape those walls. Put on a record today. Listen to an album you haven’t in a while, or one that’s a guilty pleasure of yours. Draw something, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist. Play an instrument, even if you don’t consider yourself a musician. Dance, even if you don’t consider yourself a dancer. Think about this time as a time of discovery, free of judgment or boundaries. Nothing is holding you back. You are, and always have been the one you’ve been waiting for. Photo credit: @thejoestorm