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eira lorvik
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photo by @matt_burgess_photo crazy good at Hideaway Beach


"When I was younger - it went like this. Europe was the land of "cool" and raw sensuality - with women having unshaved armpits because it was natural, pure and sexy. I had the fortune to have various girlfriends who had hair in that area... and trust me, it's a friggin' turn on. Also because you can see the vision of "I am a woman, this is who I am, and I'm not succumbing to any ridiculous mores of society". We men often raised one eyebrow in admiration upon seeing a woman like this - "Yep, she's from Europe (or elsewhere) - and it was so alluring compared to our puritanic society." text from @gyula_gefin reposting this from @of2humans and I'm honestly dying reading all the nonsense, ignorant comments on there!!! THIS IS BEAUTY! - Photo by @maddywelk model @mightyolivia !!


I must say that this is the prettiest boy I've ever seen - photo by @stteveenn model @manurios


<3 - photo by @paoloraeli


photo by @mohamedsobeha his work is so cool


I belong to me. - photo by @arisjerome model @nicole_zimmermann


I wanna go to Asia SO BAD! - photo by @pat_kay


FIRE - photo by @damon_baker model @neelsvisser


how are you all? like really? - photo by @jesseherzog model @ralufornow


photo by @martasyrko thank you @fotoz.urge for letting me know who shot this amazing photo!!!


go watch @ralufornow's story as she and other's are making a change in the photography industry by exposing famous photographers as sexual predators. This needs to change NOW. So much respect for Ralu as she speaks out about this. - Photo by @jesseherzog model @ralufornow ♥️


comment your favorite emoji👽 - photo by @tylersphotos model @slickwoods

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