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Looking back on the fun this year instead of focusing on the hardships. Try it, the good times float to the surface when you are reflecting positively. Also...Mexico. What a treat this place was. at Isla Mujeres


I found this piece of art a year ago when I had the pleasure of interviewing Heather @floriopolis and I was so drawn to it. This weekend I was walking into the Rising Tides Benefit and saw this beauty on display right at the entrance. I bought it 😊 I’m so in love with this work of art and the fact that the proceeds are going back to @floriopolis and the artists in Panama City makes it that much better. I am so proud to have had the honor to meet Heather and work with others that made this happen. If you don’t know about Floriopolis you should definitely check it out and support your local artists💕 Photo cred: @theannehunter at MonetMonet


Working on getting settled into my new place. Target is legit 5 minutes up the road, so there’s that. Also, the article I co-wrote last month is going to be in SoWal Life...so keep your eyeballs open for that. Pretty stoked to seeing my writing in print. The question currently on my mind is if I should add “freelance writer” to my profile on insta...you know, big life questions. AND if you are local and especially if you are an artist/photographer I expect to see you Friday at the Rising Tides Benefit-peep my story for info.


What. Am. I. Doing. Moving to a new apartment this weekend. So many exciting and really not exciting feelings. I’m not really looking forward to being in an apartment complex, or having less square feet compared to my current sitch. Can’t really afford it. Not sure why I’m moving 35+ minutes away from friends and family...oh yeah, because south walton doesn’t understand affordable housing. I am looking forward to being a few blocks from the beach. Being in a brand new space that hasn’t been lived in. World Market is legit so close and it’s a fresh start somewhere new-ish. I’ve been spoiled with really amazing apartments over the last few years. I suppose it’s my time to suck it up and deal with thin walls and a view of another building...although, the subway tile back splash is kind of a big deal for me 😊 P.S. this photo has no relevance to any place I lived...it’s a picture from Mexico. HA.


Hi. I’m a retired professional, who is now baking bread and working as a barista. I’m an aspiring writer searching for her voice and working on some freelance gigs. Totally unexpected, but so eager to learn more. Also...I’m broke. It’s stressful as eff, but at the end of everyday it feels SO worth it. Fucking so thankful today. at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


I’m in limbo. I feel so unsettled in so many parts of my life. Career. Relationships. Where I live. Where I’m going. I’m excited to get moved into my new place at the end of the month. I know I will feel quite a bit of relief once that happens. I was reminded today that this time of feeling like I am standing with no direction is the best time to really find my focus and my passion. The question...what am I doing has popped up so much and I hope to answer that question one day with a confident answer driven by my passion for what I’m doing. Sunset provided by my recent trip to Mexico. at Isla Mujeres


Know. Your. Power. at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


Change is not easy. After losing my job in September I made a decision to TAKE A BREAK. Not from working, but from doing work that sucks the soul out of me. Instead of being fearful of everything new, I took a leap through an open door and decided to get outside of my comfort zone. I will definitely struggle for a while financially and I’m terrified almost everyday because I don’t know if I can make it work. But I do know that in order to welcome new things into my life I have to take some chances. I can’t wait to see what new opportunities come my way. at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


Happy Halloweenie. at Isla Mujeres


Are you a superstitious thinker like me? I often think that if I say something out loud that I don’t want to happen it will be more likely to come true. Or if I think something bad about a situation a lot, it will play out in real life. Its thinking I can negatively effect an outcome because of a devastating thought or because I say something that could go wrong out loud. It also pertains to things like, if I tell this person I love them, nothing bad could possibly happen to them. The inability to control ones environment or outcomes is most likely the cause. You know, that asshole thing that haunts me...feeling “not in control” — does anyone else do this? I learned about it in therapy this week and found it so interesting. P.S. I have to wear my hair in a hat everyday. Taking my hat off now is equally as satisfying as removing my bra...ladies, you know what I’m saying. at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


Started two new jobs this week. It’s scary trying something new...especially when there are bills to pay. I’m having all of the feelings about the changes and trying to keep the fear at an arms length. All I can do is try. If I fail I can confidently say I tried to make something new work for me. If I succeed...who knows where I will be! ...learning so much lately about the depth of my fears...out of control is definitely one of them. It might not ever go away, but I can try and conquer it. at Isla Mujeres


Such a beautiful place and beautiful people. Seeing the way others live is absolutely the best experience and it’s so eye opening. It’s amazing to vacation somewhere and witness all of the other visitors have such respect for the people who live here. No one feels entitled because they are “on vacation” —it’s something I’m not used to seeing on 30A. at Isla Mujeres, Caribbean Sea


Day one in Isla Mujeres! I needed this trip...needed something new and fun this year. Cheers to new adventures. at Isla Mujeres


I see you doors...starting to open up for me. Feel like so many answers are just beyond my grasp. So close. P.S. these colors though 😍 at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


I have never truly understood “community” until last week. Watching the people of our town provide so much time and resources to ensure ALL of our neighbors are taken care of has been truly inspiring. Community is not just about the people around you or in your own town, but it’s about human connection...being human and kind to everyone we encounter. From the first responders that are coming in from all over the state to the people in town donating every chance they get. Everyone has risen to the occasion and provided a REAL sense of community. I’m so proud to live here today. at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


It has been an extremely tiring week for our community here in the Panhandle. My heart feels split into a million pieces and one can’t help but feel utterly useless during this crisis. I wish more now than ever that my Instagram feed was filled with photos and info on where to donate. The insta community rallies together to combat so many social and political issues, but right now this community needs you all. Yes, we choose to live near the beach, but this beach is a vacation spot for SO many in this country and the areas hardest hit are where all of our employees who service vacationers live. If you have the time and want to share donation info please let me know. at Apalachicola, Florida


How do you hear your soul? How do you know if what’s in front of you is what you want? How do you make change and survive the daily struggles of life? How do you stay present and live day to day? How do you stay true to yourself? Just a few questions I’ve been asking myself on the regs... P.S. where the eff is fall! at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


2018...I’ve experienced all forms of loss. The love of my life and I split. I’m losing the place I’ve lived and made home for 3 years. I’ve lost my confidence. I most recently lost my job and honestly I’ve lost a sense of self. What I’ve gained this year: a clean slate, all the room I need for healing and growth, and the most deep understanding of myself and my reality that I’ve been falsely building for years. It’s been almost two months since I’ve posted anything on here and I can’t say I’m 100%, but I’ve taken active steps to get there. So yeah. Hey..what’s been up on here lately! at Seagrove Beach, Florida

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