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Jennifer Talbert

Crazy hair. Cloud obsessed Creative spirit. Seeking clarity. *Contributor @naturallycurly *Blogger @amavidacoffee

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Diba Espinoza

Saturday mornings before work are my favorite. Just my coffee and my Georgie. at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort


This challenge will pass and after the storm I am positive there will be blue skies waiting for me. at Miramar Beach, Florida


Sunday’s are for cleansing, meditating, and things that make me happy. These jasper beads and air plant crystal 😍 at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort


The Santa Rosa Sunshine @forthehealthofit30a was seriously all I could think about all day today. I finished it by the time I got to Dune Allen from Blue Mountain. Add spinach, SO good. I felt instantly brought back to life and happy. at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


Ready for some self love and relaxation this weekend. Cleaning the apartment. Cleansing this place. Some exercise. Nails done. Journaling. Playing with georgie. Sleeeeeping! at Dune Allen Beach, Florida


Dear @targetstyle ...YASS to these shoes! SO good. at Miramar Beach, Florida


A pink sky has a special place in my heart. at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


Since my partner and I separated I have to admit that night time is truly the hardest. I find myself searching for things to fill my time and missing the comfort of another person being around. Someone to talk to or share stories with. The first time I laughed out loud to something I saw on TV I felt completely out of place, was it really funny if no one was here to laugh with you? I looked at my cat after who just stared at me blankly. It’s funny how easily we forget how to be alone. I always took pride in my desire for alone time and how good I used to be at being alone. I am grateful though that I know this time will one day be so valuable to me. This change is creating a space for me to open up. So, to make myself more comfortable I went out and bought pink sheets and a chartreuse velvet pillow. It’s helped and slowly but surely I imagine I will find a routine that comforts me in the evenings. Until then, cheers to fuzzy pillows and blurry kitties. at Miramar Beach, Florida


I had full plans to spend the morning swimming in the gulf and woke up to thunder and dark skies which is ok with me and my comfy bed. at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


You are a sea of light. Open your eyes. See yourself. Words by @nayyirah.waheed check out her page. It’s beautiful. at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


Rainy days have my heart. at Dune Allen Beach, Florida


Happy Saturday 🌞 at Destin, Florida


Hello 32. So grateful for all of the people who made me feel so much love today. 💗 at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


I’m turning 32 tomorrow and I chose to post a picture of myself from the last year in my twenties. I always get a little blue on my birthday, mostly because I spend time thinking about the past and all of the things that got me here. I long for days before and always hate to see things go. I have thought SO much lately about how much change just 3 years can bring. My 30s have been a complete turn around and rather than fear it, I am working hard to embrace it. I can never be my 20 something self, but I am looking forward and ready to get excited about my 30 or (32) something self 😊 here’s to a new start ( wanted to make an Arrested Development joke there.) at Miramar Beach, Florida


La Mer. at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


That Sunday kind of love. Clean house. Happy cat. at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort


I’m ready for you stormy weather. ...you are my favorite... Positive news- I get to stay in my place until January 1st. I have been continuously wish for that and it happened! More time to breathe through this change in my life and take my time finding a home that I feel comfortable in. at Dune Allen Beach, Florida


Oh deer. Saw this girl the day after my reiki class and it was such an amazing moment. at Grayton Beach, Florida

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