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Crazy hair. Cloud obsessed Creative spirit. Seeking clarity. *Contributor @naturallycurly *Blogger @amavidacoffee


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“The most d a n g e r o u s thing about M E is that I am my favorite company. Y o u will have to fight for M E” words by @ofyesteryear at Dune Allen Beach, Florida


I am SO ready for this weekend. It is my loves birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate him. at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


Give me all the B E A U T I F U L gulf coast water. at Dune Allen Beach, Florida


Ready for that spring weather again. My apartment is 64 degrees 🙄 at Miramar Beach, Florida


I’m still here! I needed a break. I haven’t had much time to shoot lately. I went to the beach a few weekends ago and found that I was more concerned about snapping pictures than I was about being present. Spent the last week or two focusing on just that. at Miramar Beach, Florida


Happy full moon babes! I have a nice 3 day weekend starting tomorrow because I am using this full moon to take care of me. My house is so clean and I have no obligations all weekend 🌝 at Miramar Beach, Florida


I am ready for a pool day and some serious relaxing. at Blue Mountain Beach, Florida


Found out last week that my landlord is selling our condo. We have been in this place for almost 3 years and we have so many memories here. It’s such a bittersweet moment that I just want to enjoy. I’m filled with all of the anxiety that comes with moving including the showings I will have to be ready for while we are still living here. I don’t like the idea of people in my home when I’m not here. Hoping this change brings something good. at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort


This right now 💗 📷 @wearesoulsparks Growth. Staying open minded. Loving myself. Be kind. Allowing myself to have feelings. Taking care of me. Seeing the good. When things get hard I normally slump into this dark place because for me that is easier than pulling myself up and moving forward. I’ve come so far over the last few years and have been feeling so good. I refuse to let change and hard times darken my life. I might be emotional or have a bad day, but it’s a part of the process and I am so open to it. . at Miramar Beach, Florida


I am so excited that it’s FRIDAY. It’s been a long week. P.S. I can’t wait for big puffy summer clouds. ☁️ at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


I never thought that writing or blogging would be something that I would “be good at” or even enjoy doing. I’m pretty critical of my work and feel strongly that I would benefit from a beginners English class 😊 I am so fortunate to have people in my life that encourage me to express myself through my writing. A friend pointed out to me recently that I should tell the story about my hair because there are likely so many experiencing something similar and it’s always nice to relate to others. After writing it all out and having it posted on @naturallycurly I felt so much better. When the story was posted this morning I couldn’t stop thinking “I have a voice”— I kept repeating in my head and I felt so moved to say more. I hope you had a chance to peep the link in my bio. Also, feel free to judge my terrible grammar...I definitely do 😊 at Miramar Beach, Florida


Ready for the weekend. Lots of projects to work on, an apartment to clean, a beach to be enjoyed and whatever else comes my way. at Seaside, Florida


I LOVE seeing the @hey30a area starting to really embrace a healthy lifestyle with companies like @noli_south —I got to interview the amazing owners and walked away feeling excited about things changing in our area. I feel strongly that a lot of urban areas are ahead of us in terms of healthy lifestyles, culture and taking care of the community. Companies like this one are really bringing something to our area that I think we could all benefit from. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for 30A and I have so much love for the local entrepreneurs and business owners that are bringing something different to the table. Also...Georgie approves. at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


Palm trees lately 😍 at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


All significant moments in my life have moved or shifted everything not just in my surroundings, but in my soul. When I was younger I found myself being a victim to he situations I felt were happening to me. What I failed to realize though is that those things were shifting within me. Change often makes room in ya to grow or embrace ourselves. 📷: @curi_books at Miramar Beach, Florida


So spring like outside! Happy the weekend is finally here and I have some fun plans! Hope the weather holds up.


When you have that person who can pull your heart strings so tight it feels like you could burst. Especially when it was sinking so low. Sometimes all it takes is a few laughs. Find that friend and never let them go. Love you @mackerslover PS this is my favorite edit for my palm tree picks. 🌴 at Seaside, Florida


Hope all of you had an amazing day filled with lots of love 💗 P.S. this will forever be my favorite sunrise. at Dune Allen Beach, Florida

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