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Crazy hair. Cloud obsessed Creative spirit. Seeking clarity. *Contributor @naturallycurly *Blogger @amavidacoffee

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Totes into the stormy summer weather. P.S. that’s not my kayak. I’m not into physical activity during summer. Terrible. at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


New plant. Old dresser. at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort


“Where you are is not who you are” - @nayyirah.waheed at Miramar Beach, Florida


Hi...I found my words again and figured I would share some thoughts. Sometimes I wonder if my ongoing journey for joy and happiness is the one thing that is stopping me from enjoying and being happy. Is that a thing. Also, for those of you recovering from lost love breathing through something doesn’t always work. Thinking positively about a situation doesn’t always work. Talking it out doesn’t always work. Shoving emotion aside doesn’t always work. I’m learning now that I HAVE to feel the things. I’m irrational about a lot surrounding my break up. I’m angry about things I don’t know are happening. I make assumptions and jump to conclusions. I do try to evaluate what feeling that emotion is, anger, sadness, loneliness or whatever and then i allow myself to feel that deeper feeling. It’s come to my attention that you have to feel it and then let it go. Sometimes feeling it doesn’t mean you have a given amount of time to feel and that’s it. just as long as it doesn’t consume your every move. You will let it go when you truly feel it’s time. Stay present and mindful it eases the pain a little. at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


Trying to practice gratitude every day by thinking of 5 things I am grateful for on my drive to work. This morning I was feeling so grateful for this little nugget of joy. I’m not sure how I would feel without her, especially in the last few months. She has brought me so much laughter in times of total despair. My little Seu Georgette. P.S. those tiny teeth kill me. at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort


2018 you’ve been a real asshole, but you won’t win. at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


Florida 🍊🧡 at Sandestin, Florida


Umm, I’ll take more weekend please. at Dune Allen Beach, Florida


Had the most beautiful light shining into my apartment when I got home today. I stood in my doorway for a few moments to take it in. Lately I have been dreading going home to an empty house with too many memories. No one to share my day with and it results in talking to my cat. I find myself driving around or delaying going home just so I don’t have to face the loneliness. Tonight though, even if just for a few moments, I felt happy to be home. at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort


“At the end of the day we can endure much more than we think we can” Feliz Cumpleaños Frida! at Miramar Beach, Florida


I’m ready for summer to be over...until I see a sunset. . at Dune Allen Beach, Florida


These cherries made me so happy tonight. 🍒 at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


Hi. Saturday. at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


I love Mother Nature. Incredible. at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


This is my face and some days I don’t recognize myself. When I wake up I am naturally selected one of many masks. at Miramar Beach, Florida


Feel it. The thing you don’t want to feel. Feel it. And be free. quote by @nayyirah.waheed at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


Saturday mornings before work are my favorite. Just my coffee and my Georgie. at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort


This challenge will pass and after the storm I am positive there will be blue skies waiting for me. at Miramar Beach, Florida

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