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Oil Slick is dedicated to providing solutions to the unique needs of the concentrate market. Email: [email protected] Backup page: @oilslickpad

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Happy #Shatterday folks!! Tag us in your #shatterday photos.


Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow. We've got the silicone pipes with LEDs you'll need to brighten your holiday season.


You already know. The Clear is here... .05 .07 .1mm!? WE'VE GOT IT ALL! p.s. if this is your photo.. please let me know!! I want to tag you.


Happy 7:10 folks!! Can a dude get some diamonds? I'm just trying to do a photo shoot!!


#TBT to #blackfriday!! We're throwing it back real style. All the Black Friday deals are back. Free banger, BOGO bongos and pipos. The whole kitten caboodle!


Slick Clear is now available in .05mm!! You asked for it and now we've got it.


@gardensofcascadia have what you need to get through the week. From Dab to infused joints.. You're sure to be high as a giraffes hoha this weekend.


Pick yourself up! @snoopdogg isn't going to let this weather get him down. A pile of joints helps also..


The BOGO sale has been extended! All the discounts are back!!!


Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow. Silicone pipes with LEDs to brighten your holiday season.


@the_glass_wizard is fuming with love on this rainy #tooheadytuesday! Silver vs. Gold fume? Thoughts?


Have you seen my dabs?! Introducing the latest from Oil Slick packaging! Custom printed jars with endless possibilities!!


Everyone has a mason jar, but not everyone has a bong! We are taking on this nationwide crisis with Jar Jar Bong. Loosely based off everyone's favorite Star Wars character, Jar Jar Bing.


Our absolute favorite custom jobs! Thank you @pacificnwrootz for the opportunity


Happy #tooheadytuesday from @the_volcanokid and @kingoftodos! Heady pad with a heady rig on it with a heady rig ontop of the pad! So much heady! .... ugh my head...


Sundays in a daze with @420.n.chill When you're dosing out with the distillate, don't lose a drop and get an @oilslickpad down!


Man I'm tripping so hard! Is it just me or is the rig melting into the pad? @poodch610 @kageglass @oilslickpad @munchies250 @mayoralquartz uhhhhh happy 7:10?

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