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Driving through Fiorldand’s snow capped mountains ⛰ P.s. zoom on the bus for scale. at Fiordland


We crossed from the North Island to the South in the middle of the storm with 5m swells; and tomorrow there’s a cyclone hitting Christchurch at the time our flight is due.. Weather’s definitely not going easy on us, ha 🤷🏻‍♂️ at Arthur's Pass National Park


Mt. Sefton || We got rained out 2 nights ago and had to pack our tent at 3am and sleep in the car. It was probably our worst sleep to date, but the next day was rainy and foggy, and it made arriving in Mt. Cook National Park a treat. This was taken in the afternoon, when the sun peeked to say its hello whilst on our little hike. at Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park


~ Lingering fog ~ at New Zealand


I’ve been writing little blurbs and stories in association with my photos lately, it makes me feel somehow more ‘genuine’ when I do it - perhaps it’s due to the nature of social media? Either way, whatever it is, it makes me feel slightly more subjectified.. oh yes, about this photo - I got nothing. Just enjoy :) at New Zealand


This morning was very cold and we were very tired, so we weren’t so keen on following through with our plan to wake up at 5am and do another alpine hike. We twisted and turned for a bit and finally decided to get up after not being to fall back asleep from thinking about it too much... Fast forward - Let’s just say although I felt pretty whack in the morning, I’m very glad we got going. at Lake Marian


Our home has been the road for the last few weeks. We’ve been having to constantly be on the move, everyday. Although we’ve seen, camped and explored many beautiful places so far, there’s one thought that stands out right at this moment: Unless given personal meaning, something deeper than the thing itself, the act of travelling, just like many other things, can become the most monotonous practice. at Wanaka, New Zealand


It has been very sunny and hot over the past few days (23’C feels like 33’C here). We were kind of hoping for a miserable day to come by soon; maybe some heavy clouds, some fog, or even a little bit of rain. Today’s it. This was the view from our campsite this morning, about 20 mins outside of Queenstown. at Moke Lake


We arrived in Wanaka yesterday. It was packed to its core. So many people.. We decided to set up camp outside the town in order to have some quiet before our planned 5:00am start to hike. We began the trek whilst it was still dark. But surely and steadily, the sun made its way up and by the time we reached the summit, it had just risen. This was snapped along the way as the sun came popping out. at Rocky Mountain - Diamond Lake


This was our lunch view yesterday. It was nice to just stop, chill and spend an afternoon relaxing in one place before hitting the road again. at Mount Aspiring National Park


- Arthur’s Pass NP - On one of the most satisfying hikes we’ve done. at New Zealand


These are the mountains at Arthur’s pass. We camped in the National Park the night before, tried to wake up at 6am but woke up at 7am instead, had our bowl of cereal and cup of coffee, brushed our teeth, packed up our tent, then headed to Mt. Bealy for a hike. The trail ended at a hut where people could just chill and rest before heading back down, but we happen to stumble upon a man named Einav, whom told us the trail, although unmarked, kept going up to the summit of the mountain and showed us the map convincing us so. The view from the hut wasn’t exactly sublime, and we still had a lot of legs in us, so we walked toward to top. This pic was snapped shortly after reaching the summit.. Thanks Einav! - P.s. I took some photos of Einav at the summit. The man from Israel wanted some photos of him and the panoramic views of Arthur’s Pass. I may post them on my story sometime soon :) at New Zealand


3 days ago, we crossed from the north to the south. We’ve met some incredible people and have made some cool friendships along the way. I’ve always heard rumours about the South Island being awe-inducing, but now that we’re travelling the south, I’ve realised that it does far more than that. We’ve been doing lots lately and I’m eager to share some really cool experiences we’ve had (did a 6h hike today), but for now, enjoy this pic of our crossing from Wellington to Picton.


Today is our last day in the North island. We’re currently in Wellington waiting to board our ferry to the South, which is in an hour. The North has been one heck of an experience - see you soon south ✌🏻 P.s. there’s a thunderstorm in NZ currently, so we’ll be crossing the sea with 5m swells.. gg 🤢


The North island has been one heck of a place to explore. Two more days of driving and walking around the island before we catch the ferry to the South.


The Coromandel Peninsula is crazy.


Up on the Tongariro Crossing.


Decided to take a snap this afternoon as the storm was rolling in whilst hiking the Tongariro Crossing... didn’t really get the chance to look at the photos until now.. but here’s one that I like⚡️⛈ at Tongariro Alpine Crossing

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