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Orlando Johnson has been spending some quality time with us here at Onnit HQ to prepare for his upcoming season. - Working on fundamental movement patterns and mobility with Onnit Coach, Cristian Plascencia, he has continued to progress, making gains that will benefit him on and off the courts. 💪🏀🙌 - Want to see some of the movements @oskiii33 has been working on at @onnitgymatx? Head to @cristian_thedurableathlete's page to see some great videos demonstrating the work these men have been putting in. at Onnit Gym Austin


🍑 This week's workout is all about your legs and glutes.🍑 - Developed by Onnit Coach, Juan Leija, it may not be for the faint of heart but is a great way to push your limits. - So, if you’re looking for a weekend workout, or need some ideas for your next leg day, give the workout below a try and be prepared to avoid the stairs for a day or two. - WARM UP Open Chain Mobility Glute Activation Bike 5-10min - WORKOUT* A1) Seated Box Jumps 5x5 - B1) Squats w/band on 3x10 B2) Plyo Lunges 3x20, 10 each leg - C1) Reverse Lunges 3x20 C2) Squats Jumps 3x10 - D1) Elevated Dumbbell RDL’s 3x10 D2) Kettlebell Swings 3x20 - FINISHER E1) Sled Push 3 x20yds - *This is a high volume leg day. So pick your weight accordingly. - 📣 @juannit_247 🏋️‍♀️ @jenamays @natashakingsbury @vy.lana and @jessmao


Don't let the Holidays derail your fitness journey and don't let Onnit's Chief Fitness Officer, John Wolf, down. - With Onnit 6 Bodyweight, all you need is yourself and some time to take on a 6-week transformative program that'll make it easy to overcome those holiday treats and travels. - Head to Onnit.com/Onnit6 to learn more about the Onnit 6 program and start your journey today. - 🤸‍♂️ @mendezfitness 📣 @coachjohnwolf


“The Aubrey Marcus Collection is for the man who doesn’t need to be super flashy. Doesn’t feel compelled to wear something that screams, “Look at me.” But at the same time, someone who appreciates style, uniqueness, and the construction of the clothes they put on. It’s for someone who gives a s*** about how he looks but doesn’t need everybody else to look at him.” – Aubrey Marcus - Thoughtfully designed and engineered, the Aubrey Marcus Collection features timeless pieces you’ll wear for years to come. - Products Featured: The New Charcoal Grey Denim Jacket, The Chop Tee and The Jogger - Head to Onnit.com/Aubrey-Marcus-Apparel to shop the latest additions to the Aubrey Marcus Collection today.


Afif Ghannoum, CEO of the microbiome company BIOHM Health, is taking the world by storm one groundbreaking patent at a time. On this week’s podcast he joins Kyle to breakdown our microbiomes, how our diets and supplements can improve our gut bacteria, and the impact it all can have on overall health. - Head to onnit.com/podcast to listen to this week's episode of the Human Optimization Hour Podcast and learn more about your gut than you ever thought possible. - Host: @kingsbu Guest: @afifghannoum


Your wish is our command. 🔮 - Join our #BlackFriday VIP list. Click the link in our bio and sign up for an email notification or add it directly to your calendar so you can #getonnit as soon as the sale goes live. - What's on your Onnit Black Friday wishlist?


Coming together to celebrate and share the journey. That's what community is all about. - Tag your gym and coaches and let them know how their community and guidance has impacted you.


Looking for a workout that will help you flow into the weekend? - Give this Steel Club Flow a try during your next session and get those weekend vibes rolling: - 3 Rounds - 6 Reps each side - 30 Seconds rest - 🎥 @steph.rose.phase6 of @phase6fitness


Good luck to long time Onnit Pro Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone (@cowboycerrone) as he fights in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 139. Catch it on Fox Sports 1 Saturday night. #UFCDenver #getonnit


Hill or Stair Sprints. Pick your poison. - Comment below to let us know which one you’d rather take on to leave your legs and lungs burning.


Find your limit and smash right through it. - What pushes you to break through your barriers? Is it a goal you’ve set for yourself, a family member, your health? Share in the comments below, the person, or thing, that drives you out of your comfort zone in the gym and in life. - 📸 @michaelcvazquez


David Rutherford (@teamfroglogic) is a former Navy Seal, Instructor, Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, YouTube Personality and Tactical Training Expert. So to say that this week’s Human Optimization Hour Podcast is one of our most inspiring and motivating yet would be stating the obvious. - Have you ever stopped to wonder how your thoughts and beliefs have developed over time and are impacted by those you interact with? - Head to onnit.com/podcast to listen to this week's episode of the Human Optimization Hour Podcast and learn more about David’s journey and get inspired.

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