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In honor of #worldpenguinday, meet the Humboldt penguin. Waddle you do to celebrate this black-tie bird today? #eversohumboldt #blacktieaffair #waddlewaddle


Baby sea otter Lincoln met 20-year-old Eddie for the first time this week! Sound on to hear how excited their keepers are that this behind-the-scenes rendezvous went so well. An otter success! #bestbuds #otterlyfriends #truebromance


Here’s the answer to our most frequently asked question. Plus otters! #zookeepersintraining


The sun came out at the zoo today so you know what that means ... Samudra pool party! #bringyourtrunks


This southern ground hornbill chick hatched on January 24 and look at him now! They grow up so fast. #leavingthenest #lashesfordays


Please consider giving Juno an air five in honor of #nationalhighfiveday at Oregon Zoo


Bats give us pest control, tequila and cuteness. Happy #batappreciationday! We appreciate you 🦇🍹 #skypuppy #sofuzzy #theupsidedown


Yesterday, the penguins waddled over to their temporary home in the (empty) polar bear habitat while the Penguinarium gets an upgrade 🐧 Guests can see the penguins enjoying their short-term living quarters through the end of the month. #staycation #waddletheydonext at Oregon Zoo


The elephant family just got four tons bigger! Samson, a 19-year-old Asian elephant from @ABQBioPark Zoo in New Mexico, arrived in town last night and caregivers are eager to welcome the extra-large newcomer into the Oregon Zoo herd. He’ll remain behind the scenes for a month or so before caregivers gradually begin acquainting him with Samudra, Rose-Tu and the rest of the herd. A date for Samson's public debut has not been set, but visitors should be able to see him in Elephant Lands by May. at Oregon Zoo


Oh hi at Oregon Zoo


With help from the zoo, scientists are following a trail of pellets to save endangered pygmy rabbits. Cutest detective story ever? (That green is a temporary pigment used for identification. Also a cool ‘90s look.) #bunnydetectives #followthepellets #mysocalledrabbitlife

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