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Otterly delightful sketch of the Oregon Zoo river otters by @studiocatawampus. We think the left one is Tilly. #sketchyotters #wildlifeart at Oregon Zoo


Lily has taken up bouldering. #rockstar #extreme at Oregon Zoo


Lincoln doesn’t seem to care that snow has zero nutritional value #lincolnthesnowboy #frostyseapupweaselboy at Oregon Zoo


Jack was found near Bellingham, Washington with permanently damaged secondary feathers and only one eye. Because he wouldn’t survive in the wild, wildlife officials found a home for him at the zoo, where leads an active life despite limited flying abilities. #oneeyedjack #sometal #merica at Oregon Zoo


One year ago today ❄️☃️ #tbt at Oregon Zoo


Our Education Center is providing a glimpse inside the Pacific Northwest’s most iconic lifecycle. #salmon #iloveoregon Additional 📹 provided by @usfws, @durmphoto and Shervin Hess at Oregon Zoo


We couldn’t fit our whole Second Chances episode about Tilly the river otter in an Insta post, so we strung all the squeaky parts together for you. 🔈😍 You can check out the full video on our Facebook. #waterweasels at Oregon Zoo


7 months ago, condor #84 was just a little fluff ball. Now she has a 9-foot wingspan and has graduated to her flight pen! #nationalbirdday #putabigbirdonit at Oregon Zoo


Lincoln clocked in at 17 lbs during his weight check today 💪 #thatsmyboy #allyoucaneatsushi at Oregon Zoo


Lincoln has officially graduated from the bottle. It’s all big boy food from now on! 🦐🦀🦑🍣 #sushitime #allyoucaneatshrimpbuffet #sustainableseafood at Oregon Zoo


Happy New Year! 🥂🎉 at Oregon Zoo


Together, we accomplished a lot in 2017. #bringon2018 #savingspecies at Oregon Zoo

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