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February sunlight has a beautiful golden quality. Its a lovely time to explore nature. Photo by @rikunorakari from Turku. #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Turku, Finland


If you're looking to gaze at the stars, the Finnish archipelago on a clear night is an ideal place to do so. Photo by @tsaloriutta from Jurmo in the Finnish archipelago. #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Jurmo, Länsi-Suomen Lääni, Finland


We've already had hints of spring in the air in many parts of Finland. Are you looking forward to warmer days or would you prefer winter to continue a little longer? Photo by @omeragraph from the Repovesi national park in Kouvola. #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Repovesi National Park


It's almost like seeing the moon from it's own surface. But it's actually Lapland. Photo by @kuhrmarvin from Saariselkä, Lapland. #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Saariselkä, Finland


If you pay close attention, you might spot a reindeer hiding in this photo. Photo by @julia_kivela from Lapland. #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Lapland (Finland)


In Finland, Valentine's day is "Friends' day" ("Ystävänpäivä") when we celebrate our friends and all those close to us. Happy Friends' day, or Hyvää ystävänpäivää to everyone! Photo by @tonieskelinen from Kiilopää. #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Kiilopää


Bird's-eye view of a track on ice. Have you tried walking, skiing or skating on a frozen sea? Photo by @stiniw from Kustavi in the Finnish archipelago #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Kustavi


Pure, calm snow-coverd nature as far as the eye can see. Photo of @jjennianniina by @jaakkopu from Väisälänmäki in the Northern Savonia region in eastern Finland. #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Pohjois-Savo


This little lighthouse stands in Nallikari just a stone's throw away from the centre of Oulu. In Nallikari you can walk on icy sea and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Photo by @pepunis88 from Oulu. #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Oulu, Finland


Beautiful colours and amazing ice formations, right next to the center of our capital city. Photo by @petrametsikko from Lauttasaari, Helsinki. #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Helsinki


When the sun isn't up, the Northern Lights make sure the sky is full of wonders. Photo by @mpkarlin from Kiilopää fell in Lapland. #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Kiilopää


Art you can only make when it’s really cold outside – perfect for a winter time visit in Finland. Photo by @samimatias from Ranua. #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Ranua

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