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Stationery Designer & Calligrapher • Semi-Custom Invitations on website • Inquire for Custom work • Booking for Sept 2018 & beyond • LGBTQ friendly ❤️

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Holly Goodman

Wild Bouquet Collection - Save the Date... one of my faves! Available on my website to purchase! ❤️ I’ve been getting some requests for calls lately to talk through my semi custom collections and I’m always happy to help should you have any questions!! ✨ #semicustominvitations #floralsavethedates #letterpressinvitations #owlpostcalligraphy


This week is #escortcard central around here! Thank you for all the kind words about the floral ones I posted last week! But as if you didn’t think M&D’s wedding couldn’t get any prettier, I present to you these beautiful escort cards! Each paired with a real horse hair tassel that goes perfectly with the ranch setting ❤️ // planning & design @fireflyevents photography @alexbramall#escortdisplay #seatingchart #ranchwedding #luxurywedding


Seeing my script as a neon sign is too crazy 😍 // anyway... global warming is causing the craziest heat waves all across the world and last week it hit 108 in Los Angeles... AND I DON’T HAVE AC! 🔥🔥🔥 it’s giving me crazy headaches and I’m hoping it all passes soon 😫 — planning & design @fireflyevents / photography @alexbramall


My internet hasn’t been working all day and it’s driving me nuts! Trying to accomplish things with only my cell phone today, please send good vibes ✨


This gorgeous setup from all different angles 😍 Who said Welcome Dinners has to be any less elegant than receptions? @fireflyevents designed this one to perfection ❤️ the menus were letterpressed with a blind impression of M&D’s branding at the top 🙌 // planning & design @fireflyevents / location @brushcreekranch / flowers @saipua / photography @alexbramall / tabletop @casadeperrin @huntandgather_rentals / furnishing @eclectichive


This was one of the most magical wedding weekends I’ve ever been a part of and I’m so happy to say that it’s been featured in the current issue of @brides magazine 🙌 so please bare with me as I slowly flood my feed with photos! 🙂 these pressed flower escort cards were SO fun to do and I seriously can’t believe how gorgeous they all look hung up! A heartfelt thank you to Madison & David as well as @fireflyevents for trusting me ❤️❤️❤️ photos by @alexbramall / wooden board by @saipua


Most of you probably have noticed how I've been a little MIA from Instagram lately. I find that sometimes I just need to take a breather from social media and concentrate on my clients. I have been so blessed to talk to some wonderful couples these past 2 weeks and can't wait to see their designs come to fruition!⠀ ---⠀ #owlpostcalligraphy #custominvitations #handmadepaperenvelope #calligraphyenvelopeaddressing


Happy Friday everyone! Popping in for a special announcement that can help SO MANY of my couples!⠀ ⠀ Do you wish someone would tell you step by step how to plan your wedding?? If so, it's your lucky day 🙌 🙌 🙌⠀ Join Teissia and Alia, the duo behind @fireflyevents and @thefireflymethod, who have been named top wedding planners by Vogue Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart⠀ ♀💍👯♀ on June 26th, 2018 at 5pm PST (link in their bios)⠀ ⠀ DURING THIS ONE HOUR WEBINAR THEY WILL:⠀ ✔Walk you through every single step of the wedding planning process from start to finish (budget, timeline, design board, vendor selection, etc.) 📋⠀ ✔Offer lots of tips and tricks on ways to make planning easier and cheaper⠀ ⠀ ✔Answer any questions you might have about wedding planning during their live Q+A 🙋⠀ ✨PLUS you’ll be the first to take a peek inside The Firefly Method and find out about some⠀ very special surprises ✨⠀ ⠀ AFTER THE WEBINAR YOU WILL:⠀ ✔Have a detailed outline of the wedding planning process from start to finish 💃⠀ ✔Walk away with a list of EVERYTHING you will need to think about during your wedding planning process⠀ ✔Be more organized and have a better understanding of how to plan your wedding 🎊 ✔Have answers to your wedding planning questions 🙌⠀ Click the registration link in either of their bios to save your spot!⠀


The most wild script ✨ // tomorrow I’m going to try my best to do a tutorial on photographing my work on my stories so stay tuned! 🙂⠀ —⠀ Photography and Styling: @masonneufeldphotography⠀// #organicinvitations #calligraphyinvitation #watercolorinvitations #wildinvitations #texturedinvitations


When it comes to having opaque colors, foil is the way to go. Not all foils are metallic, this one shows a great opaque white! If letterpress white was used instead, the paper color would seep through and the impression would be very faint! For example, the date on this card is actually a light gray but when mixed with the card, becomes a slightly darker shade of the paper color. These are the things you hire your stationery to know and understand! 🤗 // pictured is our Sacred Vows collection Save the Date. // #semicustominvitations #semicustomsavethedate #minimalinvitations #typographicalinvitations #owlpostcalligraphy


Often times I get asked what are details cards for? Really it’s just an extra enclosure card that’s for any extra information you want to provide your guest! For example, If you need to prove a separate reception address, give hotel reservation information, parking instructions, dress code, or your website URL! Adding more than one details card for example, as a rehearsal dinner invitation is also a great use for it! When deciding whether or not details cards are completely necessary when you have all the information online, I always ask my couples to think about the people on their guest list and if you have some older generation guests who maybe aren’t as tech savvy, it is probably a good idea to have everything on paper! 🙂(pictured is the Wild Bouquet details card printed on Eggshell with Blind and Rain letterpress) — #enclosurecards #detailscard #owlpostcalligraphy #fineartinvitations #semicustominvitations #custominvitations #blindletterpress #letterpressinvitations #floralinvitations


This amazing couple is dancing the night away today. Erika & Evan, wishing you two the happiest life together for the rest of eternity ❤️ photographed by @andrewandada // #customsavethedates #venueillustration #savethedates #tuscanwedding #owlpostcalligraphy


The Wild Bouquet collection has floral edge designs! Here it is in blind letterpress (which is so difficult to catch in photos) bit for a bolder look it can be in any other color! 💙 ⠀ —⠀ #owpostcalligraphy #blindletterpress #floralinvitations #savethedates #custominvitations #calligraphyinvitation #letterpressinvitations


The Romantic Chateau “Vines” design set. Printed in “Linen” letterpress on 2ply cotton paper ❤️ order now on the website! 🙂⠀⠀ —⠀⠀ #letterpressinvitations #monograminvitation #invitationmonograms #wreathmonogram #owlpostcalligraphy #calligraphyinvitation #custominvites #semicustominvitations #softinvitation


This amazing couple is having their big day today! I cannot be happier for them. Congrats Jenifer & Chad! 🎉 I hope you are both having a ball ❤️ #handmadepaperinvitation #custominvites #owlpostcalligraphy #elegantinvitations #ribbonwrapinvitation #calligraphyinvitation


One of my favorite things are custom wax seals. I’ve made semi-custom seals finally! You can customize it with just your initial(s) In typography/calligraphy or matching wreath designs to the Romantic Chateau and Cascading Beauty suites are also available! Look for it under Embellishments! I made this seal for sweet @hannah.forsberg! Her initials are wrapped in magnolias ❤️ #waxseals #customwaxseals #waxsealinvitation @artisaire


A look at the Midnight Gala suite in all its glory🙌 the sapphire blue is so gorgeous in person. Order your sample today on the site! //. Photo by @hannah.forsberg #semicustominvitations #typographydesign #minimalinvitationsuite #blueinvitations #navyinvitations #weddinginvites #owlpostcalligraphy #semicustominvitations


One of the best new additions to my collections is new paper colors! Here you can see he Midnight Gala save the date in a beautiful Sapphire blue on top with a more muted Cobalt below. The Eggshell cotton paper at the bottom was printed with the same inks as the middle card and you can see how letterpress ink translucency affects the way it looks on different papers! #owlpostcalligraphy #semicustominvitations #minimalinvitations #typographicalinvitations


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