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Lowered this SQ5 via our factory scan tool. The @abt_sportsline_usa body kit and @bbs.wheels really change the look of the SQ5 πŸ‘€ . By lowering the air suspension with the factory tool, we are fully re adapting the air suspension control module in the vehicle. This means no errors, no warning lights, and no hardware changes. The result? Lowered height with OEM functionality and worry free dealer visits for any warranty work. at Pacific German


Brand new 2018 Golf R in the shop for a @only_revo Stage 1 engine software upgrade! at Pacific German


Special Graphite Blue Macan GTS dropped off with us this morning 🀩 at Pacific German


Taking you behind the scenes for this RS5 carbon cleaning service! 🀯🀫 at Pacific German


Dyno testing our @only_revo Stage 1 A4 sedan. With only software and no other changes we are making 257hp and 308tq at the wheels! not bad for a car that’s rated from Audi as 252hp at the crank!! at Lang Racing Development


Celebrating ThuRSday with this RS5 that received a major service and brake caliper refinishing. The customer brought in his own paint sample for the brakes and we matched it perfectly! Look at those carbon wheels!!! πŸ‘€ at Pacific German


Who likes a little Wheel Wednesday?


Tiguan Tuesday with this R-Line that we dropped down with a set of @kw_suspension V1 Coilovers and cranked up the HP with @only_revo engine software! at Pacific German


Less than a day later and we are already missing the track 😭 at Auto Club Speedway


Post track day check up in progress! πŸ’‰ New brake pads and hardware for the R8. at Pacific German


R8 going in for the pass! Flying by other cars today at @autoclubspeedway during the @speedventures event! at Auto Club Speedway


Saturday night fluid service and track prep for our @vfengineering Supercharged R8. πŸš— πŸ’¨ at Pacific German


RS3 carbon fiber eye candy courtesy of @only_revo 🍭 🍬 πŸ‘€ at Pacific German


Collecting data with @only_revo Stage 1 engine tuning in our B9 A4 2.0t 😎 we took it out to Fontana dragway to knock out a 14.094 as a stock baseline on 91 fuel. The following week we went back to test stage 1 with a e25 ethanol blend and managed a 12.93 - Stage 1, all stock hardware! Not too shabby for just a flash, it’s quicker than an S4! We also managed a 12.8 on dragy app, which to date is the fastest B9 A4 stock turbo on there, even quicker than other cars with plenty of hardware upgrades! at Auto Club Dragway


Throwing down for Wheel Wednesday / Wagon Wednesday with this shot from @food4audis of our Allroad 😎 at The Lookout Roadhouse


RS5 squeezing out a few extra ponies with @only_revo engine software. at Pacific German


What did we do with the S4 sedan donor for our wagon? Watch the video to find out... more cool stuff coming! at Pacific German


With 800hp from the @vfengineering Supercharger, this is the side most people are familiar with when looking at our R8. 😎 . @quattromagazine πŸ“· @_dpod_ at Laguna Beach, California

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