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Structures and forms. Explored this spot while hiking around at sunrise, such a great find! at Planet Earth


Lakeside Hangs with the new #574SPORT / @newbalance_de at Switzerland


Wanted to see this place for around two years. Finally made my way up there last week. The strong winds almost blew us off there, but the views made up for it 🤘🏻 at Planet Earth


twisted visions. at Planet Earth


Mirrors and Mist. at Planet Earth


It takes a while to realize the insanity of some places when you look back at the photos you took there. Milford Sound, I hope I'll be back one day to see you again. 🌹 at Milford Sound


Me taking selfies via wifi all alone somewhere uphill in New Zealand - hellooo fog come and get me! Nobody saw me, but I was crying from laughing about myself and how surreal all of this was. So good. at The Remarkables


Up above the southern island of NZ ☁️☁️☁️ at New Zealand


3:53 am: Everybody is still asleep. Except us, we haven't been sleeping at all. We are just roaming around chasing and documenting the perfect Lofoten moment. No, I don't want to go to bed. I don't feel tired at all. I just feel deeply grateful. #LofotenSummerTales at Lofoten


Drama at the bend. #weroamgermany at Saarland, Germany


Browsing through Alaska, Midnight Express. #WHPgreatoutdoors at Alaska


Scaled by two boats. This place is beyond imagination. Hope I can go back one day.

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