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Peekaboo, we see you! What hidden details do you #PPiSpy (or espy) on your travels? Guest judges @andrewwatsonphoto, @pierlu__igi, and @_yafiqyusman_ want to see your most obscure finds — from camouflaged lionfish to random rooftop neighbors (swipe left for more). Full details are under "Events" on! Photo by: @andrewwatsonphoto Great Barrier Reef, Australia at Great Barrier Reef


"My days were spent in the back country of Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park experiencing the turning of the larches — no electricity or Internet, just nature. Life slowed down, and I was able to reconnect with the magnificence of our beautiful world." @victoraerden Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada #passionpassport at Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park


#PPiSpy with my little eye something in a blur. Ever play hide-and-seek or read "Where's Waldo"? Well get ready because this week's challenge theme is all about finding the hidden and obscure, be it passing scenes from a train or animals camouflaged in their surroundings. We as well as guest judges @andrewwatsonphoto, @pierlu__igi and @_yafiqyusman_ want to see your best finds! To enter the challenge fun: 1. Post a photo/video according to the theme by 11:59am US-ET on Sun. 9/24; 2. Tag @passionpassport and #PPiSpy in the caption; and lastly 3. Tell us what's going on in your photo/video! Check the link in our bio or "Events" on for full details and further inspiration! Photo by: @stella_psx Ella, Sri Lanka at Ella, Sri Lanka


One of Sam Horine's (@samhorine) favorite places to photograph in New York City is Chinatown. He strolls the narrow streets and absorbs the sights, sounds, and smells, feeling as though he's been transported. It's a departure from the classic sights of New York, but one that Sam finds especially liberating. Read more of Sam's recommendations for where to head with your camera in NYC on our website today (link in bio)! at New York, New York


"There’s something about antique libraries that gives you a vast comprehension of time. Maybe it's the smell of old books and the silence of people reading in a place that has “seen” many more stories than you ever will. I always leave these places in awe." @me_and_mango Admont, Austria #passionpassport at Admont


Congratulations to our #PPHotspots Instagram challenge winner @romesansolis! Here, Romelyn takes us to an early morning sunrise among the centuries-old Pagodas of Bagan, Myanmar — a breathtaking view that many of those who visit this country seek. Thank you to everyone who joined us this past week, and especially to our guest judges @barkinozdemir, @davideor94 and @heymissjen! Stay tuned for this week's challenge announcement. at Bagan


For last week's #PPHotspots Instagram challenge, we asked the Passion Passport community to share their photos and experiences from places across the globe that are always sought after. Hotspots bring people together from all over, whether it's for a photograph or to experience a mystical wonder of the world. Congratulations to this week's honorable mentions: @marcorama, @sauldejongh, @mavi.sun, @alifeworthtravel, @antoonella_, @aprilyab, @eltravelar, @chris_thedaytravels and @allanmac__!


We’re always working to develop new, invigorating and informative travel content for you, our community. And today, we’re introducing another feature, a section of our website dedicated to your favorite cities and countries around the world. Each destination-focused page in this section will have stories, travel guides, photography, insider’s tips, and other helpful information. We want these pages to provide two things: inspiration and information. We know you turn to us for both, and we hope the addition of these new pages to the Destinations section continues to make Passion Passport an important part of your travels. First up: Paris, France, and Morocco! Start exploring by following the link in our bio! Cover Photo by: @mary_quincy, swipe left for more from other contributors!


"This was my second time in Ho Chi Minh, but I still opted to join my friends for the Mekong River tour. I love how the muddy water and nipa palm trees complement the scenic views along the river. It's one of my favorite places to photograph in all of Vietnam." @ianlvna Mekong Delta, Vietnam #passionpassport at Mekong Delta


"I love to bring the delicacy and intimacy of lonely moments to life. Seeing Piazza Duomo at 6 a.m. made me realize that there's so much beauty around us but sometimes, in the chaos, we forget about it." @quietpoem Florence, Italy #passionpassport at Florence, Italy


"My photographic senses were thrilled upon seeing this statue. The sheer scale of it was hard to comprehend, and could only be shown in an image by including the people walking up the staircase." @berlinstagram Batu Caves, Malaysia #passionpassport at Batu Caves


"With the tiniest slice of rare blue Icelandic sky, this humpback whale decided to celebrate...he even waved. It's moments like these that I feel so tiny, so in awe of nature — it's the best natural high that exists." @georgetheexplorer Húsavík, Iceland #passionpassport at Húsavík

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