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“As I was walking around a marketplace in the Atlas Mountains, I could hear the faint sound of this man singing. When I found him, we locked eyes and smiled at each other. It was too loud in that area, so I took him to this shed, where he burst out singing and playing his instrument. Before I knew it, we were completely surrounded because everyone else wanted to enjoy his music too.“ 📷@aljvd 📍Marrakech, Morocco #passionpassport at Marrakech


"Although I've been an aerial photographer for quite some time, I wanted to challenge myself and shoot in an environment different than the cityscapes and urban sprawls I was used to — I wanted to chase a hot air balloon with my drone. The day I set out to the desert of Dubai, I was both excited and scared, as there were many potential dangers involved. But as soon as the white clouds settled between the balloons, I knew it was worth it. The view was simply incredible." 📷@bachir_photo_phactory 📍Dubai, United Arab Emirates #passionpassport Make sure to join in our #PPGeometry challenge ending in 24 hours — link in bio! at Dubai, United Arab Emirates


"It was a dream to discover the Santa Maddalena village — the idyllic setting at the base of the Dolomites, the towering peaks in the background, the sound of cow bells tinkling in the air. I waited until the end of the day to take this photo, and only snapped it when the sun shone at just the right angle. I wanted to capture the little village with its purple-flowered frame. It was the perfect mountain landscape." 📷@worldelse 📍Santa Maddalena, Val di Funes, Dolomites, Italy #passionpassport at Mount Dolomites, Italy


Triangles, kites, circles — this week’s #PPGeometry challenge is looking for any shapes of all sizes! Check guest judges @ericmueller and @aljvd to get inspired, and take a peek on our site (link in bio) for full rules. The deadline is 11:59am EST on Sun. 3/18, so get out your cameras and protractors! 📷@chrsschlkx 📍Shiraz, Iran at Shiraz, Iran


"My wife Clo was born in Madagascar and lived there during the first 10 years of her life. She moved to France because of political tensions in 2001 and never returned to her home country. Sixteen years later, we decided to travel there together to see the great baobabs of Tulear, the city she was born in. Standing next to the ancient and towering baobabs made us both feel young and small — a realization that we often need when life becomes hectic. Although the trip was filled with emotion, it changed us in remarkable ways." 📷@cloetclem 📍Tulear, Madagascar #passionpassport at Tulear port Madagascar


“While I was doing my research before visiting Jaipur, Amber Fort was on the top of all the lists that I saw. But this part of the fort complex — Panna Meen Ka Kund — was rarely mentioned, so I made sure to ask my guide about it so we could stop during the tour. Jaipur is a hectic town, and this was the only oasis of solitude I found during my two-day trip there. I can only imagine how nice it would be if, and when, it ever rains.” 📷@gmr83 📍Jaipur, India #passionpassport And don’t forget to peek at our current #PPGeometry challenge (link in bio) going through to 11:59am EST Sun. 3/18! at Jaipur, Rajasthan


This week is all about where math and travel meet. Join our #PPGeometry challenge! Guest judges @aljvd and @ericmueller can’t wait to see all the shapes and patterns you’ve come across on your travels. Click the link in our bio — or “Events” on our site — for full rules and a chance to be featured on our feed. 📷@takkeb 📍Milan, Italy Know someone whose style fits the theme? Tag them below! at Milan, Italy


"When I first visited Barcelona back in 2015, I was completely blown away by the city — from its architectural history to its incredible natural parks and charismatic people. But one of my favorite things to do while there is to walk around the Eixample district. Whether it's nine in the morning or 11 at night, it's always full of life. Maybe in the near future, I can finally call this city home." 📷@reeyco 📍Barcelona, Spain #passionpassport at Barcelona, Spain


We’re giving a huge round of applause to our #PPDiscoverHongKong potential winner @wilhughes who will be returning to the flashy neon and waterfalls of Hong Kong, courtesy of @discoverhongkong! Head to his feed for his full write-up. And we’re giving a huge thank you to guest judges @alinatsvor, @easternsuns, and @veeceecheng for lending their eyes to our challenge fun! at Hong Kong


Thanks to everyone who helped us #PPDiscoverHongKong this past week — we had over 900 entries showing us around. Congratulations to our honorable mentions: @blackmobil, @adriancphotography, @edgilardon, @alicethieu, @wanderfong, @j9ryl, @andra_went_traveling, @azktal, and @jeffrey_71! Hong Kong is a special city to Passion Passport, so stay tuned to find out our potential winner soon!


"Visiting Giraffe Manor felt like something out of a fairytale: magical, enchanting, surreal. Depending on which of the 12 rooms you stay in, your wake-up call may very well be a giraffe knocking at your balcony in the morning. And what could be better than looking up from your coffee into the eyes of a long-lashed giraffe as it nosily pokes its graceful neck through the window to share your breakfast?" 📷@sukainarajabali 📍Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya #passionpassport at Giraffe Manor


"It was freezing at the top of the crater, so we decided to take the trail down to get warm before shooting. As we continued down the trail, I kept looking out at the middle of the crater until I saw this shot and the alignment of everything seemed so perfect I just had to stop. This was one of the strangest and most uniquely beautiful places I’d ever been. " 📷@michaelmatti 📍Haleakala Crater, Maui, Hawaii, USA #passionpassport at Haleakala Crater

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