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Aussie Army Airborne, Navy Clearance Diver, Shark attack survivor, Author, Speaker, Conservationist, TV presenter, SharkWeek host🦈 PlantBased🌱 See full size profile picture

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Went to Canadia @fairmontbanff and got a tuque. (Beanie) Also a standing ovation. 🙌🏻 Thanks for the love #BanffVentureForum. My only regret is I couldn't stay longer. Can't wait to go back. #pipes #ontheroadagain #beanie Next stop Boston. #nonstop & @asn_fuelled


You see the look on that kids face? He has no freaking idea of the unbridled craziness ahead of him. But as the saying goes. “Calm seas do not good sailors make.” From lost and self destructive, to unbreakable, to broken, to TV screens and stages around the world. Be grateful if you are lucky enough to experience the whole spectrum of human emotion and experience because if it was always perfect we’d get bored of it. #HumansAreWeird #LifesWeird #EmbraceThatShit #LookMaNoHand #tuross #schoolcamp #U&U #HDND #Airborne #sharkAttack #Stripper at Fairmont Banff Springs


One more week until it’s Great White Diving time with @islander_charters in the formidable and picturesque Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. Incredible photos to follow 📸🤘🏼🦈 #shark #NeverSmileAtACrocodile Sharks are good to go though 😜


Friends not food. #ThatMeansMeToo #ImNotASnack #Again


October 28 will launch my long awaited debut into the actorising world. Look out @thehughjackman there's a new scene stealer in town 😜 But seriously, the cast and crew tried incredibly hard to accurately portray our service personel and families with respect and humility. #FightingSeason is going to touch on some very sensitive topics within the military. Discipline, lies, drugs, shame, mateship, war, sacrifice, PTSD, family and most serious of all, me doing a butt ass naked strip show on stage. 🤦🏼‍♂️ @julianrhysmaroun @jayryanofficial @george.pullar @c.marcoalosio @millyalcock @saraharmanious @cocosaffyre @kaanguldur Repost from @ean.nae 📺🎬🆕 Check out this first look at FIGHTING SEASON starring @jayryanofficial @pauldegelder 🙌 🇦🇺 Premiere OCT 28 8:30pm @showcaseaustralia @foxtel DON'T MISS! 👍 Hopefully we get international airdates soon after! I can’t wait to watch this! #JayRyan #FightingSeason #pauldegelder #MustWatch #GoodTV #war #drama #tvseries #soldierslife #armylife #Australia #NewZealand #Afghanistan #loyalty #betrayal #sacrifice #secrets #mistakes #PTSD #bloodsweatandtears #callofduty #family #brotherhood #oz #aussie #OiOiOi #NeverForget #ANZAC


"For most of history, man has had to fight nature to survive; in this century he is beginning to realize that, in order to survive, he must protect it." Jacques-Yves Cousteau #Hero #Quote #savesharks #savetheocean #savetheplanet


I was told recently that I should add more color to my page. How's this? This my friends is a country called the Faroe Islands. A darling little place where children literally swim in the blood of Atlantic white sided dolphins and pilot whales after their parents have sliced open the back of their heads while they're still alive. Yes, humans are still that fucked up and people still wonder why I went vegan. Don't feel helpless, make a difference in the world with every mouthful of food you choose. Every bite counts because there's just as much needless death in our own countries. #DontVisitFaroeIslands @visitfaroeislands #Shitpeople #why @seashepherdaustralia


So sad ☹️ Deepest condolences to the family and friends. Just last year we filmed a show in this same area and documented 11 Great Whites in one morning. Sadly, until a way to seperate sharks and humans is perfected this area is no longer safe for human ocean use. Repost from @abc4explore - My sincere sympathy & condolences go out to the friends & family of the young man that suffered a fatal shark encounter yesterday while body-boarding in Cape Cod. It’s never a good thing when a life is lost, whether it’s a human’s life or a shark’s life, it’s all very unfortunate. Cape Cod is a known Great White Shark hunting ground with a high density of seals & bathers close to shore. In recent years the seal & shark populations of Cape Code have been rebounding and more people every year are utilizing the area for recreational water activities. Signs are posted at beaches warning bathers of the potential risks of encountering Great White Sharks. In an area such as this, with high predator & prey density, it’s not hard to fathom how this could have happened, yet the last fatal shark encounter in Cape Cod was over 80 years ago in 1936. On a planet made up of more than 70% water, it’s an unfortunate yet rare fact of life that sharks & humans sometimes collide with detrimental effects. Humans are clearly not favored prey of Great White Sharks, but finding solutions to allow sharks & humans to coexist peacefully is paramount & the last thing that should be consider is a shark cull... #coexist #capecod #greatwhiteshark #besharksmart image 📸 = @abc4explore + @a_whiteshark #atlanticwhitesharkconservancy #nosharkcull


In my @hecsaquatic wetsuit. On a boat. Surrounded by sharks. My happy place. Can you tell? #filming with @rhodeislandsharkdiving


📸 by @dallinandcienna With the love and support of a good woman in your corner there is nothing you can't acheive. #PeaceOfMind #LoveConquers


📸 by @joeromeiro333 30 miles of the coast of Rhode Island, there be monsters. To them WE are the monsters. And we were learning to co-exist with some beautiful, natural predators that allowed us to be a part of their world. Blue sharks are one of the most fished sharks in the word and their populations have been and are getting smashed non stop due to shark finning and bycatch to supply you with fish for your lunches and dinners. It's so sad to think about, especially about after you meet them and find them to be so calm and trusting. While they are a wild animal and I know people that have had incidents with them while theyre feeding, blue sharks often act like curious puppy dogs, coming straight up to your face for a look. It makes my heart hurt that most people will never see, never meet and never care about this animal that wishes no harm on us. People that would rather just kill it for a few bucks. #TimeToEvolve #BeforeItsTooLate #saveoursharks #saveouroceans #blueshark #mako @rhodeislandsharkdiving #Documentary #adventuretime #conservation


How will you know you 'can't' if you never try? It actually makes me cringe inside whenever I hear people use that word. 🤮 You're better than that. Also, why does the iMovie app always chop the top of my head off? 😳 Trying to tell me something? Thanks for the invite to play @justindlovato & @stephjlovato We will master these Justin 🤘🏼 #shenanigans #bebrave #prosthetics #HDND @ottobockus_ca #adaptiveathlete at Los Angeles, California

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