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Aussie Army Airborne, Navy Clearance Diver, Shark attack survivor, Author, Speaker, Conservationist, TV presenter, SharkWeek host🦈 PlantBased🌱 See full size profile picture

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Let’s talk about limitations. Fuck limitations! That is all. #deathfromabove #onehand #oneleg #nowings #freefall #prosthetics @asn_fuelled


An incredible experience co-existing in the same space as a great white shark. People travel from all corners of the globe and spend millions of dollars a year just to see one. Meanwhile in parts of Australia.....see next picture. Another huge and protected, mating size great white shark killed by the human fear of what they can't control. Statistics say that this shark would never have harmed a human. But whatever, better let it die in the shark nets in Sydney anyway. Just to be safe. #ecoterrorism #ignorance #fear #notyours #killingisnotconservation #shark #greatwhiteshark #sharkdiving #sydney #australia #gopro Screenshot of 🎥 by @abc4explore


Im a man on a mission. Probably the biggest reason i never slid into depression is because i found value and purpose. I lost a lot. But instead of bitching about it i found ways to fill those holes with a whole new set of skills and a whole new life. No ptsd, no nightmares, never a flashback. The struggle doesn’t weaken us, it forges us into a stronger, more durable tool to improve the lives of those around us. That’s value and purpose.


The right tools for the right jobs. And some times duct tape. Lots of duct tape. #blueshark #shark #diving #respect #coexist #RhodeIsland #SomeAssemblyRequired @hecsaquatic @indigoindustries @rhodeislandsharkdiving Screenshots of 🎥 By @joeromeiro333 at Rhode Island


Two & 1/2 more days until I get home to you ❤️


Well that’s quite enough kicking my feet up. Time for the next adventure. 3 weeks until an epic tiger shark shoot so i need to get prepped. I can't wait to show you guys a crazy good surprise I have cooking. #bucketlist #bahamas #tigersharks @lalotactical @hecsaquatic @indigoindustries @sdexpeditions #guadalupe @islander_charters @krakensports


Home my good man, and don't spare the horses. #Odus is the boss. He's not the one picking up my poop. @greatdanesofinstagram #DanexPlottHound #Rescuedog #DroolingInTheJag


@tvweekmag is digging fighting season as are the fans. I'm getting tons of positivity online. Make sure you check it out on @foxtel and take a glimpse into lives that you may never have had the chance to see and meet some of Australias best and upcoming young talent. @saraharmanious @cocosaffyre @george.pullar @katemulvany @millyalcock @c.marcoalosio @julianmaroun @jayryanofficial @kaanguldur @muldoonrhys @_megandrury_ #soldier #drama #film #acting #positivity #stripper #gettingnude #justwaitingforamate @mensfitnessau @menshealthau at Lawrence, Massachusetts


When one of your action movie hero's posts a pic of you and your mate but you have the smallest arms in the picture. Still a win 🙌🏻 You never know who you'll run into at @goldsgym. Thanks for the intro @mike_ryan_celebritytrainer #kickboxer #bloodsport #universalsoldier #streetfighter #expendables #toomanytoname #jcvd @jcvd


Rememberance day 11.11.11 2018 Live your life unbound by the constraints of fear in a means that pays tribute to the lives lost in sacrifice that you might live at all. We will remember them. John F. Kennedy - As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.


Whitewater rafting anyone? #straya #crocs #Australia #predator Repost from @mattwright1 - Not home with my Baby today for our 1st anniversary cause Im out tracking one off these big fellas lurking in a local swimming hole and the say crocs don’t do rapids. Be croc wise the wet season is coming and the crocs are in the move looking for a easy feed, make sure it’s not you, stay safe you mob. @careforwild @crocosauruscove @outback_jono @willow_nt @canonaustralia @natgeoau


I can't imagine the fear of all the life being threatened right now. I'm sure I speak for everyone when we are super greatful to all the firefighters risking their lives, the paramedics helping to preserve life, the LEO's on the ground and everybody big and small chipping in to shoulder the burden and lessen the strain on those suffering. #malibu #california #nature #fury 📸 by @grantdenham

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