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Paulie Sirignano 🎿🎿🎿🏔🌲🌳🌤🌻🇮🇹👊🏽

🎶 Without love in the dream it'll never come true 🎶 NY,CO,UT,NH ❤️ @littlealthearose, @webreedunicorns, @daffylazybormioblueberry Grateful🌹

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Great morning celebrating a special 1 year Friendsaversary with the Albee’s. We started at the gymnastics open gym, took it to @madrivercoffeeroasters, and like most days ended up at the ski shop. So grateful for this relationship in our lives. @renelalbee @webreedunicorns @malbee34 @skifanatics.nh 🤸🏼‍♀️☕️🍳🥓🍩🎿 at Campton,N.H.


I’m a sucker for bathroom humor @madrivercoffeeroasters #NHliving at Mad River Coffee House


In another time's forgotten space... @armadaskis @tannerhall420 @altaskiarea #preseason #railjam #thall #themassivetshirt #nfa ❤️🌹🎿 📷: @emski812 at Alta Ski Area


Send some healing vibes to this little ski bum, she’s been fighting a nasty cold and cough that’s been keeping her up at night. #mygirl #mamasgirl #sick #boogers #cough #nebulizer #cheechandchong #caterpillarfromaliceinwonderland #poorbaby @littlealthearose @webreedunicorns at Campton Hollow, New Hampshire


When you’re supposed to be taking a nap, but you’re just casually reading. @littlealthearose @webreedunicorns #mygirl #smartypants #lovesbooks 👶🏼📚💤 at Campton Hollow, New Hampshire


Repost @mickeyhart I wanted my 1,000 post to be something significant and I can’t think of many things more important than this right now. Althea and all of our children’s future depends on it. @littlealthearose @webreedunicorns @deadandcompany @gratefuldead @bobweir @billkreutzmann @oteil_burbridge @johnmayer #vote #forourchildrensfuture (can’t remember where I saw the 2nd picture, but thank you!) at Campton,N.H.


Most of my friends know I’m not very handy. I drove all the way down to Home Depot in Tilton to buy a new mailbox and came home with a $5 can of spray paint and an idea to refurbish our old mailbox. 😬 With Althea’s help I pulled it off and now you know where the skiers live. 🏡📬🎿⛷💪🏽👊🏽@armadaskis @littlealthearose @webreedunicorns #reducereuserecycle #armadaskis #pipecleaners #rymosoldbindings #stillgoingstrong #sth16 #munsonmailbox #TMP @geronibro @teammunson at Campton Hollow, New Hampshire


Love where you live ❤️ Shoutout to some local businesses today who made our errands go super smooth. 1st shoutout goes to Handyman Hardware for having the mailbox numbers and stencils we needed. 2nd shoutout goes to @madrivercoffeeroasters, I was beyond stoked to see they’ve switched to new strawless lids for their iced drinks! Way to go stepping it up for our oceans and environment. (Note: Althea wasn’t actually drinking the coffee, we don’t want her to be 3 feet tall forever🤣). 3rd shoutout goes to @skifanatics.nh for being the best ski shop in the universe, like seriously. 4th and final shoutout goes to the church down the street from us for having such a pretty steeple. It was so neat to see the person working on it today that we pulled over to watch for a minute. Thank you Campton! #lovewhereyoulive #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness #NHliving @littlealthearose at Campton,N.H.


Did some schralping today, so fired up for the 18/19 season! @armadaskis @wildcatmountain @malbee34 @granite_state_ordnance #NHliving #skiingisfun at Wildcat Mountain


Kind of ironic? #NHliving at Sunny Day Diner


I've got friends in “high” places Where the whiskey drowns And the beer chases my blues away And I'll be okay... @backflip_over_your_cat protecting our house and taking a couple of trees down that were over Althea’s room like a goddamn surgeon. #NHliving #joeyA #timber #vroomvroom #hugerelief #crownroyal #direwolf 🌲🌳🥃🐺 at Campton Hollow, New Hampshire


Family hike ❤️ 🍁🍃🍂 #NHliving at Smarts Brook Trail


Took me a few days to decompress and return to the real world, so happy to be back after all those years. Phish in Albany was everything I remembered and so much more. Super grateful and thankful to my kick ass wife and friends who made this all possible. I needed these 2 nights. Thank you @phish! #grateful #limestoneblocks #solarge #idragthemfromthemountaintop #youllneedatwocargarage #flimflams at Times Union Center


How silly are we keeping pots and pans in there, Althea obviously found a much better use for that space? #mygirl #goofball #littleexplorer #daffylooksconfused @littlealthearose @webreedunicorns at Campton Hollow, New Hampshire


We obviously post a lot of pictures of Althea. Ever wonder what happens to the shots that don’t make the cut? Probably not, but here are some I saved from the cutting room floor. 🤣❤️📷📹 #mygirl #shoprat #NHliving #esther #suchawook @littlealthearose @webreedunicorns @phish at Campton,N.H.


Althea. Autumn. Awesome. @littlealthearose @webreedunicorns #corduroy #NHliving at Perch Pond


My favorite kind of stairway #NHliving #getoutside #funintheforest at Smarts Brook Trail

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