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What you give you receive. That’s why it’s poisonous to be jealous of others who you consider get things for free. It’s poison to your mind to look for others’ shortcomings. It’s toxic to pity yourself, to feel you’re unrightfully rewarded. It’s pointless to spend all your day trying to find “the reason” he or she is successful but you’re not. It’s a waste of time to blame or explain others’ accomplishments on cheating, genes or pure luck. Switch these energy sucking habits out for positivity: be happy others succeed if they succeed, it means you too can be successful. Be happy other people reach the sky, it means you can too. Be grateful you have the same trampoline to jump off of as everyone else does. When you believe that being happy for others will lead to your own happiness and when you choose to be a better person than a little pussy ass grumpy entitled idiotically self-spoiled brat with a Napoleon complex, then you’ll finally have the key to the door to mental freedom. #fighterdiet #karma #give #weekend #fitfam #noexcuses #dedication #fitnessmotivation


10 comebacks to shut ignorant people up...: “You looked better when you were bigger” Comeback: yeah, especially since “bigger” came with a side of increased risk of heart disease, pancreatic cancer and more I totally understand I looked better to you unhealthy. “I liked your muscles better when they were less pronounced” Comeback: Why? (Just listen to the silence) “It’s impossible to stay lean all the time and have a life” Comeback: indeed if your life is all about eating cupcakes and feel disgusted with yourself. “you gotta live a little” Comeback: I do. Imagine the sex you can have when you’re in shape. “Why don’t you want to eat junk food? What’s wrong with you?” Comment: my greatest “wrong” is taking care of the only body I’ll have. Where did you find your backup body? I need to go get one too. “You can only grow muscles with steroids” Comment: that’s funny. Look at an anatomy chart and you notice we all have the same muscles. Its why you do with them that dictates the results. How many times have yo gone to the gym since you hit 20? Oh one time? No wonder you’re frustrated! I mean, one time and you got nothing out of it? Understandable you are not a believer! “No real men like muscular women” Comeback: great since I’m gay. “Diets are all fads” Comeback: diet means “the food we regularly consume” and the only fad is the diet you don’t stick to due to your own limitation. “Your muscles will turn to fat when you stop training” Comeback: fat doesn’t convert to fat and fat doesn’t convert to muscle, plus, training stops when you die so at that point it doesn’t matter! “I’m too old to start fitness” Comeback: do you plan on dying tomorrow? No? Then it’s not too late. “I can’t eat the same food every day. I need variety every meal” Comeback: you don’t have to, but if you don’t you’ll need to monitor and track a lot more. Be grateful you have a choice: many countries’ staple foods consist of 3 items only. Do you hear those who starve say “ugh I can’t eat this on more day”? Never. “You’ll die alone with 20 cats, Miss fit chick” Comeback: great!! Thank you! That’s my goal! Join my challenge: sign up at #fighterdiet


We have that in common: allergy to excuses! Watch @c.t.ali.fletcher in action blasting out truth after truth on No BS with Pauline Nordin! #nobswithnordin #podcast #ctfletcher #isymf #noexcuses #getyopunkassinthegym #workoutmotivation #nobullshit #justlift @ironaddictsgym at Iron Addicts Gym


Week 13 post proximal hamstring tendon repair. I was cleared by surgeon last week to start lifting again, but very slowly. I was ecstatic to go to the gym and do 20 reps with the barbell only and oh boy am I sore in my quads, glutes and adductors! The hamstring bellies aren’t sore which to me is a good sign they’re not too challenged. The leg I had operated on is much more stable than the left so I need to work on my left more to avoid reinjury. In hindsight this surgery and the challenge to stop training after 20 years fitness addiction was a blessing in disguise, which, when you think about it is usually how the greatest achievements come about! I don’t feel as skinny anymore, but I’m still 10 lbs away from where I should be! The reason I’m not here trying to cut body fat due to crappy dietary discipline during my months away is I made it my mission to prove to you all that staying lean when not training is a mindset, not an impossible feat. Mission accomplished! #fighterdiet #motivation #roadtorecovery #diet #discipline #comeback #muscle #bodybuilding #girlswholift


When a living legend like the one & only @c.t.ali.fletcher gives you the time and made!!! #Repost @c.t.ali.fletcher ・・・ I HAD A GREAT FUCKIN TIME ON @paulinenordin PODCAST TODAY !!! NOW TUNE IN AND WATCH IT MUTHAFUCKAS! WHY C.T. ?! CAUSE I FUCKIN SAID SO , THAT’S WHY !!! #CIFSS #IRONADDICT4LIFE #IMBLESSED #ISYMFS #IRONADDICTSGYM #PODCAST #FUCKEXCUSES #MYMAGNIFICENTOBSESSION at Iron Addicts Gym


Watch the amazing @c.t.ali.fletcher discuss motivation and drive on No BS with Pauline Nordin! Link on my story! #nobswithnordin #videopodcast #podcast #isymfs #ctfletcher #legend #powerlifting #gymmotivation #ironaddicts at Iron Addicts Gym


Listen closely and you can hear Czarface! Fun cat fact: where there’s an opening I shall go in! Equilibrium pursuit by cats: you open a cupboard door and they have to go there. Even after getting stuck more than once! #cats #love #pets #sheltercat #seniorrescue #dontshopadopt #catsofinstagram @lange_foundation


I analyze daily what I want to bring to my life and what I want to toss. Nothing’s sacred except the way I want to live my life. Some people call it being selfish, I call it enabling having the energy & drive to help others pursue their passion. When you wake up in the morning, if you’re not filled up with excitement, love for what you’re about and an urge to make the day great, if you keep your hopes down to avoid disappointment, if you choose to be safe rather than happy, if you keep company that thrives when you bleed, then it’s time to wake up to welcome a change. Remember, you might be scared and worried not knowing what will be, but, I promise you...go for it...try on the wild side. Never settle, never surrender’s all you want. #fighterdiet #motivation #bestrong #beyou #empowerment #goforit #fitness #bodybuilding


No BS with Nordin brings you guests that have legit messages to share. Real people, real stories, real accomplishments, individuals who’ve defied the odds, who motivate, inspire, people who make a difference. Subscribe! #nobswithnordin #podcast @itunes #interviews #meetings #realshit #nobullshit #motivation #podcaster #youtube @spotify


No child should die alone. Compassion can’t wait. Please spread awareness of the @compassioncantwait organization and donate to help their cause. Please share this on your insta story! Text COMPASSION to 77453 to make a donation today. Go to for all information and background story @compassioncantwait . #compassioncantwait #goodcause #savethechildren at Los Angeles, California


Compete against yourself, make it about you vs your inner doubter. Improve to improve yourself rather than improve to be better than others. Strive for winning over yourself. Compare yourself to who you were when you started. Bodybuilding is a solo journey into your own mind where your body is the ship, your soul the captain: “a ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what it’s built for” -John A Shedd . #fighterdiet #workoutmotivation #dedication #fitnessjourney #getfit at Venice, California

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