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2003, started submitting articles from Sweden to @bodybuildingcom . Fast forward to 2018 and I’m here to podcast and shoot workouts! #bodybuilding #workhard #fitgirl #fighterdiet #writer #fitnessmotivation


If we never know what we’ve got until it’s gone, if we forget to fight for what we believe in, if we neglect what can’t be bought, if we forget to pay attention to what matters when all we thought mattered turns out matters nothing at all, then, knowing all that, work every day to be able to say I did my best, I tried my best. It’s not enough to know what you’re not doing. Actions speak, words and promises don’t. One day change is too late and what a shame it would be to admit we knew but we didn’t care enough to evolve. Live like you’ll die tomorrow and you’ll likely not regret what you chose when life’s no more. #fighterdiet #monday #workhard #liveyourlife #fitness at Gold's Gym


Happy father’s day to my dad in Sweden! We don’t meet often, maybe once every ten years, but I’ll always love you and be grateful for things you taught me as a kid. My mom and him divorced when I was 6 and it was tough in many ways, but so is life so I it kept my perception of life real I suppose and that I take any time over being raised as a spoiled brat with a trust fund, nothing to prove and nothing to fight for. My father always stuck to his guns, did what he wanted and....I’m much like him. I love you Calle Kruka! #fathersday #childhood #fitness #parenting #kids #throwback #thankyou #father


Join a Fighterdiet Challenge! Gain confidence, self-esteem and transform! Over 20.000 women a year transform with a Fighterdiet Challenge, YOU CAN TOO! The Challenges * 12 week Transformation Challenge. * Beginner and Advanced in same group. * Workout at home or in gym. * Day by day diet and workout plan. * Part of closed Facebook Group. * Fighter Diet Certified Coaches there to help you. * Women only. Lean Legs is a full body traditional strength training & leaning out program with FOCUS on the LEGS and GLUTES but trains the whole body. At home or gym. Day by day diet plan included. Body by Pauline is a full body at home video circuit training program. Day by day diet plan included. Admission is open, we start July 11th: #fighterdiet #fitgirls @sherlynroy @fighterdiet #workout #fitnessmotivation


Surgery is now booked. Next Thursday! Right hamstring tendon to be reattached and cleaning up scar tissue. Wish me good luck. #fighterdiet #fitnessmotivation #hamstrings #injury #legs #bodybuilding #surgery


What happens during time off? Do the muscles just disappear? On today’s podcast I discuss what to expect and ways I plan to maintain as much as I can. #fighterdiet #nobswithnordin #podcast #fitness #injury #hamstrings #surgery #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney


This is such a great warmup move. It requires balance, coordination & focus. If you want an easier variation, do it on your elbows. #fighterdiet #workout #fitness #exercise #body #training #fitnessmotivation


Oblique plank with hip abduction. #fighterdiet #core #abs #obliques #transversusabdominis #workout #fitness


In no way do I feel like this today but it’s what I tell myself every morning and every night...: Everything will be ok. I’m going to conquer. I’m strong. I’m capable. I have confidence in my ability. I am self efficient. Challenges make me grow. No time spent on negative people. Live every day like it’s the best day. I am strong. I’m unstoppable. Everything will be ok. Everything will be great. I will find success in what I do. I am my own happiness. I will take myself to high levels. I’ll pursue and reach my goals. I’m healthy & Strong. I see opportunities in every obstacle. Positive thoughts, positive results. Be happy, don’t worry. I’m fearless. I’m afraid of nothing. I will conquer and thrive. I am determined. I have the power. I have power over my existence and my choices. I will reach my dreams & goals. No excuses for why not. I Have faith. I am confident. I work hard. I am Stress free. I have Inner piece of mind. I know that life happens, but how I react to it is what matters. I take chances. I say yes to opportunities. I seize the day. I can do this! Pauline, you can do this! Be the fearless, invincible, positive woman I was in order to come to America. I Refuse to ponder about fear. I refuse to live in fear. I am a daredevil. I have what it takes. Hard work pays off. I’ll be ok, I’ll be fine & I’ll be great. I focus on what I love. I live for what I love. I’ll be successful at what I love & in what I love. #fighterdiet #motivation #selfpeptalk #peptalk #fitnessaddict #life #mantra


My podcast no bs with Nordin is growing rapidly! My plan is to continue interviewing interesting guests who have important life lessons to teach us. It was @joerogan who inspired me to start a video podcast. I wasn’t a listener until I subscribed to the @thejoeroganexperience show. It was a game changer! Highly recommended. My ambition is to grow this so big I’ll be able to convince Joe to be my guest! 😬😱. One can always dream...or do what I order: work hard to make it happen. Subscribe to No BS with Nordin. via iTunes or YouTube! #podcast #nobswithnordin #fitness #youtube #fighterdiet #healthylifestyle #interview #joerogan #inspiration #hardworking


I can’t stay mopey for long before I snap out of it because I get tired of myself. Today’s podcast topic is managing nutrition when you are injured for a long time. #nobswithnordin #podcast #youtube #fitness #injury #fighterdiet #nutrition #body #motivation


I decided to visit the posing room at the gym, strip down, document current muscle mass and condition so I can compare throughout my time off during surgery and rehabilitation. I’m going to document it all weekly so you can see the changes and I too. Notice my left adductors are less developed? That’s because the right adductor group has been trying to do the work the right hamstrings haven’t been able to do. Notice in my back pose I don’t do the rear pussy pose. Don’t scroll the pics if you’ve got a problem with my choice of underwear. For you who wonder about my height and weight: make a guess. #fighterdiet #bodybuilding #posing #fitness #flex #injury #hamstrings #fitgirl #myfitnessjourney #bodybuilding

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