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Stop wanting for yourself what others want for you! In my teens I was told I’d never make it to America. In my early 20s I was told I need to have kids or I’ll end up alone. In my mid twenties I got divorced because it was not what I wanted or believed in. In my 30s people started to give up on me “growing up”. I’m not afraid of being alone. I prefer that over bad company. And I need all this time to spend helping my Fighterdiet Warriors. A regular life would take away my focus on my goal and my mission. I’m grateful I’ve never changed how I want to live my life to please someone else’s wish or to avoid being questioned. When they say I’ll regret my choice, I’ll happily gamble. When they say I’ll miss out on life, I’ll just be thinking of all the adventures and the freedom to go for them. Sometimes alone can be strong enough. Probably much more often than we give it credit for. Never change out of fear And never let fear hold you down. You have one life. Live it doing what you want, being who you want. #Fighterdiet #female #alphafemale #strongwomen #motivation #motivationmonday #fitnessgirl at Los Angeles, California


10 LEAN LIFE HACKS you LEARN with Fighterdiet: 1) How to quit your all or nothing mindset 2) How to manage eating out 3) How to swap foods properly 4) Find your perfect meal frequency 5) How to deal with diet depression 6) How to set up your Fighterdiet plan for your goals 7) When to refeed 8) How to refeed 9) Trouble shooting refeeds 10) How to maintain a lean physique for life And that's JUST the beginning. If you want to GET AND STAY LEAN & STRONG you owe it to yourself to go Fighterdiet. SIGN UP for the CHALLENGE and get the Fighterdiet book to learn the essential method! WOMEN ONLY. Sign up via link in my bio 🔝. #fighterdiet #getfit #fitnessmotivation #bodygoals #fitgirls #personaltrainer at Los Angeles, California


Are you dating your diet, keeping your diet as a sidekick, or are you in a committed relationship with it? Good one to ask yourself this morning as we start a new week. What’s your dietary relationship status? Is it working? Is it honeymoon phase? Is it a power struggle on a daily basis? Jealousy of those with other diets? Why are you stuck with yours? And most importantly, is it a long term investment or just a One Meal stand? #Fighterdiet #diet #nutrition #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle at Long Beach, California


One woman at a time. Making them into Fighterdiet Warriors. The best trick in the book for accountability? Keep someone around who keeps YOU in check. Join the challenge! #Fighterdiet #believeinyourself #fitnessmotivation #coaching #personaltrainer #healthylifestyle #womensupportingwomen at Venice, California


Today’s task for you: Write yourself a love letter. Seduce your mind. Tease it with what you can do. Play on words, put in some innuendos, make yourself smile. Shock yourself. Make yourself blush. Write out exactly what you want and how you’ll do it. Make yourself excited. Write it in the comment section. Best self motivation pep talk will win a phone call with me today! #Fighterdiet #motivation #believeinyourself #loveletter #selflove #fitfam at Los Angeles, California


When I started, I just knew I had it in me. My body didn’t look like anything extraordinary at all, just regular soft body. No matter how many people at the gym, at the casino I worked night shifts at, or in high school told me I wouldn’t make it, I didn’t argue I just knew I’d prove them wrong. I had confidence. I knew I was up for hard work. I had my “goal” set 3 years ahead of time. On my first gym visit ever I was already committed for life to execute my life plan. Now, in my work, I meet women (and men) who lack that self belief. They don’t see what I see. They don’t believe they have the tools at their hands to change. They want a miracle, they don’t believe hard work can do anything for them. Do you realize how dangerous that is to your sense of self worth? “‘Not even hard work can help”... That right there says it all. And why I do my best to instill the right mindset in my Fighterdiet Warriors. The change you want always starts in your mind. Conquer that first switch and you’ll be unstoppable. You can reach out to me any time. Join my challenge! Link in bio. Don’t hesitate. I’ll be there. January 9. I’ll show up. Will you? #Fighterdiet #believeinyourself #empowerment #positivevibes #bodybuilding at Los Angeles, California


Everyone has a body. Not many have a physique. Everyone starts with a body. What you choose to make of it is up to you. #Fighterdiet #fitness #bodybuilding #physique #fitnesschallenge


Fasting is so popular nowadays one would think there was a reason to fast rather than eat to gain muscle and lean out. I fast. You probably do too unless you have a sleep eating problem. Every night I go to bed and until I eat I fast. Break...Fast... that’s right, nothing new. If you want to fast or not is your choice. In my program you choose meal placement and meal frequency. Since it makes so little difference if any at all, why would I have an issue? Whatever floats your boat that also yields sustainable results for YOU. So why don’t I recommend fasting in general if the goal is fat loss? Well, that’s easily explained because it’s obvious to me: when was the conundrum of weight loss NOT eating? Never! The problem is the eating! The mindless snacking, the constant Fedex-like delivery of building blocks for your thrifty fat cells. Oh you know they’re always open for business. To win the battle of the bulge you need to practice consistency. For some reason humans are good at highs and lows, overzealous efforts followed a deep nose dive to the bottom and then surrender, but not good at doing things day in and day out that are against our instincts. What am I talking about? Dieting. Or living this fitness lifestyle. The only reason I have succeeded at staying lean despite my chubby genetics and big appetite is my diet. I know there are a lot of you out there who should follow my lead. Why you don’t? I don’t know! Maybe you’re scared 🥶🙂. Join the Fighterdiet Challenge!!! 😃😃😃 Photo by @jcole442004 #fighterdiet #diet #nutrition #fitnesslifestyle #discipline #leanmuscle #bodybuilding #breakfast #fasting #if


What’s different with you workouts compared to other trainers? All trainers have unique styles but the differences are smaller than you think in physique training. I’m not trying to be unique in what I do in the gym. Bodybuilding isn’t unique, it’s pretty much a matter of who can hit it the hardest for the longest time without getting injured. As you can see there’s no special exercise that is the magic potion. No THC of training styles that will have you fly high day in day out. No, just discipline and desire. That brings me to the pet peeve comment “why do you want to change or improve? Why not be happy with what you got”. Well, that’s like saying you shouldn’t go to school or self educate yourself since you were already born with a brain with some information so why improve? Oh yeah! That self realization thing we like to do when we have taken care of the basic essential human needs for happiness. Self growth comes from being put through tests. It doesn’t come from airbagging your life. Self growth is eternal until we die. If you don’t push yourself you’ll never be what you can be. Why stay talent or a potential when you can make it happen for real? Why be just a could’ve Been? Not everyone will get building muscle. It is an acquired taste for hard work. It’s something you just must love to do. Training to me is therapy for the soul that simply shows on the surface. Don’t be mistaken. It’s not about the body. It’s about what putting your focused determination into work does: it translates it to a well built physique. JOIN THE FIGHTERDIET CHALLENGE! #Fighterdiet #bodybuilding #bodygoals #fitnessgirl #bodyfitness #workoutmotivation #personaltrainer #trainer at Los Angeles, California


Nothing feels better than waking up lean! Guess what you need to do to make it happen? #Fighterdiet #fitnessmotivation #gymmotivation at Venice, California


Flashback Friday to flexing it after pushing 8Gs in a Mig-29! 35 big fat #bullshit excuses: 1) you’re too old 2) you’re getting married 3) you’re too poor 4) you can’t do a certain exercise 5) you’re too tired 6) unmotivated. You want it served in fruit basket or it’s too much effort for you 7) you have a medical condition 8) you have a thyroid problem (hello, I’m hypo and I defy it every day) 9) you’re too fat 10) you’re too weak 11) you want to look like a fitness model but you don’t want to put in the time 12) too busy (but not too busy to eat junk food?🧐) 13) you don’t want to look like a man and you’re not one 14) you can’t afford supplements 15) you travel too much (hm I didn’t know only one’s hometown has exercise opportunities but I’ve worked out of a hole in the wall and it worked. 16) you don’t like cabbage 17) you want to lose 50 lbs in one day or it is not attractive to you 18) you like to be lazy 19) you just want to complain about feeling fat or sad for being unfit 20) you don’t have a stove 21) since you didn’t start early, now life’s over. You’re 31. 22) you have had three pregnancies and you think it’s unfair your body shows it 23) you have a vacation coming up. 24) you don’t want to commit since you don’t know if it’ll pay off. I can tell you what won’t: doing nothing about it 25) you use an all or nothing train of thought just so you can be excused Half it’s going to get even nuttier 🧐😉... 27) your boyfriend doesn’t like manly muscles 28) you don’t like sweating 29) you can’t afford fancy gym clothes 30) you’re concerned you’ll lose your boobs (oh so your boobs are what validates you? Ok) 31) you don’t like healthy food 32) you’re married so it doesn’t matter, your spouse loves you the way you’re unhealthy. I’m definitely no relationship expert but I do believe one shall remain the way you are when you met or you are giving them what they didn’t sign up for. If you have children you owe them to choose health over convenience 33) you don’t like to build muscle because then you have to keep it up 34) you have no gym membership 35) you’re injured in your foot so you can’t diet 🤨. You eat with your foot?! at Novgorod, Russia


If you want an excuse you’ll always find it. We have an abundance of options to use but they all translate into one of these three: 1) you don’t want it 2) you don’t want it enough 3) you want it but you want something else more There are also three truths to digest and accept: 1) we all have different backgrounds and history 2) we all live different lives, chosen or not. 3) you have one body. You can’t return it or replace it. Do the best with it, it’ll most likely be beyond your dreams of what you can accomplish. Today I have a book signing and gift wrapping at the Fighterdiet office! You can call and chat with me! Have a great Friday and remember you can DM me for your questions about my program and I’ll respond. #Fighterdiet #flashbackfriday #dowhatittakes #bodybuilding #fitnesslife #protein #pigeons #booksigning at Los Angeles, California

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