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"Outdoorsman, ocean addict, adrenaline junkie...and I do some acting on the side." -PW -- Profile run by #TeamPW -- Follow @realpaulwalker on Twitter Similar users

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"Why couldn't you just have taken the kid and left?" #RunningScared #TeamPW


Can you name which #FastandFurious film? #TeamPW


“Ignore the noise, focus on your work.” #TeamPW


Amazing work from @htarba 👏 #FanArtFriday #TeamPW


Paul's passion for marine biology was always at the forefront. Follow @PaulWalkerFdn to help keep the legacy alive! #TeamPW


#TBT #VarsityBlues #TeamPW


“You realize we're talking about going up against the most powerful guy in all of Rio?” #FastFive #TeamPW


“The things that are important to me, I wanna do it and not mail it in. Don’t have other people pick up slack on the things that have real merit and heart and significance to you.” - #PaulWalker #TeamPW


“I don't know if I ever told you this before, but I think you're just about the keenest girl in the whole school!” #Pleasantville #TBT #TeamPW


🎨 by David Tercias (SoulOfDavid on @DeviantArt) #FanArtFriday #TeamPW


"No wagers. Nobody else. Just you and me, once and for all.” #FastFive #TeamPW

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