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Declawing is not a fancy manicure; it is the amputation of a cat’s last toe bones. Similar users See full size profile picture

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Props to @vca_canada for voluntarily banning declawing. Go give them some love. #stopdeclawing #pawproject at Banff, Alberta


How does legendary Vogue fashion editor Grace Coddington decorate the master bedroom? With portraits of cats past and present of course, photographed by her partner Didier Malige. ・・・ Longtime @voguemagazine creative director @therealgracecoddington’s laid-back cottage in East Hampton is full of stuff. “It’s just full of stuff because my life is full of stuff—I can’t help myself,” she says. “I keep thinking I’m very minimal, but actually, I’m the worst.” But let’s be clear: Coddington’s “stuff” encompasses a great many gems, including a vast collection of prints by the stellar roster of photographers she’s worked with and known during her career—Helmut, Mario, Bruce, Patrick, Steven, Annie, and longtime Vogue eminence Mr. Penn—all nonchalantly displayed overlapping on various picture ledges. These trophies are juxtaposed with Coddington’s equally prized, ever-expanding collection of cat paraphernalia. (She and her partner Didier Malige share the house with two beloved Persians, Pumpkin and Blanket, the latest in a long line of feline family members.) “I can’t help it that people, including myself, are always bringing in cat memorabilia,” she explains, referring to the various artworks, the clowders of vintage Steiff, and even the pair of andirons keeping watch over the roaring afternoon fire. This particular wall in the master bedroom is hung with portraits of cats past and present, photographed by Malige. Photo by Eric Boman; text by @bevansburg at East Hampton, New York


Thanks @millyandmrpenny Bean cleanin' time 🐾 at Australia


A celebration of paws 🐾 starring @mochikit #stopdeclawing #pawproject


#pawprojectspokescat @white_coffee_cat says (in between slurps of his @meowforciao), “Protect the innocent, stop declawing!” #pawproject #stopdeclawing at Los Angeles, California


PawProjectSpokescat, Beth, from @pinballandfriends says: protect the innocent. #stopdeclawing #pawproject at The Paw Project


Just look. Ok, you can kiss too. @friendicoes_del #pawproject #stopdeclawing at New Delhi


With all these acupuncture points associated with the paws, how can declawing be ok? Answer: It’s not ok! #stopdeclawing #pawproject at Paw Paw, Michigan


Cats need claws! @markruffalo says so. #pawproject #stopdeclawing @ladewcats


Guys, so can you believe some veterinarians declaw bunnies? Don’t worry, this one is safe. #pawproject #stopdeclawing at United States


It’s good to start early when you’re a #pawprojectspokescat. Thanks @donnabentley.lovecat for sticking up for paws. #pawproject #stopdeclawing at The Paw Project

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