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Declawing is not a fancy manicure; it is the amputation of a cat’s last toe bones. It is unnecessary and cruel. Cats need claws. Sign the petition ⬇️ Similar users

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#Pawprojectspokescat @themainecoonlife Let me show you some paw-magic! 🐾 🔊 #stopdeclawing #pawproject


We are proud to announce that all 93 VCA hospitals in Canada have stopped declawing. Thanks to #pawprojectspokescat @nala_cat for helping spread the word that cats need their claws. #vca #vcacanada #pawproject #stopdeclawing


Yay! VCA Canada 🇨🇦 has stopped declawing. The Paw Project has been working with VCA on this for quite some time, and then it happens! #stopdeclawing #pawproject #canada #vca


Love my paw with its claws forever ❤️ Thanks @nala_cat for being a #pawprojectspokescat #stopdeclawing #pawproject


To all the excellent moms who understand. Happy Mother’s Day! #pawproject #stopdeclawing


Anyone seen my basketball? The cat was playing with it. 🧡🧡🧡 #basketballbelly #stopdeclawing #pawproject #tiger


Quiz: What became protected in British Columbia today? A. Claws - they must stay on paws B. Cats C. Vets - don’t have to declaw anymore D. All of the above ✅ #pawproject #stopdeclawing at British Columbia


British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦, bans declawing! Thanks to the team members of Paw Project-BC and the good vets of the College of Veterinarians British Columbia! #pawproject #stopdeclawing


Nom nom - not for amateurs. The new definition of stuffing your face. Thanks @fostercatsandkittens for sharing. #pawproject #stopdeclawing


Another reason to have cats, @elonmusk! Keep the claws on the paws. Thanks @newyorkermag #pawproject #stopdeclawing


Thanks @bethostern for fostering cats. Now we have to make it illegal to declaw so they’ll all be safe from this cruelty. #stopdeclawing #pawproject

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