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Day 7. I have no words for how poorly this day is going according to my plans. So here’s what I got done while my child DID NOT nap, and a little mock-up of the pattern applied to a product just for fun (for now 😉) Now I have to go explain to a three year old that he can’t have a popsicle. Pray for me, I’m going in!


Day 6. I’ll be doing more stripes because I need the practice on getting a seamless repeat but this one speaks to my rainbow-junkie inner child, plus its pride month!! 🙌🏻 #15daysofwatercolorpatterns #happypride


Day 5, back to purple ☔️ super exhausted today. I tried to make up for my poor mothering by doing lots of activities with Ollie today. #momguiltisreal


These are the pieces I wanted to use but I made them two nights ago and when I tried to recreate more of them the next night I couldn’t get anywhere near the shape or patterning in the color. It’s amazing how one day you can paint well and the next, everything feels broken. I remeber @tina_berning saying in @thejealouscurator’s podcast that she sometimes had “bad drawing days” but that she could revisit them later on a good drawing day and that kind of blew my mind. Plus I always think hey, even Tina has bad drawing days, it’s going to be ok 😂 #illbelieveitwheniseeit


Day 4 of #15daysofwatercolorpatterns. If I’m being honest this didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. But I’m out of time and have to work today and that’s the beauty of these challenges, you do what you can each day and know you’re still getting it in whether it’s your best or not. The real win today is that I discovered my son loves to help me scan work. If I continue his training diligently I’ll have a free studio assistant in a few years 😎😂


Day 3. Today and tomorrow are probably going to be super simple because I have to work 😯 Can we talk about purple? I hated purple my whole life until a couple of years ago, maybe since motherhood? It’s pretty funny how your tastes change. Now I can’t get enough of it ☔️💜💟 and lastly this pattern reminds me of that Star Trek episode, you know the one! #thetroublewithtribbles


Day 2. This one has been in my head for a very long time. Happy to finally have the skillz to bring it out!! #15daysofwatercolorpatterns #pemjopatterns 🙌🏻 #veryproudofmyselfrightnow


Summertime messes. ❤️


So. This may not look like much but it’s a huge leap for me 🙌🏻 I finally sat down and learned the appropriate way to make patterns with my markers and watercolors that maintain the full texture of watercolor. This isn’t the greatest pattern ever but it’s a big deal for a momma with no time and no energy. So obviously now I have to do a 15 day project to solidify the skill! Behold. Day 1 of #15daysofwatercolorpatterns 😂 these may or not get any better but these little projects have helped me immensely over the last couple of years. Ps thanks to @water_and_pigment for your skillshare photoshop classes, I’ve taken a bunch but yours finally did the trick for me! #skillsharejunkie


Hi. Hi. Hi. 👋🏻 hey! Hi.


Just in case you wondered what the inside of my head looked like.


Thanks @vintage_veronica for the lovely peonies! 😍


Inspired by my scrappy bro-cats from the streets of Jersey City, Jake and Elwood. Miss you guys extra these days, Ollie would have loved you so hard. 😢


Still reeling over how gorgeous my Mothers Day bouquet from @pasturesongfarm is!!! I’ve taken about 200 source photos of them for future work. 🙌🏻 Plus when we picked them up Ollie got to visit the piggies and chickens and even give the pigs a spray. He’s still talking about it. So much fun, thanks Clara for sharing your lovely farm with us last week! Love and miss you girl!!! 😘😘 (swipe for Ollie on the farm pics 😍) at Pasture Song Farm


I’m still here. Lol. Remeber all that deep diving I said I wanted to do after my 30 day challenge? I’m doing it! I am taking a great class on @Skillshare about finding your illustration style, and it’s really opening me up. I’m looking forward to playing with these for some new unique patterns! 🙌🏻


Today my tiny little baby turns three. I can’t express how much I love this boy and his little sculptures he leaves all around the house. He’s incredibly kind and very funny. Anyway I really wanted to make a pattern with some of his favorite toys. I thought it would be hard and a stretch for me but it was actually still a lot of fun. Happy birthday Ollie, thanks for making me a mom.


Forsythia. Harbinger of spring. Always the first to bloom and give us hope that it will be warm again one day. Had to make a pattern in her honor. 😂


Cleaned up and recolored the one I posted earlier. This one was a lot of fun to make! I’ll probably play more with Color too.

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