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"Benjamin Franklin said nothing in this world can be certain except death and taxes. Be it one or the other, they sound as dull and as they are. So now here is where you should either grab yourself a beer or a very strong coffee and focus on the fearsome formalities of being an artist." 👉NEW ARTICLE IN BIO👈


"Whether you are a musician, artist or a writer anyone that uses your work should provide you with payment to use your intellectual property ... This is not only to provide you with income but also protect the buyer from claims of improper use." 👉NEW ARTICLE ABOUT ROYALTIES LINK IN BIO 👈


"With just a few basic terms you are able to protect your piece of work, and potentially profit from it. This is very important if you have a piece of artwork you are willing to sell. Unfortunately, however, some of these have too many fancy legal terms, are too short, or just poorly written. Here is a guide on how to check your licensing agreement is legitimate." 👉NEW ARTICLE LINK IN BIO👈


Did you know that, aside from musicians and producers, we also assist film directors, actors and writers? If you have an enquiry and would like some legal help message us by clicking "Contact" on our profile or send an email directly to [email protected] with your issue!


"Everyone thinks lawyers live in mansions with their own personal butlers and drive Bentleys to work, where they earn millions. Well, unless you’re probably a City of London firm partner this doesn’t happen often. And I only drive a Citroën." Want to make sure your attorney is doing a good job? 👉Link in bio👈


"The saddening part is that when you are [creating a remix], you are infringing copyright law, but that does not mean you should move deeper into the country and get a cold sweat every time you hear police sirens." Are you a DJ and want to play your remixes live? Do you have a remix that was taken down? 👉Link in bio👈


The new logo is looking fantastic. Big thanks to Varun for helping us out! Got a question about a contract or a copyright issue? Want to make sure your music career is off to a good start? 👉Link in bio 👈


"One of my earliest memories was getting angry at a friend from pre-school because he copied my idea when we had to make cards for Mother’s Day – the design, the drawings and even the colour ideas. I wish I could tell you this developed my aspirations of becoming a lawyer, but as a 4-year-old all I cared about was a full tummy and enough sleep (though, has that really changed?). Thinking about it now, I would have had a valid claim. But what happens when this turns into a larger scale and becomes copyright infringement?"


#MeetTheTeam Meet Alexandra, the founder of Her aspirations came from her work with the radio, where she was a presenter. Working with many aspiring artists and local bands, she aimed to connect her profession and her hobby. Alexandra loves attending concerts and looking for fresh talents that she can help out with in the new showbiz environment. She is currently taking her practicing licence exams, aiming to be a fully qualified lawyer in 2017.


"Expecting great feedback you click the link and see comments like “no potential”, “no talent” and “the sound a cat would make if you stood on its tail”. The article already got 200 hits. Instantly you notice the horrifying number of ‘unlikes’ on your Facebook page; desperate, you’re trying to get the website owners to remove the post." What happens when negative feeback becomes offensive? Read our new post to see how you as an artist can deal with the issue of defamation. 👉👉👉Link in bio👈👈👈


Need assistance in a music contract? Are you planning a tour but don't understand what the other side has to offer? Confused as to what your contract must include? Read out first post to find out basic contract rules or contact us! 👉Link in bio👈


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