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2018 Top 10 - No. 1. Sky-High Tree I know many of you won't agree or understand me choosing this photo for the No. 1, but I have very pleasant memories shooting on this day: I met a girl on this location by luck (she is also into photography), and we became a couple since then, I think by destiny. 😊 So this is the best experience in 2018 for me! Thanks for all of your likes and following me, I wish you a beautiful, magical 2019! Happy New Year! 🍾πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‡πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ at Hungary


2018 Top 10 - No. 2. Kaleidoscope Shooting this lookup photo was a very funny moment for me. πŸ˜… Imagine the Stupid Photographer standing in a working fountain, balancing on tip-toes (so at least the camera won't get wet) to take the photo from the real center of the courtyard. That's me. πŸ˜‚ Well, after this photo was featured in National Geographic, they wrote "not stupid at all, worth the effort, because I got a great shot". 😊 at Berlin, Germany


2018 Top 10 - No. 3. Ice StAge Greenland was such an amazing trip for me this year! I highly recommend that to everyone bored with the same photos from Iceland, which is already over photographed a bit in my opinion. 😏 Anyway, Greenland is a mind-blowing experience, I just have to get time to process my 54197368913 photos from there (maybe a whole lifetime won't be enough) and I'm sure you will see a lot of them next year! 😊 The story of this shot: when you send your drone to an iceberg 3 km away in a stormy cross-wind, so it is questionable it will return (above water)... then a speedboat appears at the perfect moment (for scale): EPIC! (The drone has landed safely, with about half a minute of flying time left πŸ˜…). at Greenland


2018 Top 10 - No. 4. "Master of Sneak" Well, since today is #staircasefriday it was hard to choose 1 staircase from 2018. I chose this one, because it was a very memorable experience to get in for this shot (of course my whole stay in Copenhagen was memorable, even if it was very short, just a few days). As I've written: After sneaking into this building I think I've earned the "Master of Sneak" title. πŸ˜‚ I've waltzed into residential buildings hundreds of times, but Gemini Residence was really tough. I've already heard stories about the suspicious and strict residents and I was greeted with "no entrance - private property" signs and surveillance cameras. I even searched for rented apartments and found one. The rent was 25500 DKK/month (almost 4000 USD) so maybe that's why you can't bribe a resident with a few bucks and take some photos. πŸ˜… Anyway, finally I could sneak in with just a little lie... and no, I didn't even had to dress as a pizza delivery guy. πŸ˜‰ Happy #staircasefriday! at Copenhagen


2018 Top 10 - No. 5. Blade Runner 2018 This abandoned power plant - also a filming location for Blade Runner 2049 - has been also an experience of a lifetime for me. We tried to get a permission, but since it was not possible (now as I know the building has been already demolished!), we had to choose the other way: sneak in to the place. It definitely made the shooting more exciting. 😎 You can see a few other photos of the place in my gallery below, and please also take a look at my buddies profile who were there with me: @thom_wien @a_l_x_ender @lugro.jpg @captain.michi @brichti_revo at Hungary


2018 Top 10 - No. 6. GaudΓ­ - framed by GaudΓ­ I've seen so many comments (on different hubs) on this photo saying the framing is fake. LOL, those simple-minded people! πŸ˜‚ I don't know why it should be fake, it's not even a composit, you can easily have this shot of Sagrada FamΓ­lia from Casa Mila, on 140mm. at Barcelona, Spain


2018 Top 10 - No. 7. The Hungarian Parliament Building I've had a wonderful autumn evening with my friends shooting the Hungarian Parliament Building from the Elizabeth Lookout, which is a historic tower on JΓ‘nos-hegy above Budapest. Take a look at my photographer friends' profiles and photos: @zsolt_hlinka @lostinthecityphoto @photogeza @gergo.bakos Thank you @sigmaphoto_hungary for the Sigma 150-600! πŸ˜… at Budapest, Hungary


2018 Top 10 - No. 8. Merry urbeXmas! πŸŽ„ Barcelona has tons of beautiful places, streets, buildings for photography, but my favourite spot was this abandoned factory. I love urbex photography and it was an interesting feeling standing there alone and an experience of a lifetime to sneak in to that closed area. Tomorrow I will continue with no. 7, until then please let me know your favourites from this year! 😊 at Barcelona, Spain

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