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Love photography landscape nature travel flowers streets art. Love cities and country. Sydney. All Images mine. iPhone and Nikon D7500

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Lake Ganzirri has the town of The same name around its margins and is just north of Messina in the east corner of Sicily in Cape (Capo) Peloro at Lago di Ganzirri


Locks of Love in Rome On the Ponte Sant’Angelo, a Roman Bridge built in the year 134 by Emperor Hadrian across the River Tiber The statues of St Peter, St Paul, Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses were added in 1535 at Ponte Sant'Angelo


The Fountain of Neptune was the first of the three fountains in Piazza Navona first used in 1574 following the restoration of an ancient Roman aqueduct to bring water into the area around the Piazza for drinking water and washing During the 1800s further infrastructure development reduced the need for the fountain for drinking and washing and it was beautified in 1878 by adding the statue of Neptune fighting an octopus and the other sculptures around the edge all of which are based on mythological figures at Piazza Navona


Inside the Colosseum there was seating on 3 levels for around 75,000 people The area. In the middle is now uncovered and there are 2 levels the upper for the animals and the lower for gladiators before their games and prisoners before public execution Built by slaves over 8 years and Completed in the year 80 It contained water fountains and toilet areas with running water It was used by the Romans for gladiator fights (they were mostly slaves or prisoners) animal hunts and public executions at Colosseum - Coliseum - Rome


Beautiful autumn colours part way up Mt Etna in a big old tree next to a now boarded up little cottage at Mt. Etna Volcano, Sicily, Italy


This is the first time I’ve posted a shot including myself On tour to Mt Etna with my beautiful wife @liskitchener This shot was taken at 2900 meters looking towards the peak at 3700 meters There is cloud in the left and the darker colour in the right is steam from one of the active areas of the volcano. We were in a small group of 5 people and I’m happy we had a guide If anyone is interested I can let you have his details at Mt. Etna Volcano, Sicily, Italy


One of the coloured sea caves of Syracuse showing the green yellow and lilac colours as well as the extraordinary colour of the water at Syracuse, Italy


Two small marinas one for fishing boats and the other for pleasure yachts in Syracuse at the entrance to the ancient island village of Ortiga The boats mirror the industry of Syracuse for both commercial fishing and tourism at Syracuse, Italy


Erice is an ancient, walled, mountaintop town originally founded by the Phoenicians 2700 years ago. It was later ruled by the Arabs until the Norman conquest. It is a quaint stony medieval town and now is a popular tourist destination with a cable car at Trapani Erice Sicilia


The Temple of Concordia is one of many temples in the Archaeological park in the valley below the city of Agrigento It is 2-3 hours well spent seeing all the temples The area was originally built by the ancient Greeks in 2600BC and is the largest archaeological park in the world (1300 hectares) Restoration began in 1809 and is still continuing The Temple if Concordia is the best maintained of all as it was converted to a church in the 6th century when the pagan altar was destroyed and sacristies were carved out of 2 corners t at Valle Dei Templi Agrigento


Dutch style windmills have been scattered around the seafront of Trapani since the mid 1800s and are used to move water to higher areas to evaporate and obtain salt from the salt flats at Sale e Saline di Trapani


Cefalù us an old northern Sicilian city with a sandy beach dominated by a massive rock known as La Rocca. To the left of the shot is a massive twin tower Norman Cathedral built in the 12th century. La Rocca still has the ruins of an old Norman Castle at its peak and the Greek Temple of Diana half way up built around the 4th century BC at Cefalu.Sicily


A novel form of home delivery This delivery van sells direct to households The customers get on their balcony when the van arrives and call down which item they want, put money in a bucket and slowly let it down in a rope Once filled they haul it back up A perfect system at Palermo, Italy


Night shot from Monreale, Sicily looking down on the lights of Palermo and out to sea at Monreale


Palermo rooftops shot from the rooftop bar of the Hotel Ambassadori I’m intrigued by the one large cloud coming down on the hills behind Palermo at Palermo, Italy


We had a wonderful lunch on the beach at Marina di Puolo near Sorrento and later enjoyed the pebbly beach at Marina Di Puolo Amalfi


Sunset while driving from Massa Lubrense to Sorrento after a wonderful day at Capri at Massalubrense, Campania, Italy


Positano is another very hilly Amalfi Coast town between Sorrento and Amalfi at Positano, Amalfi Coast. Italy.

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