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Love photography landscape nature travel flowers streets art. Love cities and country. Sydney. All Images mine. iPhone and Nikon D7500

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Walking to Bondi along the Federation Cliff Walk this morning I was taken by the contrast of sun and shadow on the sandstone cliffs Sydney sandstone is between 500 and 700 million years old and extends under the ground for 6Km at Diamond Bay


Reflections on Impressionism Reminds me of a Monet painting at Sydney, Australia


Do you want to go on a walk along the garden path or are you being led up the garden path at Centennial Parklands


Sunset on a clear Sydney day at Queens Park


Saw this fire burning across Sydney harbour in North Sydney today I don’t know what’s burning The shape and colour of the smoke intrigued me


Swipe ⬅️ The city2surf fun run is an annual Sydney road race that attracts 80,000 runners each year, ranging from elite runners and wheelchair athletes through the entire gamut of the population to some just having fun even including a streaker this year at Sydney, Australia


Woolshed Falls are in Northern Victoria where the goldrush of the 1850s occurred. There is a track to the bottom of the falls where there’s a pool. The area is still dotted with old mine shafts and is fairly unsafe to walk at Woolshed Falls Beechworth


A large saltwater crocodile sunning himself on the shore of the Bloomfield River in Far North Queensland’s Wet Tropics. Crocodiles are cold blooded and are seen lying in the sun. They are the largest reptiles in the world and began at the same time as dinosaurs ([email protected] million years ago). They have the strongest bite ever measured and have great night vision so they hunt at night. at Bloomfield, Queensland, Australia


Walking on the track just behind the beach at Northern NSW


The Hume Dam is in New South Wales near Albury and is used for hydro-power generation and irrigation. The photo is from the Murray river looking towards the dam wall and hydropower plant at Hume Dam


Stream with several small waterfalls in country Victoria


Please swipe left to see more images. The William Rickets sanctuary is within a rainforest region and contains a large number of natural clay sculptures by the artist William Ricketts He created the sanctuary as a place for quiet reflection and replenishing the spirit. He believed in Aboriginal philosophies of respecting the spirituality of Mother Earth at Dandenong Ranges


Small pond with a central statue at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens. We saw it while walking to the National Gallery of Victoria to see an exhibition from the Museum if Modern Art (MOMA) at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria


What do you think is behind the red door at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Last nights sunset in Melbourne at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Morning stroll along St Kilda Beach and pier at St Kilda, Victoria


On the road to Melbourne we came across this old outhouse at Beechworth on the Gorge road circuit at Beechworth Historic Park


Newtown waterfall and the old historic Newtown Bridge built in 1875 at Beechworth, Victoria

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