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This illustration, created on deer hide, is said to be the most important single page of native literature from anywhere in the Americas. Created by the Maya civilization, sometime between 1400-1521, this piece depicts the Mesoamerican cosmos with fire god, Xiuhtecuhlti, at its center. Surrounding him are four cosmic trees representing north, south, east, and west. Learn more about Mayan cosmology and how the Maya saw the Universe with #Universethebook at


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Today we celebrate the life and work of Ward Bennett. To mark the centenary of this 20th-century design polymath, we've collaborated with our friends at @HermanMiller to create the first-ever monograph on Bennett, whose work spanned architecture, interiors, furniture, textiles, and objects. Learn more about #WardBennett on WHY Magazine – link in bio. #WardBennett100


‘Where others might sketch or make notes, my reflex is to reach for a lens,' says Johan Pawson. 'Each of my photographs represent one such moment, they include fragments of narratives of individual projects, but also far-flung travels and observations of the moment - the tiny things that catch the eye in the course of an ordinary day.’ This photo was taken in Santa Cruz, Argentina this February. To see more of John Pawson's photography and moments of inspiration, visit


Believe it or not this is a church, and one boasting a café and bookshop - something we wholeheartedly approve of. Tainan Tung-Men Holiness Church in Taiwan was created by local architects MAYU. It's mainly composed of cast concrete, but this is balanced with the warming wood and copper colours used for the curved sanctuary ceiling, oak staircase and feather-like, perforated-aluminium screens of the main facade. It's just one of the buildings worth hopping a plane for you'll find in our new book, Destination Architecture.


What stews are most common in your household? This pork posole recipe is in the New Mexican style, using green chilies. You can also make the recipe with red chilies, or a mixture of both, making it as the New Mexicans call it, "Christmas style." Posole, or hominy, is a large-kernel white corn soaked in a lime solution. Contributors include @lospoblanos @dhmeyer @colbygarrelts @megangarrelts Learn more about #AmericatheCookbook at


Here's an excerpt from our interview with Sophie Waker, author of The Japanese Garden, on 'The Japanese garden has been a point of return and a source of inspiration for many cultural figures throughout the 20th Century. Frank Lloyd Wright was the first major Western architect to visit in 1905. He was so inspired by the possibility of gold as a ‘non-material’, as at the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, that it’s said he was later tempted to cover his masterpiece Fallingwater in gold leaf.' Photo © Anish Kapoor.


To celebrate the launch of his new book #Spectrum, join #JohnPawson in conversation with artist Michael Craig-Martin on Tuesday 21 November at @RiBA. Together, Pawson and Craig-Martin will explore the intimate connection between architecture, photography and colour through a presentation of previously unseen photographs from Spectrum. Additionally, Pawson will deliver a talk with our very own Emilia Terragni at the @designmuseum on Tuesday 28 November. To make the launch of Spectrum and to celebrate the Design Museum’s first anniversary, Pawson and Terragni will be discussing his architectural inspirations.


Fresh from his appearance at @doverstreetmarketlondon, Alexandre de Betak hosted a talk last night at @parsonsschoolofdesign New York, chaired by Phaidon’s own @williamnorwich (pictured here). Read more  about the talk on and join us this evening @doverstreetmarketnewyork for a special book signing 6-7pm. #betakbook #fashionshowrevolution @bureaubetak @voguemagazine #bureaubetak


Robert Ryman's towering body of work is all the more impressive when you consider Ryman moved to New York not to paint, but to play jazz. How did a young music fan become one of the USA’s most influential artists? Find out from author and art history professor Vittorio Colaizzi at


This stunning image represents the theoretical structure of a sunspot, a phenomenon that has fascinated astronomers since in the invention of the telescope. Matthias Rempel, a scientist at NCAR, created this simulation of the connection between a sunspot's umbra and penumbra. Sunspots can be up to 160,000 kilometers in diameter and last for a number of months. Learn more about the advancements of these digital simulations of space with Universe by heading over to


Pierogis are filled dumplings that originated in Eastern and Central Europe. This Polish tradition made its way all the way to Illinois, where it’s become a regional staple. Common fillings include potato, onion, cheese, ground meat, and fruit. This classic recipe contains potato and onion but you can mix up the ingredients to make your favorite combo. What style of Pierogi would you make? IL contributors include @paulkahan @stephandthegoat Learn more about #AmericatheCookbook at

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