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Adventure photographer, filmmaker and writer based in the Canadian Rockies. Email: Currently in the land of fire and ice Similar users

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Some images are easier to capture than others. When I spotted the small pond beneath Aldeyjarfoss, I immediately wanted to capture a reflection. When I climbed down, I found ice rather than water. It took me nearly half an hour to remove the ice and land this image. @sandiskeurope #capturemore Exploring Iceland this week has been stunning. I've discovered new landscapes and revisited scenes I captured in the past. #mystopover #Icelandair #iceland at Aldeyjarfoss


For the love of Horses ❤️🐎. Like all our workshops, we have a busy itinerary in Iceland. But we always make time for spur of the moment opportunities, like capturing Icelandic horses along the roadside between two planned photography destinations. Shot with @sandiskeurope. #capturemore at Mosfellsbær


Exploring the Snaefellsness Peninsula was the perfect way to kick off our Iceland photo tour and workshop. Sharing my love for photography is always a pleasure, so we've teamed up with @sandiskeurope this week, too, to help our clients #capturemore. at Kirkjufell


Before our workshop began, I snuck north for a mini-adventure near Akureyri. Iceland feels notoriously cold. Although the temperatures aren't shocking, the damp air and gusty winds gnaw at my bones. Good warm weather gear is essential and the @eddiebauer EverTherm Down Jacket definitely kept me outside shooting rather than huddled in the car. Sponsored by @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure


Chasing waterfalls in Iceland. It's so thrilling to be back in Iceland! The landscapes in this country seem to be alive; the weather is harsh and constantly changing. It's magical. My photography workshop with @brendanvanson and @ivanthorphoto began today, and we're looking forward to an exciting week ahead. I've already been here for a week, too, exploring the north of the county for the first time. It's been spectacular. at Goðafoss


It's time for me to officially say goodbye to Kyrgyzstan. I left more than a month ago, but it's a journey that'll stick with me for quite some time. If you're keen to see even more amazing photographs from the trip, I've tagged nearly a dozen fellow photographers that visited in the past year. Scroll through their feeds, get inspired, and get there soon. It's definitely a tourism destination that is on the rise. Sponsored by @discoverkyrgyzstan #discoverkyrgyzstan at Kyrgyzstan


For thousands of years, Kyrgyz people lived a nomadic life in the Tien Shan mountains. They didn't venture far and wide, but rather migrated their livestock seasonally between different pastures and elevations. Although they're far more settled these days, Kyrgyz people continue to have a strong connection with their horses and still continue a seasonal pasture pattern. This horse, posed so perfectly near a tourist tent, belongs to a local Sheppard we met on our final day on the Ak-Suu Transverse Hike. Sponsored by @discoverkyrgyzstan #discoverkyrgyzstan at Kyrgyzstan


With the release of our two @travelalberta films, I think it's long overdue that I give @jackfusco a proper shout out. The guy hasn't slept since dedicating his photography career towards shooting the night sky. We've worked together on another project, which drops on Oct 10th, but if you haven't already watched the two Alberta videos, follow the URL in my profile for some northern lights magic. This image, captured by @jackfusco, shows some epic Northern Lights but the main subject is Steve, the wildly persistant light column that's been hanging around our skies since sometime early this year. #explorealberta at Mt. Yamnuska, Alberta


Winter will soon return to the Alberta Rockies which means it's time to get excited about our clear night skies and northern lights. I captured plenty of both last March, while working with @jackfusco and @travelalberta. Check out the videos by following the URL in my profile. #explorealberta at Spray Lakes Reservoir


I've shared this image once before, back in March, when I originally captured it. Seeing this inversion layer above Canmore was incredible and helped wrap up a week long shoot with @jackfusco and @travelalberta. I'm sharing it today, because we just released two videos captured last winter. Both focus on the dark skies and northern lights in Kananskis Country. And yes, Steve makes a grand entrance in both videos... The URL for the videos are in my profile, so please check them out and let us know what you think. #explorealberta


On my latest blog post (URL in my profile), I talked all about hiking in Kyrgyzstan and shared my favourite moments from the rugged Ak-Suu Transverse hike we completed. I should also mention the group I hiked with. Our guide and porters, @slioy, @globetrots and @xpatmatt all made the journey more memorable. Thanks for the adventure! Sponsored by @discoverkyrgyzstan #discoverkyrgyzstan Just posted more images and a super short tutorial in my story, too, if you're curious! at Kyrgyzstan


One night into our hike, and this was our campsite. @slioy, @xpatmatt and I stayed up late sipping Cognac and enjoying the incredible night skies. I remember thinking that nights like that one are exactly why I spend time in the mountains, and it was just the first of six nights in the Kyrgyzstan backcountry. More photos in today's story! @discoverkyrgyzstan #discoverkyrgyzstan at Kyrgyzstan

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