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Piggy Spears🐷

It's Piggy, Bitch! I'm Piggy Spears, a micro mini piglet. I was born dominating on 1/13/15. I'm the head Betch, so you can call me Queen P. Xoxo, PS🐷

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Is it even Valenswines’s Day is you don’t post a pic?💕🐷


✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ It’s my birthday betches and I’m turning 4!🎉 To celebrate I want to donate all the things to @ironwoodpigsanctuary who helped save my life and so many other piggies too! Donate on my FB page @piggyspears, even a dollar helps obvi!


When you're mad at bae, but he asks if you want food💁🏼 #imstillmadtho #butimcoming #hangry #lookatthosebatears


I'm starting to get over my feelings of #ew for the outside and #ew for harnesses💁🏼 Thankfully @peonythepig mom understands queen pigs👑🐷Also look at that tail curl it's 🔥🔥 #piglife #expandingmyhorizons #butimstillqueenp


@peonythepig went to bed early, so I took the time to look around her house💁🏼 I'm liking her style, we should be besties very soon🐷👑 #theps #newbestie #butimstillqueenp #sisterpigs


Day one with my new bestie @peonythepig went well. Her mom is the best and she's already giving me warm blankets and lavender. I have a good feeling about this place🐷👑


Hey guys so I'm really excited to announce that I'm getting a really amaze sister for a few months. Her name is @peonythepig and she's going to be second betch in charge🐷💁🏼 I'll be living with her for a while, hopefully she doesn't mind me taking over😏


Thanks for my prizes @bestbuy💁🏼 Now I can train mom to feed me even MORE🙌🏻 #feedmefromwork #nowcleanmymesses #youremybitchmom


So my mom likes to snap me like all the time🐷 If you want to see more of me then follow us betches💁🏼 👻: @bglendin #wereaprettygoodtime #therealpiggyspears #allpiggyallthetime


Happy Mother's Day to my momma💞 I love you and you're the best, but like don't let that get to your head🙅🏼 I'm still the boss betch💁🏼 #heartfeltwithatwist #lovetohateyou #itsnotloveitsfood #honestyisthebestpolicy #wecantakeanupdatedpiclater #youkeptmeupallnight #letmesleep


When he plays with your hair💆🏼 like YASSS🙌🏻 #neverstop #myreasonforliving #thatgoodgood #lookatmymohawktho


The face you make when you just want pizza😑 All.of.the.pizza.🍕Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels📿🕉 #mondaymantra #almostbikiniseason #yourenothungryyourebored #notshirtswimming

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