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This cat knows exactly where to hang out- by the plants of course! Thanks for sharing with us in #InteriorRewilding, @floraandfoliage 🌿


So much love for the weirdos, always and forever ✌️🌡 at Pistils Nursery


Raphidophora is a genus that excites us. These aroid plants are in the same subfamily as the more well known Monstera genus, and like Monstera, show great variety in different kinds of foliage. This one, R. decursiva, has leaves that look like they've been parted with a wide tooth comb. So refined! at Pistils Nursery


Found this fantastic Monstera leaf in the archives this morning. An ode to fenestration! 🌿 at Pistils Nursery


Plants + Brick = Yes, always, forever! Thanks for sharing this jungle corner with us in #InteriorRewilding, @wildrepose! 🌿 We post a new photo from #InteriorRewilding each week. Tag your indoor green oasis for a chance to be featured.


Love when the Staghorn Fern wall is as full as it was a little ways back when @mari_may snapped this shot.🌿Just a quick heads up, we’re doing inventory tomorrow morning and will be opening late at 2pm. 🌿 at Pistils Nursery


Added some reclaimed wood benches to the solarium table this week. Amazing what a little seating can do! Excited to see how these transform the experience at our monthly workshops. at Pistils Nursery


Hello and happy Monstera Monday from this big beauty. Just 5 leaves, but they each span over 2 feet, which makes for quite an enveloping presence. at Pistils Nursery


Sunday tropical feels 🌴🌿 at Pistils Nursery


It’s a Pilea pool party over here! Did you bring your trunks? β˜”οΈπŸŒΏ at Pistils Nursery


TFW you need to get some work done but the plants have taken over your desk and they just look so good... Thanks for sharing with us in #InteriorRewilding, @tribeandus! 🌡 We post a new photo from #InteriorRewilding each week. Tag your indoor green oasis for a chance to be featured.


Winter is for nesting, and we're feeling some cozy inspiration from this tropical corner today. Just a quick note, we're closing a little early today (5:30pm) for our yearly staff holiday party. Thanks for understanding! at Pistils Nursery

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