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We live for peaceful mornings in the Solarium. at Pistils Nursery


This variegated Clusia has our heart 💕 What do you think?? at Pistils Nursery


These succulents are rejoicing at the idea of hot temps on the horizon. ☀️🤗☀️ at Pistils Nursery


Our beloved Monstera wants to let y’all know we’ve started our summer hours! 10-7 everyday!! Oh and happy Monstera Monday! at Pistils Nursery


Happy Earth Day everyone! We hope you’re able to take a moment to appreciate everything green today. 🌿 at Pistils Nursery


Anyone else happy it’s the weekend? 🌿 at Pistils Nursery


We’re always inspired to see new, creative ways to display plants, and this floating shelf at @homesteadbrooklyn’s place has us saying wow today. Thanks for sharing with us in #interiorrewilding!


We're total suckers for velvet leaves. This beauty, Alocasia 'Frydek', is one of our very favorites. Deep velvety green with bright white venation and a shield-like shape, it’s leaves look somewhat similar to another velvet gem, Philodendron gloriosum -- but the growth habit (clump vs creep) is distinct, and the overall size of the plant stays a bit more compact. Do you have this aroid in your collection? at Pistils Nursery


This flowering Orchid Cactus has us spellbound today. Spring gifts so many surprises!🌵🔮 at Pistils Nursery


Hey pet owners, do you ever fall in love with a houseplant, only to find out that it's not dog or cat safe? @Designsponge has a great post up today with 10 pet-safe indoor plants, and we're thrilled to have donated some of our plants and pottery to the cause! Check out the plants we recommend (and some gorgeous photos by @margaret.wright) by following the link on our stories 🐈🌿🐶


We got so many awesome questions about the giant Monstera we posted on our story last week that we decided to do a little #MonsteraMonday Q and A! 1) How did you get the leaves to to grow so large? We can't take credit for the size on this beauty, as it came from one of our favorite growers, who propagated it from a cutting off his very mature stock plant. That said, some keys to getting your climbers to produce adult-size leaves are to provide them with support. A stake or trellis is all you need! If you can get the aerial roots (which appear at the plant's nodes) to make contact with that stake, even better. 2) Wait- is this actually Monstera adansonii? This is the million dollar question! It came to us labeled as Monstera adansonii, and so that's how we lovingly refer to it. That said, the classifications of the Monstera genus have shifted over the years, and the species are easily misidentified since the foliage looks so different at different phases of their life. To us, it looks a lot more like what our (vintage) plant encyclopedia, Exotica, calls Monstera pertusa jacquinii (see the 3rd photo) -- but we'd love to hear from all you Aroid addicts out there. What do you think we’ve got here? 3) How much? This one's so stunning that it's become a part of our personal collection and is not currently for sale. We want as many folks as possible to be able to appreciate it! Come visit, and we'll keep posting pics as it puts out more and more new leaves this summer. at Pistils Nursery


At least 5 different Platycerium (Staghorn Fern) species in this image: P. grande, P. bifurcatum, P. veitchii, P. alicorne and P. ‘Netherlands’. Oh, the diversity of the plant world. It never gets old! at Pistils Nursery

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