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Like a desert oasis, our sink is where all our green friends in the shop gather to take a drink. Though we always wanted a shop sink, when we built the solarium expansion we had no idea that this reclaimed piece from the @RebuildingCenter would quickly become the center of our shop. Most of the day, we keep it filled with water so that potted plants, kokedama, staghorn ferns and air plants alike can easily jump in and out for a soak. at Pistils Nursery


The secondary and tertiary fenestrations on these leaves are just 👌. This big beauty of a Monstera deliciosa lives on the top shelf in the solarium and never ceases to amaze.


Hope y’all are having a lovely weekend. We’re here till 7 today! 🌿📷 @jillbofosho at Pistils Nursery


It's such a delight for us to see what ya'll do with our plants in your homes -- you're so creative! Here, @wellsheltered paired her Staghorn Fern with a wood burl found on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Thanks for sharing with us in #InteriorRewilding! 🌿 We post a new photo from #InteriorRewilding each week. Tag your indoor green oasis for a chance to be featured.


Our lead merchandiser, @digital_prince, created such a beautiful autumn storefront window. With dried botanicals, books to cozy up with, and winter-blooming plants, it’s a celebration of the changing seasons. (They’re also an incredibly talented artist, and you can find their illustrations scattered about the shop!) at Pistils Nursery


Through the door and into the green 🌿thanks for sharing this shot, @mimi_loves_yours at Pistils Nursery


A corner we love 🌿📷 @verdurouswomen at Pistils Nursery


We have some Monstera adansonii that are simply overflowing. Pictured here paired with the aptly named Monstruosus Truncated Cylinder, since after-all it is #MonsteraMonday. These pots are handmade locally here in Oregon! at Pistils Nursery


Rhipsalis is a genus of epiphytic cacti that grow wild from the branches of trees in jungle canopies. Cholla, on the other-hand, is a desert cactus native the Southwestern US that leaves behind an intricate, hollow woody "skeleton." While these two members of the cactus family would never encounter one another in nature, we got excited about the possibility of juxtaposing these distinctly different cacti to create a "potted" plant entirely from natural materials. Calling these little free-standing mounts Oasis in the Desert. What do you think? at Pistils Nursery


We got a limited batch of jumbo Anthurium pedatoradiatum in, and they are so lovely and full that we couldn’t help but snap this glam shot! at Pistils Nursery


What are your dream plants? We see a number of ours in this lovely collection by @lostinplantopia, including Philodendron verrucosum, Philodendron gigas (or is it melanochrysum?) and of course, Philodendrons gloriosum and micans. Thanks for sharing your rare beauties with us! 🌿 We post a new photo from #InteriorRewilding each week. Tag your indoor green oasis for a chance to be featured.


We are always striving to make our space more inclusive, and we are dedicated to respecting the identities of our community. One way you can help us in this endeavor is by asking us for our pronouns, and letting us know yours! We employ folks of many different genders, including non-binary staff members, and we know that the community we serve is comprised of identities just as varied. Check out the link in our story for more information on gender neutral language in customer service! 🌿 UPDATE: We want to take an opportunity to also acknowledge the space we take up in our gentrified community. We realize that our perspective as a group of mostly white folks is limited, and want to take accountability for this. We're grateful for the opportunity to talk with our community about these complex subjects, and so please reach out if you have questions or thoughts to share about how we operate in the community. at Pistils Nursery

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