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How about these mounted Monstera adansonii for some Monday morning plant inspiration? (Update: these pieces have sold) at Pistils Nursery


So many new shades of green to fall in love with this weekend 💚 at Pistils Nursery


Philodendron pastazanum is one of our favorite plants from the latest restock. From a distance you might confuse it with P. gloriosum, but up close the two are quite distinct. We love them both - which do you prefer? Most of the 10” were bursting out of their pots, so we have given them more space and will be making them available as soon as they’ve rooted in. Come say hello to these and some of our other new specimens in the solarium this weekend! at Pistils Nursery


Watching a new leaf emerge and develop on an Anthurium is something every plant lover needs to experience. Thanks for sharing this golden beauty with us, @nicoplants 🌿 PS: This plant is Anthurium clarinervium, one of our very favorites that unfortunately we can't find anymore. We'll let you know if and when we get this plant in stock! 🌿 We post a new photo from #InteriorRewilding each week. Tag your indoor green oasis for a chance to be featured.


It's another scorcher out there. Our hearts go out to all of ya'll dealing with the fallout from wild fires, here in Portland and beyond. Take care of yourselves! at Pistils Nursery


A succulent bowl planted just so. How about that variegated Opuntia? at Pistils Nursery


Update: Sold | Today is a lucky day, because we got in one massive variegated Monstera deliciosa, already happily climbing up a tall totem. The new leaf = perfection. Want to see more? Check out some closeups in our stories. 🌿 *Local only, $225, no holds or shipping. Thank you for understanding! at Pistils Nursery


This Angel Wing Begonia at @arianatanabe's house is serious goals. The cultivar on this beauty is 'Corallina de Lucerna' -- can we have a cutting? 🌿 We post a new photo from #InteriorRewilding each week. Tag your indoor green oasis for a chance to be featured. PS: We do have some Angel Wing Begonias in stock, but not the giant ones like this.


Gazing into a terrarium is like stepping into a tiny universe. There’s something so meditative about crafting these pieces. 🌵 at Pistils Nursery


We’re trying out a new style of wall mount! These Rhipsalis baccifera and ewaldiana are epiphytes, meaning they grow on trees in nature rather than terrestrially, and don’t need much root space. What do you think? at Pistils Nursery


Jungle tangle 🌴 at Pistils Nursery


We hope your weekend is as beautiful as a Philodendron gloriosum’s leaf 🍃💚🌿 thanks for the image, @adrienne_le at Pistils Nursery

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