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iceland summer solstice, june 2015.


How to make your corgi sweep up his own fur


At 2:36 p.m. on that snowy Friday in March 2011, the earthquake hit. The 9.1-magnitude force was enough to move Japan’s main island 7.9 feet to the east and trigger walls of water estimated at 38 feet tall—the height of a 12-story building. Within minutes, thousands of lives were lost, thousands more were suddenly without shelter, and the nation was in the middle of a nuclear disaster. As the world rallied to help, one of Japan’s most influential designers, Toyo Ito, also wanted to do his part. While he couldn’t solve some of the biggest challenges, he had an idea: what if he could bring together fellow peers and design a response with architecture? Amidst the emptied-out spaces he saw a need to rebuild public spaces—gathering points where communities could reconnect and seek support as they figured out what to do next. He called the organization Home For All. Eight years after the earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan’s eastern coast, the public structures facilitated by Ito’s organization continue to help communities reconnect. Learn how in the link in bio. - Photo Courtesy of @arcteryx


Check Point Building feature in the print issue of China's Interior Design + Construction (ID+C) Magazine 🇨🇳⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ @kimmel.eshkolot.architects


This spot had been on my list for some years already, glad I was finally able to see it last month. It blew my mind, insane peaks of the Dolomites just right in front of you. 🤯 Also super stoked to be joining forces with @nikondeutschland for the future, all of my recent images - including this series - were shot on a Nikon Z7 camera 📸 Love the system and I’m more than grateful for the chance to work with this major brand from now on. 🙌🏻 #NikonZ7 #NikonFamily // *Anzeige*


white friday. ❄️ just a little out of the city we found southern california completely covered in snow. such a refreshing way to spend this holiday season.


Our cute new project #WOWOWAKepler built by @builders_of_architecture A stairwell working overtime w kids play nook below opening onto a light well ➕ visual connectivity to kitchen bringing light & joy to the middle of a 4m wide terrace 📸 @gemmola styling @ruthwelsby CA @zoediac @nikitabhopti__ 🔵💚 #renovation #WOWOWA


Colorful leaves display the remnants of Autumn on the forest floor of a Botanical Garden in Washington.🍂🍁 I heard on NPR this morning that the PNW just had one of its driest November’s on record. Here’s hoping Mother Nature brings some serious downpours this month and snowpack up in those mountains ❄️🤞


We live for tomorrow and we might as well shape it however we please. Those that pull you down can't see what you see, and those that stand by you know how beautiful it is when a dream transforms into reality. #WadiRum #Jordan #Sunset




Little particles


📐🍢 nhow amsterdam RAI hotel designed by @oma.eu #raihotel #amsterdam #oma #architecture #waf #architecture #rai