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Our mission is to do the best we can to possibly save lives and to reduce consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists.

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Specialized Bicycle Components
Peter Sagan

Mitch Docker has way more than great hair and a bushy moustache in his arsenal, but we do wonder if he's an Australian cycling version of Samson - check out some of his numbers in our Insta stories . . @mitchbowen @rideargyle #POC #POCTeam #ChannelYourSpeed #Ventral


High performance safety and protection - Ventral SPIN . #channelyourspeed #ventral


”I had a very scary crash at Paris-Roubaix a couple years ago that made it abundantly clear that we cannot understate the importance of looking after our heads and our brains.” . Check out our insta stories for more Mitch Docker, our rider of the week. . 📷 @georgeharper21 . #POC #POCTeam #Ventral #ChannelYourSpeed


Today's races in Åre brought the @fisalpine WC season to a close, but racers still need the same care and preparation - be it the first day or last, and even if everything feels uphill. . 📷 @rockberg . . #POC #POCTeam #Commitment


Ride rituals. Mike Woods' morning setup is made easier when the spring sunshine announces it's coming along for the ride. . 📷 @themusette_cc . #POC #POCTeam #Ventral #ChannelYourSpeed


No limits, no boundaries, no rules; the choice is yours. The new 2018 road collection designed with a precise fit, built with technical, lightweight and breathable materials. Defy categories, be dynamic. . Link in bio . #POC #BeDynamic


Speed up, cool down. By capturing and channeling the air through specifically designed channels, and by using an aerodynamically optimized trailing edge, the Ventral improves ventilation, aerodynamics and reduces drag. . #POC #Channelyourspeed #Ventral


@kristoferturdell, 2018 @freerideworldtour winner, literally flying high! . . 📷 @olsson92 . #POC #POCTeam #Clarity #Auriccut


The frontal air intakes and interior airflow channels create superior ventilation and cooling. Inspired by the Venturi effect, the Ventral’s specific airflow channels inside the helmet create precise pressure zones which increases air velocity and enhance cooling inside the helmet. . . #ChannelYourSpeed #POC #Ventral


Being a pro is hot and thirsty work! . Check out our Insta stories for more Rusty, our rider of the week. . 📷 @georgeharper21 . #POC #POCTeam #Ventral


After a hard, cold and arduous week of racing in the Paris-Nice, aka 'the race to the sun', @sebastianlangeveld was not giving up hope of finding some heat amongst the clouds. . . 📷 @jojoharperphoto . . #CyclistsAreAlwaysOptimists #ChannelYourSpeed #TheVentral #POC #POCTeam


There's only one @taylorphinney , but he has many interesting sides! . And, if you check out our Insta stories, lots of mind boggling numbers too! . 📷 @georgeharper21 . #POC #POCTeam #Ventral

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