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Paul Wallace
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Thanks to @the23collection for planning but not organising this fantastic weekend! @The23collection invited me to powerslide his 812 . What a car! I’m driving mine like a GT, for traveling on highways and the city. I have done 3k km in one month . It’s fantastic because it’s a proper GT, comfortable, friendly, has a great sound but it’s very quiet, it’s perfect. When he asked me to drive his on track I couldn’t understand why, it’s not build for track use. But after a few laps I was so impressed! It’s not made for the track but it has a traction that I couldn’t imagine with 800hp, a front agility that is similar to a car that weights 200kg less, and then so much power. . . #car #cars #sportscar #supercar #auto #automotive #drivetastefully #neverenoughhp #iamallergictotractioncontrol #powerslidelover at Dubai Autodrome


So in love with the #BlackSeries! I’m not crazy about the normal SLS instead I love how aggressive this one looks. It has a great sound, very good traction and a great chassis. I didn’t think it could be this good on a racetrack. Thanks to @speedy_gonzales999 for letting me drive it all weekend! By the way if you are a car enthusiast don’t follow him as he posts terrible pictures of his F1, CLK GTR, Zonda 760 and many others. Instead If you are a girl send him a DM as I’m sure he will appreciate it. The #P1 sliding is owned by @turboad #SLSBlackSeries . . #MercedesBenz #AMG #BlackSeries #car #cars #sportscar #supercar #auto #automotive #drivetastefully #neverenoughhp #iamallergictotractioncontrol #powerslidelover at Dubai Autodrome


600hp buggy in the desert! Why haven’t I done this before! Thanks to @turboad @the23collection @speedy_gonzales999 @azzurrodino at Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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