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It’s High School Rodeo Finals time! Stop by our booth in the trade fair and check out our summer specials!! at Sweetwater Events Complex


CaPow is like a big puppy and very playful, but when it’s time to be serious he puts his game face on. He loves jumping so much that he was perfecting his technique at a very early age! He is a Holsteiner gelding owned by Wild Turkey Farm. CaPow is 9 years old and getting super competitive in the 1.45m jumper classes with his eyes set on the Grand Prix. He just had a recent win in the 1.40m-1.45m class at the Temecula National! Horse: WT CaPow! Rider: Mandy Porter #Teamprofchoice #allaboutthehorse


Who’s our riding today??? Happy Independence Day!!! #horsesofinstagram #teamprofchoice #4thofjuly #fireworks


It’s here!!!! $25 off all SMX AIR RIDE saddle pads this month!!! #teamprofchoice #saddleup #saddlepads #horsesofinstagram


How handsome is Cooley Flight aka Blue! @ryan_wood_eventing_ says he seems shy at first but is a total sweetheart! Something funny about him is he loves to dip his hay in water buckets before he eats it! 😂🙌🏻🙏🏻 Does your horse do something quirky like this?? . . . . . . #allaboutthehorse #teamprofchoice #horses #horsesofinstagram


Cinch Safety with 2x World Champion Patrick Smith @patricksmith777 !!! Our #cinchup deal is only going for 1 more week!!! So hurry up before it’s too late and save $10 on a Ventech Cinch! Go to to print your coupon to use in stores, or shop online! #TeamProfchoice


I've had geldings my whole professional life, Sparky is the first mare that I've had as my number one competition horse. She is the most intelligent horse I have ever owned and trained, and I sometimes imagine her contemplating world domination at night, studying Latin and solving the mysteries of the cosmos. She tries harder than any horse I have ever known and loves to work more than anything else. Despite her (VERY) snarky red-mare attitude, she can also be very aloof... however, there are times at a show when I will hang out in the corner of her stall and chat with her about the competition day. She will generally end up hovering over me and give me a gentle nudge every few minutes. When I walk away from her, whether she is tied to the fence or trailer, she will watch intently in the direction I have gone, she will be watching in that direction until I return (I have been told this many times). When Sparky was a yearling, she would leave the herd to chase coyotes out of the pasture. Before she was started under saddle, she would stand where her pen the arena would connect and watch the other horses as they were being worked, she would have an intent look on her face as if she was taking mental notes. When it came time to start her, she had already had it all figured it out and stepped right into her role from day one. She has spent her entire lifetime perfecting her aerodynamic ears, and can pin them so far back that it looks like she doesn't have any ears at all. When I verbally scold her, she pops them up and looks surprised as if she "wasn't making that face at all". (Annoyingly) She weaves and paces, and can stand frozen on her hind legs like a begging dog when she wants something bad enough. She will often run three circles around me in the pasture until she decides it is time for a halter. She doesn't want to be brushed and petted, until she wants to be brushed and petted... its on her terms and one ever knows when she will grant you the permission to do one or the other. When I take her hind SMB boots off, she will attempt to sit on me until . . . . Cont’


How cute is this !!! 😍 Who has got a little one that loves horses?!! #TeamProfchoice Charlee Gibbs named her pony Rainbow Dash/ Apple Jax because she couldn’t decide which name 💁🏽‍♀️💞 we are a horse family here at HQ! #horselove #cutenessoverload #horselife


Who has tried our Merino Wool Cinch!??! We love this Cinch because the 💪🏼Merino Wool lining wicks moisture and is non-chafing . . . The stainless steel hardware will not rust . . The heavy duty webbing is durable and long lasting. . . And of course, like all our cinches . . . the merino wool liner peels away for easy cleaning!! If you haven’t tried it yet, you NEED TO! If you don’t like it return it in 30 days for a full refund! Go here: ➡️ To get a coupon for $10 off in stores or shop online now! Only two weeks left to take advantage of this awesome deal!!! #TeamProfchoice #cinchup #horsesofinstagram #cinches #merinowool #merino #horses #tack


#TeamProfchoice Fling has a really big personality and likes to smile and give kisses. He also likes to put his legs on and in everything. He has even tried to flood the barn! It’s Flings world and we’re just living in it. Rider: Niki Clarke #allaboutTheHorse #horselife #horsesofinstagram #horselove #horsepower #flysheet


#TeamProfchoice who is this beauty? 😍 “Latigo Dun It!” aka Hollywood 16 years old. He loves to be the center of attention therefore he hates when another horse steels the show. Hollywood is a full blood quarter horse stud, he became a Breyer horse model for 2018, he has been performing at the NFR since the age of 5, yes his mane is all real and knows he is special for that !!!! Thanks @tjgarcilazo for sharing this with us! #allaboutTheHorse #horsepower #horselove #horses #horsesofinstagram #horselife


Who here uses our Shearling Cinch? 😻 #Cinchup Go here to get $10 off your next Cinch from a store near you!


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