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Developing the best light shaping tools and providing the knowledge to enable photographers to turn their ambition into reality. #ProfotoUSA Similar users

Here’s a really clean beauty portrait from @miguelquilesjr (sorry for the terrible crop!). Miguel lit this using a #ProfotoD2 inside of a gridded beauty dish as a main light. There is a #ProfotoB1 camera right with a blue gel as a edge light and a second #ProfotoD2 in a Softbox as fill. Shot using his #SonyA9 and Sony Air Remote. #Profoto #Profotousa


@offthecheng has us seeing...triples? #Profoto #ProfotoUSA #celebratelight


Go #behindthescenes with the amazing team @chrismanstudios as they photograph their bride and groom to-be on the go! Click the link in our bio! #profoto #howigotthatshot #rangefindermagazine


Don’t miss the perfectly lit and styled portraits of @brooily 👌🏻 #Profoto #ProfotoD2 #Profotousa #CelebrateLight


Loving this amazing photoset from @king_marvino taken with #ProfotoPro8 packs. Click through to see more of his work! #Profoto #ProfotoUSA #celebratelight #noir


A huge thank you to @daryna_barykina for taking over the #ProfotoUSA account this week with her beauty and portrait photography! We love seeing the beautiful and creative work of #Profoto users. Stay tuned for more takeovers in the future! #CelebrateLight


Hello friends this is @daryna_barykina and this is the last day of my @profotousa takeover. It was a great honor spending this week with you. I really enjoyed sharing my work and with Halloween being right around the corner this post was a perfect finishing touch to the takeover. ••• ☄SWIPE LEFT FOR JOKER LOOK☄ This duo is one of my most recognized self-porttaiture work. Not only it is a recreation of iconic characters, it is also very personal. It represents madness and sensuality, pain, anger, undisclosed desires... For some reason it was very easy to embody both... I really hope you enjoy! 😙😙😙😙 I am very thankful to @Profotousa for this exciting opportunity and trust to take over this page!!! Very hard to say goodbye, so I'll say: till next time! 🙌🙌🙌 ⚠️Also to keep up with my work, you can always follow me at @daryna_barykina⚠️


Hello friends, I am @daryna_barykina and I am taking over @profotousa this week ••• For this short lip art series I used two D2s. Key in front and above me, angled at approx. 45° modified with silver OCF beauty dish without diffusion, and fill - with 7" reflector and diffusion sock. I really enjoy the drop off I get from the beauty dish; it creates soft mysterious effect, like if lips are emerging from the dark. Fill light picks up excess of shadows and adds a sophisticated contour to the bottom lip, making entire image more dimensional. ••• Check out previous post for final results.


Hello friends, I am @daryna_barykina and I am taking over @profotousa this week ••• Macro beauty is another passion of mine. You can see product up close, appreciate texture and color. Oftentimes I feel like inspiration should have some boundaries in order to work effectively. Being given limited space to work with, makes you think of new solutions, ideas and angles, almost making you reinvent the wheel. ••• Check out next post for bts video and lighting setup info in description. #ProfotoUSA #ProfotoTakeover


Hello friends, I am @daryna_barykina and I am taking over @profotousa this week ••• Anyone who has worked with glitter on 3d subjects knows that it’s not an easy task, as oftentimes glitter may not pick up light evenly and will end up looking like dirt. This lighting set up was mostly experimental. I surrounded myself with silver poly boards (one behind the camera, one on camera left and one on the table) I worked with two bare D2 heads, one pointed towards the ceiling (at approx. 45°), another - towards the silver poly board behind the camera. Bounced off the ceiling light created nice depth, and reflection from the board “lit up" glitter. As I was “freestyling” in hopes to achieve specular reflection, I also got some light spill, which accentuated the face and subsequently - makeup.  You can also spot a blue gel barely taped to one of the sources. 🤣I obviously like cool tints too much. When in doubt – add blue gel.🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂


Hello friends, I am @daryna_barykina and I am taking over @profotousa this week ••• Every year I create a traditional 4th of July look. ☄Swipe left for last year's look.☄It is always fun to challenge myself and create something interesting and festive, some kind of a post card. This year I chose glitter, snd working with glitter is definitely a challenge. Check out video behind the scenes and lighting set up info in the next post.


Hello friends, I am @daryna_barykina and I am taking over @profotousa this week ☄☄☄☄ ••• Here is a glimpse of a creative process to the project featured in a previous post. You can read more about lighting set up and concept there as well. Not many know, but this was never meant to be a series. I was originally working on one piece, commissioned by a makeup brand and once the piece was done, I instantly realized how much it resembled Queen of Hearts.  It was almost impossible not to explore other three Queens. Few days later, after much thinking and some learning, I created three other looks. Equally strong, but unique and different. #ProfotoTakeover #ProfotoUSA

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