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The winter is here and with that comes the need for proper equipment for dealing with the cold and wet. Are you ready? If not make sure to pop on over to @rt_tires and get yourself a make over for the season! at R/T Tires & Wheels Ltd


Have you been keeping an eye on @hardtuned?? They have a different sale taking place every day till christmas! Get your goods and remember to use discount code 10p604 for an exclusive discount from your Canadian homies! - Today's post featuring the bad ass @zillatuned keep a close eye on this project. Its friggin nuts. at Bowen Island, British Columbia


The #projectlife feature today goes to @604soarer! There’s big plans in store for this machine so stay tuned! - Working on your winter projects? We want to see them! Send us a DM for a chance to be featured on the page!


Have you been keeping up with #projectlife? @zillatuned posing here with his project ER34 Skyline sedan and gorgeous "Blizzard Lizzard" holiday sweater. Remember any sold from now to the 15th we will donate $10 to BC childrens hospital! at Bowen Island, British Columbia


Make sure to stay tuned to @hardtuned for a different killer deal every single day until christmas! Use code '10p604' at check out to score an exclusive discount! - 📸@imnikitaakimov


Today's #projectlife feature goes out to @the_desert_eagle4g with this amazingly modified DSM! If youd like to learn more about Adrian and his build check out his page! Theres quite an incredible love story and tons of passion behind this build. With many upgrades coming over this winter this is definitely one to stay tuned on!


Ya got your winter tires on yo winter wheels on yo winter whip but do you have yo winter sweater? - Hit up today to grip one of the holiday winter sweaters - @dc6oh4 sporting the "dashing through the slow" Integra crew neck. Remember $10 from every one sold from now to the 15th will be donated to BC childrens hospital! at Vancouver, British Columbia


Today features the stunning @serenamkuebler sporting the @hardtuned "Drift Matsuri" long sleeve with @brodygoble's beautiful s14.75 with a massive V8 swap haha. - Stay tuned to Hardtuned every day of December for a different sale item and dont forget to us promo code '10p604' for an exclusive discount. at Frankenstein Speed and Custom LTD


“BROsozoku is taking #projectlife in full swing, with a ton of fancy goodies going on and being installed, you definitely wanna give him a look over at @604uzz30 - Dont forget to shoot us in the DMs about you and your winter project for your chance to be featured on the page!


#projectlife kicks off featuring @tylerhiggs and his reamemiya widebody RX-7 and the beautiful @rthirthy60four - We want to see what our followers are up to this Winter. Make sure to DM us a video of your build for a chance to be featured!


As November comes to a close our Fall features will be coming to an end because we are moving into Winter which brings with it a world of new possibilities! So dont go anywhere! Buckle up and get ready for #projectlife - If you're digging the hoodie make sure to hit up the fam over at @hardtuned and use code '10p604' to grip yourself some clothing designed by and made for car enthusiasts!


Super excited to sit in @projekt_993 at our Tricked n’ Treats event this past October, @benbencatcat is the star of todays autumn feature! - 📸: captured by @bobert_22


Whip, whip, Wednesday! Today's Fall feature has two special guests @mr.mattz and @mwdesigntechnik rollin together on the @superfastmotors cruise. - Which ones your favorite? Coupe or roadster? at Vancouver, British Columbia


A beautiful blend of mystery and horsepower the SN95 Saleen mustang is one bad machine. Pairs nicely with @hardtuned and their Mustang generation hoodie!!! Use promo code '10p604' to get yours today!


November is coming to an end and so are our Fall features, but today’s goes to @604soarer! - Stay tuned #projectlife


Loving the Autumn vibes. Check out local gearhead @sgt_studmuffiin and his wicked E30! - We want to see your Fall photos so feel free to dm us for a chance to be featured!


Do you have your Skyline and GTR gear yet? - Head on over to @hardtuned and use promo code “10p604” to get an exclusive discount on top of the Black Friday sale!


From our crew to yours we want to wish all of our American friends, families, supporters and fans a very happy thanksgiving!!! at Canada

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