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Christians that truly follow the Bible and are saved in Jesus should ALWAYS choose life! Let God be Judge and Redeemer. He will work everything out for your good. When we bring human logic and emotion and so trusting Him even when it doesn't make sense, we are picking and choosing when to follow Him as though we are wiser than Almighty God who was and is and forever will be. Don't let TV, movies, the devil and the world sell you lies. Go to the Bible. #prolife #chooselife Remember too if you've done this. There is Grace for you and forgiveness. We've all sinned and all need His amazing Grace

love love this! As a Christian guy I know we pray for this. Strive to be a proverbs 31 girl. It's worth it :) Be a light in the darkness and dress modestly, be a godly girl. Seek attention from the Savior over a player. Godly good husband material will respect and love you more for it. I know ;) are you selling your legacy for cheap attention? Or are you living for more!? Love you all! @proverbsdaily


🤣🤣 just remember when he's after you turn to God. Doesn't this feel like how it often is? Sneaks up on you and scares you with illusions and tricks 👍🤔 if you like this follow @cleanmemesplus


A little Monday humor 🤣🤣 hope you're Monday is going better than this haha if not you're not alone 👍🤣 if you like this follow @cleanmemesplus


So so true!! Find a church that's about Jesus and not about man's traditions or trying to "be like the world" check out the link in the bio or #church


This! This is truth you need to hold on to! pic by @biblepostit


A little humor to keep you going through your week 🤣 if you like this follow @cleanmemesplus


God is in control #TrustHim

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