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Here To Make You Laugh

It's finally #WineOClock and wine expert @chelloveswine is helping us pair a classic ice cream sandwich with two delicious bottles of vino. First up, the chocolately, fruit Chateau Milon Bordeaux ($20). Bottle number two? A bubbly Gibe Lambrusco ($32). Bottom's up!


It's funny to think that when #Clueless hit theaters 23 years ago today, the era of the self-obsessed teen hadn't even really started. Cher had a flip phone, sure, but the word selfie wouldn't get coined for another two decades. // Anyway, what made the film so great wasn't its realness (As if.) It was the way it toed the line between ditziness and smarts (remember when Cher schooled Heather on that Polonius guy?), sexiness and (non-driving) virginity, Radiohead and Coolio--both of whom were featured on the soundtrack. // Coming out of the John Hughes era, it was the radical notion that an unapologetically girly girl could own her narrative without getting punished for it. And it paved the way for cult faves like "Mean Girls" and Oscar winners like "Ladybird." It acknowledged that adolescence is selfish...but also, like, way existential.


We're #royallyobsessed with all the ways Kate Middleton manages to pay homage to Princess Diana. What's your favorite Princess Di-inspired KMiddy look? Listen to our @royallyobsessedpodcast for even more conversations about Kate and Diana comparisons.


Today's #OneGoodDish has a secret: These floral cupcakes look super impressive, but are actually *so* easy to pull off. The trick is to use Russian icing tips for blossoms and leaves. All you need is a little buttercream and an appetite. Tell us: What's your dessert-decorating hack?


Let's talk about moms. Specifically, TV moms we love. From Rainbow Johnson and Gloria Pritchett to Lorelai Gilmore, here are five fictional matriarchs we'd be happy to claim as our own. Tap the link in bio for more.


On today's #PureWowPredicts we're talking celebrity engagements. First Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, then Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber and now J.Lo and A-Rod? Fans have been buggin' out ever since Jenny from the block posted an Insta of a gold ring on that finger ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‘€ What do you think: Are @jlo and @arod the next celeb pair headed down the aisle?


#MomConfesssion No. 122: Honestly, weโ€™re kind of proud our little guy is so observant. Mama needs her juice.


From hanging out down the street on 'That '70s Show' to hanging at home with their adorable kids, #MilaKunis and @aplusk have been stealing our hearts since their days as #JackieandKelso. May there be many more kiss cams in their future ๐Ÿ˜—๐Ÿ’‹Real talk: who's your bigger crush, Mila or Ashton?


So your Coachella days might be in the past...but there's no shortage of eye-catching, exciting festivals to see around the world. Why not make a trip for Mexico's Day of the Dead parades, or the jaw-dropping 900-plus hot air balloons of France's Mondial Air Ballons? Whichever you choose, prepare for major photo opportunities (no flower crowns required). Tap the link in bio for more.


Anything @patmcgrathreal creates is pure gold. So it's only fitting that her newest creation, Skin Fetish Highlighter + Balm Duo, creates a glow up like nothing we've ever tried. Need proof? In this week's #BeautyLab, senior beauty editor @jyjin puts it to the test.


Would you defend your BFF in a bar fight? Or dye her hair millennial pink? So would #MichelleWilliams and @busyphilipps. Here are four moments that prove theyโ€™re total BFF goals.


It's time for everyone's favorite guessing game: What the heck is this thing and how can it help me eat food? These three genius tools were designed to make your time in the kitchen easier, but only if you can figure out what they actually do. Do you own any of these handy-dandy tools? (And thank you @oxo and @chefncorp for joining the fun.)

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