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All pictures done by myself 🎬 Trainee in Video-Marketing 📷 Photographer/Filmmaker 💻I could take pictures for you!

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@quality_by_simon photos and videos

at Ölpersee


at Braunschweig Innenstadt


Just a quick dirty shot of myself taking my favorite photos at night. I love shooting pictures at night. Everything is so quiet and steady. #selfie #oldschool #city at Brunswick


Due procrastination I went into the city and try to find awesome things and places to make creative photos. Have I nailed it? #backpack #illumination #cityphotography #procrastination #studentlife #photo This will be another photoseries of three pictures. at Brunswick


Another floating photography at this account. I love shooting this kind of photos. It took me another step forward in learning and understanding the art in photography. This time I needed a helping hand. Thank you @hennyalm. #lightbulb #floating #art at Brunswick

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