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Letters from me to chiu Wood signs • Paper designs • Everything in between 📍 | Toronto, Canada ✉️ | DM for inquiries

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The last stop of our Sacred Valley Tour brought us to Pisac. We stopped at the ruins before heading to the city. Again, we saw beautiful agricultural terracing with some ceremonial ruins at the top of the terraces. Behind the ruins is a large mountain with holes dotting the cliffside which are actually tombs where the Inca people mummified and buried their dead 😱💀 at Pisac, Cusco, Peru


This beauty is finished and ready to go home with its new owner! My dear childhood friend commissioned this wood sign for his new home and seeing as how he works in the optical industry, this verse was super fitting 👌🏻🤓 [ DM for inquiries!] || P.S. I have another confession to make. I stood on my couch to take an aerial shot of this sign and you can totally see me standing up through the reflection of the sunglasses 🙈 at Toronto, Ontario


Process video for a previous Dr. Seuss print ✨✨✨ I'm still trying to figure out which combination of minc settings and materials work best for foiling, so if anyone has any tips, feel free to holla at me 🙃 || P.S. This video was filmed using a selfie stick placed on my couch and wedged into place using our boardgame collection 😂 #noshame at Toronto, Ontario


So I've officially started watching Christmas movies. Is anyone else done with summer and counting down the days until Christmas? 🙋🏻❄️🎄 at Toronto, Ontario


Another stop along the way of our Sacred Valley Tour was Ollantaytambo. We visited the ruins which was the last Inca stronghold during the Spanish invasion. After climbing our way to the top, we saw the Temple of the Sun which also has a built in calender to identify when the winter and summer solstice was happening. The top also gives a great view of all the terraces and surrounding mountains (if you look closely, you can see a side profile of a face in the mountain which was believed to be the face of Wiracocha, the Inca creator diety)! at Ollantaytambo


All smiles as we wrap up our 5-day Salkantay Trek. Despite the early mornings, altitude sickness, sore muscles, and multiple blisters on both my feet, it was a once in a lifetime experience! (And I also got a picture with a llama at Machu Picchu, so that's one thing off the bucket list) [ 155km travelled, 173 806 steps taken, 8 921 ft climbed ] at Machu Picchu


Stop #3: Salineras de Maras These majestic man-made salt pans were dug into the mountainside to collect brine (salt water) which eventually evaporated and left behind crystallized salt. This process took between 15-30 days depending on the type of salt that was desired (ex. pink salt) which the local community then uses for their personal needs or to be sold in the local town. They are also popular for different types of chocolate made with salt or quinoa that you can sample and buy in Maras. However, there is a 10 soles entrance fee to visit this site, but it's definitely worth it! 10/10 would recommend! P.S. Please excuse the shakiness of the video, clearly I was already getting tired from the tour 😅 at Maras, Moray, Salt Mines Tours


The second part of our tour took us to the ruins of Moray. These large concentric circles were thought to be an agricultural laboratory for developing different types of crops, especially potatoes! 🥔 The rings have different temperatures as you travel down which creates different micro climates for different crops. Deeper into Moray there are these rock structures that are thought to point to important structures around the world, such as the Egyptian pyramids, Machu Picchu, Easter Island, and Angkor Wat, to name a few. Moray definitely is an excellent demonstration of Andean technology and lovely to visit! at Moray, Centro Arqueológico, Cusco, Perú


Day 3: Sacred Valley Tour - Chinchero The first stop on our Sacred Valley tour was about a 40 mins drive away from Cusco. After buying our boleto touristico, we entered the town and were greeted with beautiful agricultural terraces. The Incas created a hydrosystem with aquaducts to bring the water from the mountain down to the farms below. The city of Chinchero is also famous for their textile work and we stopped by a weaving centre where local women demonstrated how they washed, dyed, and spun their wool. They even provided coca tea for us to drink during the demonstration! ☕️ The textile table runner takes about 2 weeks to make while a large textile blanket takes upwards of 2 months! Right before we left the city, I happened to meet a cute kitten who climbed right into my lap and started purring. Needless to say, I wanted to take her home but Matt said no ☹️ at Chinchero, Cusco, Peru


Lima - Miraflores We spent ~1 full day in Lima and after Parque Kennedy, we walked down to visit El Parque del Amor which features a massive statue of a kissing couple and beautiful mosaic tile walls. Further along the coast is the shopping district of Miraflores, and we took a stroll through Larcomar - a shopping centre along the cliffside. We finished the night with a delicious dinner of ceviche (a must-try when visiting Peru) and then we went back home to sleep for a good 9 hours 😂 P.S. Matt doesn't know how to open his eyes in photos apparently 😑 Next stop: Cusco! at Miraflores


Day 1: Lima After a long 14-hour trip, we finally landed in Lima! After unloading at our airbnb, we spent the rest of the day exploring Miraflores. Our first stop took us to Parque Kennedy - a bustling little park full of street vendors, cafés, painters, and cats! Fun fact, most of the cats here are neutered or spayed and ready for a loving home should you want to adopt one! 🐱 at Parque Kennedy - Miraflores District


Next stop: Lima, Peru!!! 🇵🇪 #travellingplastic at Toronto, Ontario


Mountains on mountains 🗻 Stay tuned for the process video of how I made this print! at Toronto, Ontario


And so ends this summer's weddings. Looking forward to the ones coming up in autumn! 🍂☺️ . . Custom foiled cards available! ✉️DM for inquiries at Toronto, Ontario


Sunday projects ☺️ at Toronto, Ontario


August long weekends are perfect for upping my Fitbit step count! 👟 #JustKidding #SleepFirstMoveLater at Toronto, Ontario


August is a month for geometric florals with gold details ✨ at Toronto, Ontario


I maaaay have gotten suckered into getting that beautiful pink #meeden palette 🙈 Can't wait to pick up my watercolour brushes again! at Toronto, Ontario

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