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Yeah ppl look out fi this put a foot out fi this #noo weakness @energybermuda1 alllll roads lead to 591/2 lyndhurst road a thing callled no weakness no weakness out @energybermuda1 wid no fear all roads lead there get there spirituall Rificall me would a dumb if me nuh talk no weakness upness greatness


Yeah inna real life man jus a keep it real fam bless alll the people dem out deh weh nah put people problems on your head have a blessed day to each and everyone out there @energybermuda1 @rificalteam_fanpage @don_rifical @too_real3310 @shaka_golden_blazzaz @sawasap@megumi rifical @mikaelalaumola @srilanka11rifical @nash_i_lamar @fillinfootaroad @rifical gage @senkarifical25 @huntazuki_rifical @miss_fab @imenella@worl_shamballa_king @kizy


Dem better try learn dat watch yuh energy yea


Yeah me again pon unuh case jus like that out there with no fear @rifical team fan-page upness greatness #focus #work #dancehall #dancehall #dancer #work #work #work


Yeah morning fans supporters all over its me again pon unuh case yeah jus a little small piece a what's going am gonna show blessed love to every one weh seh Dancehall inna real @ras Rificall @mikaelaumola @megumi Rificall @rifical team fan-page


Ever ghetto youths is a star you jus have to believe inna yuh self to be some one great #blessing #morninglove #greatness


Blessings to alll the fans supporters throughout all these years you guys stick with us through thick and thin blessings to see each day goes by jah jus keep blessing us in every direction we sooo manners and respect to alll the fans supporters family everyone who play a big role in our life blessed we jus want to say blessed love in all your steps guidance blessings pon blessings #spiritual Rificall


Ppl see anything at all you lose or lost jus try replace sooo easy nah blessings pon blessings integrity comes wen you do the righteous things


Yeah some times u jus need fi be away some to knw yuh self and knw what's best for no turning back on this track a head jus let go off some things and see if thing nuh will work better fi you jus let your life be free and make your self be happy no matter what happens inna life jus keep focus and don't let no one tell u that u ain't gonna make fuck that shit ok bless


Knowadays I walk over the things I used to trip over blessings pon blessings in every direction I go in god we trust


@ras_rifical @srilanka11rifical @godzilla_bosstrice song by -Rificall team -producer truebluemusic song title work di muscle Rificall spirituall out deh


#yooooow straight #khalifa kush #aintnobushkush


Yowwww fams ppl jus help me big up a brother from a mother mother #skpressplay straight out #poland #big up the #polski don make move


Jus a Little morning fitness nah mean spirituall rifical upness it's your boy @ras Rificall


Yeah in every step I make me jus give jah thanks fi how far me reach today no one to me like us spirituall blessings @mikaelalaumola jus gwan bless more life strength #pleasmycauseohhlordwiththemthatstrivewithmefightagainstwhofightagainstme rifical spirituall #bestwomantome

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