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I miss this fella and his adventures spirit! 💪🏼 #buddiesforlife Check out his gallery! Pure mountain bliss @stefanfilzmoser 👊🏼 at Stüdlgrat


Just one ray is strong enough to break through the clouds. It lights up the Inntal valley perfectly 👌🏼 at Tyrol


An afternoon 🏔-escape at home. I picked up @h_elen_a from work and we made our way to the mountains. The "official" season is over, which means the huts are closed, it does get cold and the crowds are gone. That's how we like it! Enjoy your weekend! --- I'm also taking over @roamtheplanet today! Make sure to check it out and follow along 🙌🏼 at Tirol, Austria


"Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force." ~ Lao Tzu. I read this quote the other day and kept thinking about it... Life is such a gift. The opportunities are endless and I'm stoked and grateful for being were I am. Most of it is self-made though with a lot of perseverance and involved risk taking. When you feel out of your comfort zone say "yes", it was always the right decision for me... at Milford Sound


I haven't booked a trip back yet but my mind is constantly cruising around those mountains... It' shouldn't take too long. Who is in? at Himalayas


Another memorable trek with the ledgend @mattcherub. Hard to imagine this shot was taken in the middle of the night. We never caught up on sleep... at Thórsmörk


Descending the Kongma La pass (5.528m, 18.136ft). What you don't see on the photo: I've never felt more miserable in the mountains than on this day. The khumbu cough, fever, the altitude and a 20kg backpack didn't make it easy to say at least. My "worst day" in Nepal but I wouldn't want to miss it at all. Sadly I took just a handful of images on that day because I had no power to press the shutter button more often. I will never forget it though and I'm so thankful I went through this with @h_elen_a on my side. She, the views and a snickers kept me (us) alive... at Khumbu


I can't get enough of these... 🙌🏼 I love their shape and colors just too much. And those free flowing braids embody wildness in the purest form... at Southern Region (Iceland)


🍂 Let go and move on... at Alberta


It's really hard not to smile up there... ☺️ at Lofoten


Little kayaking sunrise session high up in the Alps 🏔 It's always a pleasure to hang out with my buddy @tomklockerphoto Check out his gallery for some of the best alpine imagery out there! at Zillertal


Pumori 7.161 m (23.494 ft) on the Nepal-Tibet border. Just eight kilometres west of Mount Everest. First climbed on 1962 by a German-Swiss expedition. There have been several avalanches and deaths in the past few years. at Mahalangur Himal

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