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Handcrafted Sacred Geometry pieces and Yoga Apparel created with love and passion ~ Berlin ~ ✨Shine Bright✨ 🌱Vegan 🌱 See full size profile picture

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~>* Thursdays seems to have become tattoo night •• I had the surprise experience of tattooing my friend this evening •• It was the first time for me, tattooing someone other then myself •• I felt super honoured that he trusted me enough even suggest it •• I know it’s just three simple, easy dots, but still it’s pretty cool •• I only really started tattooing to tattoo myself and the thought had never even crossed my mind to tattoo anyone else •• What a rad experience *<~ ✨ShineBright✨ #gratitude #berlin #radexperience #poke #3dots


~>* Merry Christmas everyone •• ✨🌟🎄🌟✨ •• When the women start to sound like men give the player a crank *<~ ✨ShineBright✨ #love #gratitude #christmas #bingcrosby #whitechristmas #phonographplayer #78s


#Repost @lightisconsciousness ・・・ Comment "Geometry" in your language 👇 @lightisconsciousness Mysterium Cosmographicum (lit. The Cosmographic Mystery, alternately translated as Cosmic Mystery, The Secret of the World, or some variation) is an astronomy book by the German astronomer Johannes Kepler. The full title being Forerunner of the Cosmological Essays, Which Contains the Secret of the Universe; on the Marvelous Proportion of the Celestial Spheres, and on the True and Particular Causes of the Number, Magnitude, and Periodic Motions of the Heavens; Established by Means of the Five Regular Geometric Solids. Kepler proposed that the distance relationships between the six planets known at that time could be understood in terms of the five Platonic solids, enclosed within a sphere that represented the orbit of Saturn. This book explains Kepler's cosmological theory, based on the Copernican system, in which the five Pythagorean regular polyhedradictate the structure of the universe and reflect God's plan through geometry. This was the first attempt since Copernicus to say that the theory of heliocentrism is physically true. According to Kepler's account from this text, the ratio was brought to his attention accidentally while demonstrating the calculation of the ratio between a circle and a circle created by a rotated inscribed circle. From this he realized that he had stumbled on the same ratio between the orbits of Saturn and Jupiter. He wrote, "I believe it was by divine ordinance that I obtained by chance that which previously I could not reach by any pains." But after doing further calculations he realized he could not use the two-dimensional polygons to represent all the planets, but instead he had to use the five Platonic solids. Source: #369 #SacredGeometry #Quadrivium #VortexGeometry #VortexGeometry369 #Kepler #JohannesKepler #MysteriumCosmographicum #Cymatics #Hypotrochoid


->* 🕸🍄🕸 *<- ✨ShineBright✨ #mushrooms #love #gratitude #balance #mushroom #nature #naturalbeauty


~>* Todays adventures •• There was even an obelisk on the grounds too *<~ ✨ShineBright✨ #love #gratitude #adventures #pyramid #symbolism #potsdam


~>* Exploring the old abandoned US spy station at Teufelsburg •• It was built on top of the dumped rubble of about 400 000 bombed out homes from WWII, which was dumped over a Nazi College •• This place is full of amazing art •• Definitely worth a visit *<~ ✨ShineBright✨ #love #gratitude #abandonedberlin #berlin #brewery #oldbrewery #ubrex #urbanexploring #adventures #abandonedadventures #urbanart #art


~>* I could stare into this all day •• Really cool info too *<~ ✨ShineBright✨ #Repost @journey.of.curiosity ・・・ This really blows my mind. Once the variables are balanced, there’s resonance and harmony a pattern comes into being. It looks so surreal. ⠀⠀ But the waves are moving in a symmetrical fashion, and the light reflections allows this to be visible in an enchanting way. ⠀⠀ The driving frequency here is 18hz sound wave. I have added a NASA sound recording of mars over this, as 18hz is inaudible. Especially through cellphone speakers 😜 ⠀⠀ I associated it with mars because 18hz is 3 octaves down from the ‘octave tone’ of planet Mars (144.72) based on Hans Cousto. It’s a mathematical frequency, as opposed to a literal sound recording, like the NASA sound accompanying this visual cymatic. Around the 30 second mark I turn the amplitude down so the pattern dissolves completely for a moment. This is also slightly slowed down due to the frame rate used for recording. ⠀⠀ Mars is a fascinating planet, which we may soon inhabit. Although I would say apart from glorious earth 🌏, Saturn is my favourite planet. What’s your favourite planet? 🌞✨💜


~>* This is how today started •• Well actually it started with the original place we were looking for turned out to be recently demolished, but we found this place no more then a 1/2 km away •• It was an old brewery and the compound was huge •• Definitely need another day to look around •• More pictures to come •• I love Berlin *<~ ✨ShineBright✨ #love #gratitude #abandonedberlin #berlin #brewery #oldbrewery #ubrex #urbanexploring #adventures #abandonedadventures


->* Hidden in plain sight •• Found this old German wrapping paper •• The pattern is all around us 🌐 *<- ✨ShineBright✨ #love #gratitude #sacredgeometry #hiddeninplainsight #floweroflife #blumedeslebens #wrappingpaper


#Repost @4biddenknowledge ・・・ Experiments have shown that a healthy young person hears all sound frequencies from approximately 20 to 20,000 hertz." "The maximum range ofhuman hearing includes sound frequencies from about 15 to about 18,000 waves, or cycles, per second." "The general range of hearing for young people is 20 Hz to 20 kHz #4biddenknowledge


#Repost @thescienceodyssey ・・・ Speed reading is any of several techniques used to improve one's ability to read quickly. Speed reading methods include chunking and minimizing subvocalization. The many available speed reading training programs include books, videos, software, and seminars. There is scientific controversy surrounding the domain of speed reading.


~>* One of my favourite pastimes is hunting for rad corners to sit in *<~ ✨Shine Bright✨ #love #gratitude #radcorners #sitting #chair at Berlin, Germany

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