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Remy Savage

Head bartender @artesianbarlondon 🇬🇧 London / Paris 🇫🇷🍸 @bar___savage

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Simone Caporale
Madame St~Germain

It goes: _The Evocative menu (2015) _A menu of applied Architecture (2016) _Determinism & Classic drinks (2017) _Moments (2018) _A Most Minimalistic Menu (March 2019) (All the ❤️to the @slovakbarshow )


If in Athènes come drink some rhubarb from @bar___savage!! Also @annasebastian3 & myself will be talking about our first year (and the ones to come) at the Artesian at 4.50 🙃🦄 at Athens, Greece


- Zoozled - House of Hazelwood 12 Mid Roast Coffee Sweet Vermouth Capovilla apricot eau de vie Super exited to collaborate with @hazelwoodhousewhisky for their official launch next week :) Here is one of the little guy we will be serving 🥐🍸


- Les Fleurs- Genever Rose & Rhubarb Cordial Gentiane Eau de Vie Champagne Olive Heading to Krakow 🇵🇱 with old time partner in crime @Piotr sajdak_btc to discuss all kinds of menu fun :) Here is a take with @bols_genever on an old favourite of mine 🤗 @bolsbartending 🌞 at Borough londonien de Hackney


- 💄- #barsavage at Borough londonien de Hackney


- Tatianna - Here is all of @tati.s.titch original collages from our Moments menu, getting a permanent exposition @bar___savage. Love her. #artesianmoments at Borough londonien de Hackney


- 🔥 - at Provocateur


- Dessert - 25ml Talisker Storm 25ml Orange wine 15ml Amandine liqueur 15ml Clarified grape juice 20ml Clarified whole milk 2.5ml Noix de Saint Jean Shitake @annesophiepic @beaurivagepalace at Borough londonien de Hackney


- Troisième Plat - 50ml Mid-Roast Ethiopian Coffee distilate 20ml Dolin blanc 7.5ml coconut water simple sirup 1.25ml Concentrated Salers Garnished with a peppermint & coconut disk


- Amuse Bouche - 5ml capovilla plum eau de vie 30ml Discarded Cascara Vermouth 30ml Tamagawa time machine sake 15ml crème de poire 15ml Verjus Soda water Chef @annesophiepic and I got together to try and create a series of drinks and dishes that follow the same code, highlight the beauty of our products in the most delicate way. Couldnt be happier we made it work and can’t wait to spend the night alongside her and @pazlevinson (with @emilio_di_salvo and @evemignot on my side 🙃). @beaurivagepalace (Also the largest thank you to @barmonkey_ for saving my life and helping me find a case of their wonderful @discardedspirits ❤️🐒)


- A view from 102 - @barmonkey_ at Artesian


- Alex K - @alext_king goes by many titles, i personally like “Director of Liquid Preparations” as it sounds real serious (but if you find a title even more serious name for him please let me know 🙃). Basically Alex spends his day in the Lab, making sure all our ingredients are as perfect as can be 👨🏻‍🔬 #headofprep


- Mimo siting down - @emilio_di_salvo @bar___savage #homebar at London Borough of Hackney


- That moment your heart was broken - Craigallachie 13 Cocoa cold Brew Tamagawa time machine sake Verjus Racilia 🍸@jkfox #🍸 #💔 at Artesian


- That moment you discovered who you were - Gentiane Fennel Mango Prosseco 🍸 @sara.moudoulaud at Artesian


- That moment you got your first flat - Vodka Larger Gluten Clarified tomato Umami Zalotti Blossom 🍸 by @letsbartend at Artesian


- @bar___savage shift -


- minimalism in 🍸- @slovakbarshow 📸@eddie_this_is_my_life at Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

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