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The outdoors has shaped me in so many ways. It’s taught me to believe in my strengths, work on my weaknesses, to appreciate the small things, and to be a steward for protecting its beauty. - Being out in the backcountry has always inspired me to be a better person, to be more present, and has forever been there as an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. - This life of travel and adventure I’m building is driven by my love for the outdoors. It’s a constant inspiration for my business, creativity, and relationships. - This month I’ve partnered with @Backcountry to get out in nature and share my experience because they, like me, believe we’re at our best when we’re outside doing what we love. Ive been really enjoying wearing pieces from their new fall and winter line, especially this super cozy sweater (linked in my stories) - How has the outdoors shaped you? #BuiltByBackcountry #GOATworthy at Adirondacks


✨NEW BLOG POST: New England Fall Road Trip - Ultimate Leaf Peeping Itinerary✨(link in bio) Let me know what you think! It was an absolute dream to finally explore the northeast during autumn 🍁 Have you already been or is it on your bucket list? 🍂 at Vermont


It was a dream come true exploring New England this fall 🍁 Currently working on a blog post + itinerary for you all as so many of you have been asking questions about how to plan this sort of trip, where to go, what to see, what to pack etc. Stay tuned! Thanks for making this trip a reality @nature_valley! #naturemakesusbetter #ad ✨Update: link now in my bio for trip blog post, suggested itinerary & locations map!✨ at New Hampshire


I still have so many moments I want to share with you all from my recent Scotland trip with @SonyAlpha. Witnessing this sunset at Neist Point was definitely a highlight of our time on the Isle of Skye ✨ (SWIPE LEFT) Can you spot the tiny sheep down in meadow on the first photo? Or the people standing up on the rocks in the second? 📷 All images captured on the Sony a7RIII #AICdoesScotland #AlphaCollective at Isle of Skye


Every turn gets more magical here in New England 🍁 Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year, but in general I love how the seasons come and go... each year building excitement and providing new experiences. For me, this time of the year brings feelings of warmth, community, and comfort. It's so fun to see everyone in awe of nature's changing colors and embracing the festive spirit. What’s your favorite thing about this time of year? @nature_valley  #ad #naturemakesusbetter ✨Link in my bio for trip blog post, suggested itinerary & locations map!✨ at New Hampshire


This particular sunset in upstate NY was an absolute dream... we had the entire overlook to ourselves, the fall colors around the lake were peaking, and the sun treated us to this beautiful glow before dipping below the horizon. It's moments like these out in nature that refuel me, that set my soul on fire, and leave me forever grateful for this beautiful world we are lucky enough to call home 🍁 @nature_valley #naturemakesusbetter #ad ✨Link in my bio for trip blog post & suggested itinerary!✨ at Adirondack Mountains, New York State


So excited to be chasing fall colors this week with @Nature_Valley. It has been on my bucket list for years to experience autumn on the east coast and it's definitely living up to the hype! 🍁 Last night @MatthewHahnel and I found this quiet road nearby the town of Stowe and couldn't help but take some photos. We might look a little crazy setting up our tripod and snapping cheesy selfies, but looking at this photo makes me smile. It helps me to remember all of the special moments we have spent outside in nature together, escaping the fast-paced reality of everyday life #naturemakesusbetter #ad ✨Link in my bio for trip blog post, suggested itinerary & map!✨ at Stowe, Vermont


We waited and waited for our ride to Hogwarts... but it never came. Felt like I was 11 years old and receiving the rejection all over again 😆 Sadly the steam train was cancelled this particular day, but the viaduct was still absolutely beautiful! Thanks to @shortstache for helping capture the second image, all edits by me ✨ #AICdoesScotland #AlphaCollective @SonyAlpha at Glenfinnan Viaduct


Like most places on the Isle of Skye, the Quiraing felt like a mixture of Mars and Middle-earth 🐉⛰🧝🏼‍♀️ Images captured by @ShortStache with the @SonyAlpha a7RIII + 24-70mm f2.8 lens, with my edits ✨ #AICdoesScotland #AlphaCollective at Quiraing


I’ve spent the last few days exploring Scotland with @SonyAlpha and it has been an absolute dream. This country is wildly beautiful, full of friendly people, has a ridiculously high number of rainbows each day, and the weather certainly likes to keep us on our toes 😆🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #AICdoesScotland at Isle of Skye


Walking on a dream... ✨💫 This month I've teamed up with @USBank to share my #PowerofPossible story... a story of pursuing the things that bring me the most joy in life. I often have to pinch myself when getting to explore these beautiful destinations. If you had told me 5 years ago (heck, even 2 years ago) that I would have fostered this community of positivity and inspiration AND be working full-time doing what I love... well, I might not have believed you. The thing is, I've always been a big believer in having realistic goals, but also some crazy, wild dreams. Over the years I have chipped away at my small goals one by one and cumulatively created something I am so proud of. I am incredibly thankful for this community and this opportunity to inspire and encourage you all on a daily basis. Thank you for being part of my story. 💛☺️ #sponsored at Mt. Rainier


We had a beautiful morning exploring Lake Louise... it was foggy and the lake was glassy still. It felt so good to be back enjoying the views. Until a rude photographer came and yelled in my face. - Apparently I was in his way when quickly posing for this photo, some 50 meters in the distance from where he was taking a landscape photo. I had “ruined his morning” for making my own art, and it got me thinking... why is his photo more important than mine, or someone else’s? - Our photo looked like a travel selfie, we look reasonably young, and not necessarily like your typical professional photographer. He was middle aged, dressed ready for an outdoor adventure, had a plethora of gear, and was traveling in what looked like a photography group. Was he also a professional photographer? I’m not sure, and it honestly doesn’t matter. - The photos every day people were taking around us were snapshots of a moment they will hopefully cherish for years to come. You cannot put a price on that and it doesn’t mean those photos are less valuable than those taken by a professional. Everyone deserves to create their own memories and enjoy a moment in their own way, even if it does involve a selfie stick (which I personally don’t love, but understand why people use them). - We always step aside after we get our photos and let others have their turn. We even offer to help them take their images. I have seen negative behavior like this man exhibited on many occasions during our travels. It’s never okay to be rude because you believe your work to be more valuable. It doesn’t take priority, you can wait in line like everyone else. It’s so important to continually check ourselves and potential self entitlement. - Have you guys experienced something similar when traveling? at Lake Louise, Alberta

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