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This weekend’s weather forecast: ∙∙∙ Saturday: ☀️86ºF Sunday: ☀️86ºF Overall: 💯% chance of outdoor activities at Ludington State Park


"Growing up" makes it hard to pause all of the things going on in our lives + enjoy little moments of beauty around us. But it's always worth it to slow down for a minute + take a look at the things we'd normally walk past while preoccupied with thoughts of work, family matters, tonight's dinner, etc. #liveinthemoment at Ludington State Park


Thanks for the magical weekend, Ludington 🙌🏻 (and thanks for the 80º days, Mother Nature!) at Ludington State Park


Hole-d up! I’ve hiked + explored close to 30 trails throughout various State + National Parks in the last three weeks! I must be dreaming... 🤔 at Ludington State Park


Another day, another trail 👣 at Ludington State Park


Last week, I visited Tahquamenon Falls for the first time. I remember my first thought being that the water looked like Coca-Cola - it was a cola-brown color & even looked to be carbonated. I overheard other sightseers mention pollution and, knowing nothing about the history of the falls, I assumed that the color was indeed due to recent pollution. ••• But come to find out, the color is a result of the leaching of tanic acid from the cedar & hemlock swamps that feed the Tahquamenon River. And the name Tahquamenon comes from the Ojibwa word for “dark berry”! ••• The original owners of the falls were a couple of nature-lovers who made a deal with the Department of Natural Resources for the gift of their land to be used as a State Park - they wanted everyone to be able to access & love its beauty 💚 at Tahquamenon Falls


I adore all of these wooden walkways through the woods in Northern Michigan 💕 at Tahquamenon Falls State Park


Caught doing my "I hiked to the top of a mountain" dance 💃🏻 at Black River Falls, Wisconsin


A hike a day keeps the doctor away 🍎 at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore


Day 2 of exploring the Upper Peninsula 🙌🏻 at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore


What a weekend! I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life but NEVER made my way up to the Upper Peninsula 😳 It IS a 5.5-hour drive… but I’ll be happy to make that again for views like this! at Tahquamenon Falls State Park


Happy Friday! I hope everyone gets to enjoy the outdoors during the holiday weekend 💕 at Traverse City, Michigan


“As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise, you will miss most of your life.” — Buddha ∙∙∙ In my mind, “be where you are” can easily be switched out for “turn off your phone.” I was called crazy for buying a @GoPro when I already had my iPhone camera… but being able to leave my phone behind (SERIOUSLY!!) and capture immersive moments in nature is PRICELESS. at Bellaire, Michigan


Sometimes, when I travel, I forget how much time is spent in the car or other transportation. I visited several nature preserves + parks this past weekend and spent a TON of time outdoors, but I also spent a TON of time in the car. ∙∙∙ During one of my connecting drives in Northern Michigan, I passed a sign for an upcoming “Scenic Overlook.” And after driving for two hours, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to stretch my legs and hike up to a stunning view of Lake Michigan. So I drove a few miles off the highway and took a look. ∙∙∙ But I’m starting to think that whoever made that sign just didn’t have room to write “Cool Sets of Wooden Stairs that Lead to Nothing” 😅 I still loved the break from sitting in the car, though! ∙∙∙ YOUR TURN: Have you ever been fooled or let down by a sign/advertisement while traveling? 💬 at Traverse City, Michigan


Nature sure has some restorative magic ✨ I didn't realize how badly I needed a break from my phone and computer screens! at Pyatt Lake Nature Preserve


We lost the sunshine and about ten degrees since yesterday 🌥 But the weekend adventuring continues! at Bellaire, Michigan


I spent the ENTIRE day in nature today. I'm dreaming, right? at Bellaire, Michigan


It's only Tuesday, but I'm already dreaming up plans for the weekend 🙈 I'm a little too excited to be relaxing up north and playing on the water. What's your favorite way to relax during the summer? at Aspen, Colorado

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