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More FD’s from Tsukuba. The parking lot had a nice selection as well as the paddock. It’s a great time to be an FD owner. The love for these cars is truly alive and well. at Tsukuba Circuit


A couple more clips of the greatest place on earth. #reamemiya #re雨宮


Next stop, Tatsumi PA. There were no shortages of FD’s in Tokyo, amazing how the love for rotaries is still alive and well. Big thanks to @carshopglow_ken for driving me to the three legendary parking areas in Tokyo. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


The video captures the beauty of the cars a little better. I wish i had more time to inspect the cars a little closer, but it was still a huge privilege to see these two legendary #RE雨宮 builds in person.


Another epic machine from the legendary tuner, #RE雨宮, spotted parked in the lot behind the shop in Chiba.


Japan was an incredible trip for me. I’ve never been big on traveling, but Japan is the one place i knew i had to visit. Although my first love for Japan has always been for the cars, my love for Japanese culture and for its people have grown significantly over the past years, so much so that this trip was as much for the culture and sites as it was for the cars. But given that this page is primarily about the cars, i won’t get into the other stuff here, but I’ll be sure to cover it at some point elsewhere. I would like to take this opportunity to thank @finalformfd for inviting me and for taking care of me while we were there. @mal_do and @yo_edo were awesome traveling companions and i truly enjoyed hanging out with y’all. @carshopglow_ken was a tremendous host and i can’t thank him enough for taking time out of his busy schedule to take me around to places I’ve always dreamed of visiting. There’s so much to cover off and people to thank, but I’ll start here with this incredible machine most people have already seen since its debut at TAS 2018. It’s truly a remarkable build and even better in person. Really glad i got to see it on a quick stopover to the #reamemiya shop in Chiba on the way to the airport. Thank you @re_amemiya_official for the hospitality. Seeing the shop in person was a dream come true!


It doesn’t get much better than this. Trackside at Tsukuba with some of the most iconic FD’s in the game. Star struck hardly describes how i felt today. at Tsukuba Circuit


Good times are right around the corner. Looking forward to hanging out with @thedefinedlifestyle and @regimentzero_fd3s again soon. @thedefinedlifestyle When are we shooting Ted’s feature?? 📸 @thedefinedlifestyle


@finalformfd sent me this photo a while back and i thought it was really cool that it looked like my car, then when i finally logged in today i found out @dirtynailsbloodyknuckles tagged me in this photo! Great work as always @dirtynailsbloodyknuckles 🔥🔥🔥


Shark bait 🐟🦈


Didn’t realize @26_danipedrosa and i had such similar riding styles! While i miss riding, i definitely don’t miss going out on track in 90+ degrees in full leathers.


With the 2018 track season coming to a close, there’s much to reflect on and be grateful for. First off, I’d like to thank @falkentire for supplying the #RT615k+ tires which have proved to be very reliable and grippy. Whether it was 90+ degrees out or 50 degrees, they performed flawlessly. This year, i was committed to building up my confidence in the car while relearning the basics of driving on the track. The more i drive the car the more i feel it has so much more to offer, which is why i haven’t turned up the boost yet. Although its sometimes painful getting passed left and right down the straights, i know its the corners that separate the men from the boys, so that’s where i need to work on making up time. Hopefully next year i can hit my goal of 1:14 at the current power level (270rwhp) and then I’ll finally get a chance to try to car at the low boost setting (370rwhp).


Great capture by @the_culture_media at #FCF18! Another year, another great event by our friends at @canibeat_crew 👍🏼


The next episode of Street Vanguards by the incredibly talented guys at @thedefinedlifestyle is out! If you’re a fan of one of the greatest classic JDM cars of our time, the beloved hachiroku (86), then you NEED to watch this video. From the rolling shots to the still shots to the interview were all very well done, not to mention the incredible scenery! Jimmy (@fusiondragon) did a great job bringing us back to the good ol’ days we all reminisce from time to time. Hit the link in my profile to see the video now! Hope you enjoy it as much as i did! #thedefinedlifestyle


More iPhone photos from High Point. I really should edit the photos i took with my Nikon but I’m just too damn lazy. #finalformusa #teamfalken #falken #azenisrt615k+ #falkens #falkentire #falkentires #falkenspotting #meguiars #meguiarssponsored #allinthedetails #thepolishedlife #reamemiya #RE雨宮 #REsuperG #volkracing #te37saga


High Point. This is as close as it gets to being on top of a mountain for those of us unfortunate enough to live in Jersey. #finalformusa #teamfalken #falken #azenisrt615k+ #falkens #falkentire #falkentires #falkenspotting #meguiars #meguiarssponsored #allinthedetails #thepolishedlife #reamemiya #RE雨宮 #REsuperG #volkracing #te37saga

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