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You might be surprised to find out the best kind of exercise for all dogs, no matter what breed, energy level or size is walking. ⠀ No distractions, no other dog friends, no phones. Just you and your dog together and connected. Ideally off leash but otherwise on a long line so your dog can freely sniff and explore at their own pace. If you don’t have enough space to use a long line, even a 10ft leash can make a world of a difference for a dog vs a 6ft leash. ⠀ When we constantly try to tire out our dogs who appear to have endless energy, with jogging, biking, cross country skiing, fetch etc. While these activities might initially seem to do the job, they turn your dog into an adrenaline junky and their exercise needs actually increase as they become addicted to fast pace, high energy life. Their cortisol levels are constantly high which can also lead to reactive behaviour, or struggling to focus when you need them to. ⠀ The other huge reason these are not substitutes for real exercise, is that they lack a relationship, they lack opportunities to connect with your dog on a real level, which is a core social need of our dogs. ⠀ If we don’t meet this need, this leads to all sorts of behaviour problems along with the excessive need to always be busy and restless, demanding attention and play constantly. And we perceive that “he must need another walk” “lets go play some more fetch in the yard”. ⠀ For some dogs not meeting this need and always being busy and active, without getting down time to decompress can also lead to OCD behaviour such as shadow chasing, light chasing, tail chasing, ball obsession. ⠀ Dogs need time to just be dogs, no restrictions, no rules, no training and they need us to be fully present and engaged on a mental level, just enjoying nature together. That is the best kind of exercise you can give your dog! 💜💯 #dogtips #dogtrainingadvice #revelstoke


Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. - Charles R. Swindoll ⠀ You can’t control the world, you can’t control what your dog does, you can’t control how other people act, but you can control how you react! ⠀ This applies to everyone right now and every situation and relationship, no matter what your circumstances but especially if you own a reactive dog. ⠀ We can be there to support them, we can teach them how to get through life but when another dog owner lets their dog run up to yours and you get mad at either the other owner or your dog for reacting, wether you do this outwardly in a fit of rage or you do it silently and spend the next hour filled with rage. Both of these reactions are killing your relationship with your dog. ⠀ If you choose to walk your dog around other dogs that is your choice and you have control over that but in no way do you have control over other people and their actions. So remember that as you make choices for your reactive dog, you can only control how you react, not how your dog reacts. ⠀ Your reactive dog wants a connection with you, they want to be heard, they do not want to be forced to sit and stay as a dog goes past. ⠀ Tula the Jack Russel and her amazing owner are just one example of a beautiful connection that was built while they slowly learned to trust each other, it doesn’t happen over night, but it will happen if you stop reacting, stop trying to socialize your dog, stop blaming every other dog owner and instead focus on doing things you love with your dog, bring out their strengths, not their weakness! ⠀ She couldn’t be trusted off leash, she was a flight risk, she was out of control. Now they enjoy peaceful walks off leash, I can see the connection, see the relationship, it has blossomed into something so beautiful. ⠀ The greatest gift Tula’s owner could give her is freedom to run and be a dog. She even told me she accidentally dropped her leash down town and was amazed to look down and see her dog looking up at her for guidance, even though she admits she expected her dog to run off 😂 ⠀ I am so thankful to know people and dogs like these 💜 #reactivedogs #forcefreedogtraining


Do you want to know what the secret is to the perfect relationship with your dog? 🤫 ⠀ Ok, I’ll tell you: ⠀ 1️⃣ Trust trumps everything! Trust means always keeping your dog safe. Never putting your dog into a situation that they can’t handle. Never testing, exposing them, proofing them, punishing them, proving your the boss, or making them feel like their needs don’t matter. ⠀ 2️⃣ Confidence is key! You need to be confident that your dog has all the skills and abilities that they need already in any given situation. You need to be 95% sure or more that your dog will respond to you, before calling them ever at all in any scenario on or off leash, it’s not their responsibility to keep them selves safe and under threshold. It’s yours. ⠀ 3️⃣ Communication ! And I am not talking about teaching cues and expecting your dog to be compliant at all times. Communication is a two way street, that means taking in all the communication your dog is giving you and acknowledging what it might mean before slapping a disobedient or dominant label on them. ⠀ Learn to speak dog, in other ways then sit stay down. Learn to listen to your dog and acknowledge when they speak. Not expect them to fit your mould all the time, be flexible and make it your commitment to do what it takes to make them feel heard. ⠀ That means maybe they don’t go for a bike ride if it’s over stimulating and makes them bite your tires, maybe don’t take them to the local shops and tell them to be quiet when they bark at passing people and dogs. Maybe they can’t come to work with you because they are frightened of people and that’s ok. ⠀ 4️⃣ Listen and be the partner and leader they need, not the macho dominant one you see on tv and in social media #thatsallfolks #perspectiveiseverything #beyourdogsfriend #dogtrainersofinstagram


“There are no failures in life, only learning opportunities” - Maneet Chauhan ⠀ This week a puppy taught me a life lesson.⠀ It was something I have been taught over and over but we have a side of our brain that tries to take over when we are doing something new and different, that trys to draw you back to the old way of thinking. ⠀ The owners of this gorgeous puppy had been reporting, Bella is starting to act like a teenager, they were noticing shifts in her behaviour, she was starting to ignore some of their requests, they were finding it harder to get eye contact and attention on walks. ⠀ The old “trainer” me would have said oh she needs more training, more practice, better treats, we can’t allow her to learn she can get what she wants by ignoring you. ⠀ The new me that understands all behaviour is communication, began to wonder what could this puppy be communicating. ⠀ After an amazing coaching call with a mentor of mine (details below) I realized this puppy is telling us, all the “training” was putting too much pressure on her, she already knows all the things but she needs more. ⠀ She wants a real connection, a real relationship with her people and she wants to be acknowledged as the sentient, intelligent being that she is! ⠀ So off we went on a walk with this new mindset and approach. And what did we observe? Bella keeps an eye on her owners at all times, even off leash. She has a natural skill to stay close and never lets her owners get too far away. We didn’t need to recall her even once, even with a deer close by that had just been on the trail. ⠀ She doesn’t need to hear her name constantly, come running and make eye contact to show us she is responsible. She already has these skills, we just need to nurture her confidence & leadership abilities and she is going to grow into the most amazing adult dog that wants to please her people and wants to partner with them. ⠀ She does not want to be a dog on command. Don’t get me wrong there is a time and place for training! ⠀ Bella, thanks for teaching me this amazing lesson! If you want to learn to be the trusting partner that your dog really needs. Click the link in my bio!


“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears”. – Nelson Mandela #staypawsitive #inspiredbynature #healthymindhealthybody #rottweilerawareness


“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”. – Maya Angelou ⠀ People all around you are struggling but that doesn’t mean you or they have to. ⠀ Maybe you already know this but our thoughts and what we say effects our health, our habits and our whole life. It’s called the law of resonance and it is scientifically proven. ⠀ What you send out comes right back atcha! ⠀ So in these difficult times, help those around you who might not be as strong, not by spreading fear, not by spreading negativity and worry and anxiety. ⠀ Spread joy and lift those up around you, think positive, remember what you are grateful for and if you know someone who is struggling you can be the rainbow in their cloud not by telling them to cheer up or get over it, but by being the best version of your self and infecting them with your contagious positivity, support and joy and inspiration and know this too shall pass 💜💯🤜 #healthymindhealthybody #staypositive #inspirationalquotes #rottweiler #revelstoke


Happy Saturday, stay positive, spread joy, stay healthy, grab your dog or 3 or 4 and have some fun outside today! 💜🐾 #staypawsitive #learnlessonsfromyourdog #getoutsideandplay #revelstoke


It’s true I am not even kidding! #bullshitfreezone ⠀ I am an educator, an inspirer, a knowledge spreader. ⠀ I show people how they can empower their dogs to make good choices. ⠀ I share my knowledge of being the best kind of leader that their dogs need, one who listens, respects their dog, is loving and kind but can also set fair and clear boundaries, without ever having to touch their dog to ‘train’ them. ⠀ I teach dog owners how to communicate most effectively and that it’s a two way street. This means not intentionally putting their dogs in situations or environments they can’t handle and respecting that their dog is who they are and that’s all they can be right now. ⠀ Not trying to ‘expose’ and ‘proof’ their dogs with things they aren’t comfortable with which create fears, anxiety and a lack of trust! ⠀ I advocate for dogs and put their needs first, not the perceived needs of obedience, compliance & the image of a perfect dog in the public eye. ⠀ I train people so they can make their life with their dog amazing, by learning to accept their dog and stop trying to ‘fix’ them. ⠀ I am proud of who I am and the message I spread, I am no longer scared of the haters, I know I can’t convert everyone but I’m damn sure I will be planting those seeds! 💋🙌💯 #notanobediencetrainer #dogadvocate #notadogtrainer #revelstoke


Have you been trying to train your dog and feel like your not getting anywhere? Have you tried everything and still can’t find the answers? ⠀ That was me, I have been there. I want to share with you this amazing opportunity to join a free online workshop that will change your life with your dog as you know it. Just like it did for me. ⠀ Click the link in my bio or copy and paste the link below to find out more! ⠀ #brilliantpartnerships #loveyourdog #thinkpawsitive #revelstoked


Ok I’ll admit it, my dogs got a problem...Shes a sockaholic, she removed all the socks from the washing basket🧦😬🐒 ⠀ What’s your dogs dirty habit? 😆 #dogfunny #dogshaming #revelstoke #dirtyhabits #funnydogsofinstagram


😍Kind of a bit in love with my new custom designed hoodie from @spreadshirt 💜🐾 ⠀ Funny story, I ordered it with black text and when it showed up there was not enough contrast with the grey background (oops my bad 🙈) ⠀ So I went to the dollar store and bought a glue gun and glitter glue and I DIY’ed it 🤣 ⠀ Incase you didn’t already somehow know...I do not believe in such things as pack leaders and dog whisperers. ⠀ The best way to get the relationship you want with your dog is by being a good role model, remaining calm and non reactive in stressful situations and treating your dog like a partner, not like your the boss. XOXO 💋 #notapackleader #notadogwhisperer #beadoglistener #therealstoke


Everything has been “canceled” but they can’t cancel dog walks, dog hugs and dog kisses 😘 so take this opportunity to spend some quality time with your pup 🐾🙌🐕 #staypawsitive #ilovemydog #revelstoke #inspiredbynature