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👗Couturier 📷Button Pusher 🧝‍♀️Costume & Jewelry Designer 💄Makeup Artist ✍️Illustrator 🌳Witch Wandering Woods 🧜‍♀️Pisces Mermaid

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@rfdrachelfrank photos and videos

✨Elven Enchantress✨ Photographer: @simplysavannahart Model: @suzannemoran_ Designer: @rfdrachelfrank at Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Reynishverfisvegur, Iceland


From Sunflowers to Satan! 2 year anniversary of this shoot, so had to edit another one from this gorgeous set with my creepy pisces soul sister @n_bottensek4 🖤🖤🖤 at Seven Bridges


It’s disgusting, cold, and super snowy here in Wisconsin right now so I thought there was no better time to share this photo I took of the beautiful @blingblange sunbathing in sunflowers this past summer ❤️🌻🌞 at Wisconsin


A little noir never hurt nobody Model: @effkate Photog, Designer, HMUA: @rfdrachelfrank at The Pfister Hotel


Photographer: @michaelmowbray Models: @n_bottensek4 // @bellagrethel Hair: @foxxxyredd1 Designer + MUA: @rfdrachelfrank at Baraboo, Wisconsin


. Then I heard your heart beating You were in the darkness too So I stayed in the darkness with you . . Couldn’t have been clearer out for the super blood moon lunar eclipse last night here in WI! With this being my first zoom lens it felt like I was seeing the moon for the first time last night! All I can say is WOW 😻I’d freeze for you any night my queen ❤️🙌🌕✨ . . If you’d like to see more outdoors pics, follow my nature photography insta: @witch_wandering_woods 🖤🌲✨ at Wisconsin


🌏🌊🌲❤️ Photographer: @eltidy Designer + MUA: @rfdrachelfrank 🌊🧜‍♀️🐠: @janelove414 🌲🍃🌿: @lunariea at Gary, Indiana


🌊✨Vellamo🧜‍♀️💙 Photographer: @eltidy Model: @janelove414 Designer + MUA: @rfdrachelfrank at Gary, Indiana


🍃🌲GAEA🌳🌿 Photographer: @eltidy Model: @lunariea Designer + Makeup Artist: @rfdrachelfrank at Gary, Indiana


✨💜Heaven Holograms💗✨ Photographer: @eltidy Models: 💜 @blingblange // 💗 @n_bottensek4 Designer & MUA: @rfdrachelfrank


I wish some day to go to all the places my clothes have been 🖤🙌❤️ Photographer (globe trotting 22 year old bad ass friend): @simplysavannahart Model (who has worn so many of my clothes I feel like I know her): @suzannemoran_ Headpiece Designer (whose work I have been obsessed with from afar FOREVER): @hysteriamachine Designer (forever thankful for these incredible opportunities and friends I have made): @rfdrachelfrank at Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Reynishverfisvegur, Iceland


Do androids dream of electric sheep? 💁🏼‍♀️🧝‍♀️Model: @effkate 📸💅Photog, Designer, HMUA: @rfdrachelfrank 💙✨Electric Alchemist: @katvondbeauty at Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


New work 🖤 Photographer: @danfrievalt Model: @n_bottensek4 Designer, HMUA: @rfdrachelfrank


Guess whose birthday it is?! 6 years ago today I drew Alice, and she’s been ruling Steampunkland ever since! In honor of her birthday I’ve put my very limited remaining stock of Alice in Steampunkland T-shirts up in my online shop for $20! Link in bio ❤️


*insert @postmalone lyric* 🌻🔥❤️ Model: @blingblange Photog, Designer, MUA: @rfdrachelfrank


Photographer: @kim_voguestudio Designer: @rfdrachelfrank Model: @lunariea at Lemp Brewery


❄️Ice Queen❄️ Model: @janelove414 Photog, Designer, HMUA: @rfdrachelfrank Shot in the INCREDIBLE @icecastles_


I can’t convince anyone to go model outside in the snow for me wearing a chiffon gown so no new work! So here’s a shot from 2016 that was taken around the same time of year when it was too cold to shoot outside so model @effkate and I played dress up and wandered around @thepfisterhotel. Such a beautiful place, with many lovely views ❤️ Model: @effkate at The Pfister Hotel

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