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Racecar spelled backwards is Racecar 🤣 Need to install my @ktuned trailing arm bushings, @top1motors splitter and we are ready to hit the road course.


1 out of 1000 made - MUGEN SI. *Still for sale 15k*


New Vlog is now up on my latest parts. Go check it out (link on my profile) ✅Subscribe


We ride together. 🔹Mugen SI is still for sale🔹


You don't always have to spend money on dates, just do pulls. 😃 Quick 1-3rd gear. @prbeauty


Fun fact: I built my car to be a fun reliable car that I can drive anywhere. By doing that I have met a lot of great people in my life with this car. But the key to building a something like this is to keep it simple. You don't need crazy power (which is why I have a basically stock internal engine) stick with the same tuner (I'm still on the same tune since 2013). Use quality parts so you don't have to change or fix anything down the road. And if you do pulls, do not power shift every time lol. That's how I have a long lasting transmission for all those who say K series trans suck. They really don't. 📸: @boosted_junkie at @tunerevo Charlotte, NC


Got bars.


I don't mind being in traffic when I have a @aimsportsdata MXS Strada dash in front of me 😃


The line up at @tunerevo evo is crazy! @4bangersproduction


How did you all get into the car scene? I got into it because of my father, he would always take me to school in his old Buick with flames over the front end and ever since then I was hooked. The area I grew up in Springfield, MA was filled with Hondas. So at a young age around 10-11 years old I would go to the races and watch burnouts in front of McDonald's every weekend with pops. That's when I fell in love with Hondas.


God is good.


We are giving back to you guys, @top1motors SALE has started! Get 20% OFF everything on their website for 7 full days 💰 Go treat yourself and get those parts you been wanting. #top1motors

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