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Giving you a glimpse into our world tour & sharing the fun and not so fun parts about backpacking! 🇲🇽Zacatecas &🇺🇸Chicago 🌎34 countries/81 cities 📍🇨🇷

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Living the #puravida life in Costa Rica for a month! 🤩 Not only is “pura vida” a catchy phrase, it’s simply the way Ticos live. A slow paced rhythm of life with no worries and no stress. . . . Not only does this slice of paradise have the highest quality of life in Central America, but it also has perfect beaches, sunsets, tropical forests, volcanoes and incredible wild life. It was here were we saw our first ever sloth, macaws, toucans and all in their natural habitat. Can you believe this country has greater biodiversity than in the U.S. and Europe combined?! This country is a true jewel 💎 ! Oh and btw, did I mention they have NO ARMY?! What a great way to live! #puravida amigos!!✌🏼 at Costa Rica


Y llegamos a La Fortuna, Costa Rica! 🇨🇷🙌🏻 A town famous for its close proximity to the Arenal Volcano 🌋This majestic beauty last erupted in 1968 and you can still see the lava flow rocks and damage from the eruptions. This volcano was at one point one of the most active in the world 🌎 . . . . #puravida #costarica #arenalvolcano #volcanicrock #lafortuna at Volcán Arenal, Alajuela, Costa Rica


Most great things in life lie in its simplicity, yet we have made things so complicated, that being simple again is a challenge in itself. . . . Sometimes you’ve just got to sit back and enjoy the simple things✌🏼 at Bocas del Toro, Panama


Guysss!! I think we found our paradise!! 🏝. . . Although Bocas Del Toro was never officially in the plans, we are so happy we took a detour from Puerto Viejo and made a pit stop. We had beautiful beaches, beautiful weather and an amazing time. ✌🏼If you’re ever in Puerto Viejo, we highly recommend the trip! at Carenero, Bocas Del Toro, Panama


Then one day we decided to stop acting as if we were going to live twice... . . . Don’t take life for granted, go after that thing you’ve always wanted. Live your best life! ✨ at Bocas del Toro, Panama


The craziest adventures always leave you with the best memories 😜 . . The craziest thing we’ve done is this #travelmoon around the world. A honeymoon turned into an endless one taking us to experience life at another level ❤️ Travel is so addicting we don’t know how we’re going to go back to normal life after this one 🙈 at Parque Nacional Cahuita


Never stop exploring... 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️. . . Cahuita National Park is an ultimate must if you are in Puerto Viejo! A 3-4 hr walk will take you through a beautiful nature trail with a side of beaches. Punta Cahuita was our favorite beach! Not only did we see monkeys 🐒, racoons, and other wildlife...the reward was finding a sloth!! The first one we’ve ever seen in our lives! This was a pretty epic moment for us...it totally made our day ❤️ (btw, Apple needs to get with it and develop a sloth emoji ASAP!! 😂) at Parque Nacional Cahuita


Finding perfect beaches is our thing...what’s yours? . . . #findyourbeach #puertoviejo #puravida at Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica


And then sometimes we go biking 🚲 ! . . When was the last time you got lost in the present and forgot what time or day it was? I must admit at times it’s hard to completely unplug, but Puerto Viejo Costa Rica allowed us to do just that..live life in the present. Isn’t that what we are here to do anyway? ✌🏼. . . #liveyourlife #yolo #costarica #puertoviejo #lookmanohands👐 at Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica


Known as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lake Atitlan sits surrounded by volcanoes and mountains. The best part is that this place is made even more magical because of the Mayan culture that is still alive and thriving today in the surrounding little towns or “pueblitos”. . . . Ultimate Guide To Lake Atitlan now live on the blog! Click link in bio 📲 at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala


Although it may seem like it, I promise you it’s not all 🌈, 🦋 , and🦄 when traveling long term. Like any other couple we fight for the simplest things like cutting an entire onion vs half 😂 , but if it was all too perfect it wouldn’t be as fun! You have to take your highs with the lows and that just makes a relationship stronger 💪🏻💑. . . Wouldn’t you agree? . 📍San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala 🇬🇹 at San Marcos La Laguna


Mayan ruins are scattered all over the jungle in Northern Guatemala, many still undiscovered. You can see some far in the distance peaking out over the jungle!🗿. . . They say history never really says goodbye, history says “I’ll see you later...” . Do you agree? . . If you are visiting Guatemala soon make sure to check out our guide on Visiting Tikal by clicking the link in the bio! 📲 at Tikal National Park, Peten, Guatemala


After walking along broad paths deep in the Guatemalan jungle we arrived at the Grand Plaza. The views of the Temple of The Grand Jaguar🗿left us speechless sitting at 143 ft tall (and this isn’t even the tallest of the temples)! . . Built in 732 AD...how lucky are we to still be able to see pieces of history like this one? at Tikal, Peten, Guatemala


The magic of the Mayan world starts in Tikal! ✨. . . La magia del mundo Maya comienza en Tikal ✨ at Tikal, Peten, Guatemala


A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions... . . This quote perfectly sums up our experience of hiking Volcan Acatenango. . . Here, Ricky and I were sitting at the summit of the volcano. We had to get up at 4am to climb to the summit. This was the most difficult and physically exhausting part of the hike. My lungs were burning, legs were shredded from the 6 hour hike the day before, my heart was pounding, but he pushed me to keep going. This experience has scarred me for good...but in a positive way...there’s always something good waiting for you at the end of your comfort zone! . What have you done lately that has pushed you past your comfort zone? . . . Click the link in the bio for full details of our hike and more pics! . PC: @hidelink at Volcán Acatenango


A short glimpse of our hike and more views of the eruptions of Volcán Fuego. Enjoy!!!!🙌🏻🌋 🎥 at Guatemala


There it is guys!!! Volcán Fuego in it’s full glory! 🌋. . . . Although we got very little sleep that night due to the constant eruptions of Volcán Fuego, we wouldn’t have it any other way. The hike of over 12,000 ft and the bitter cold were so worth it! It’s crazy to think the things you can push your body to achieve if you put your mind to it! . . . #mindovermatter👊 #hardesthikeofourlives at Guatemala


The calm before the storm... . . . The view of Volcán Fuego could not have been better! Anxiously waiting to see Volcan Fuego in action! 💫 at Volcán Acatenango

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