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Giving you a peek into our #travelmoon & sharing the fun & not so fun parts about backpacking! 🇲🇽Zacatecas & 🇺🇸Chicago 🌎34 countries/104 cities 📍🇲🇽

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It’s ok to live a life others don’t understand... . . . We are stuck in a society that makes us think we have to live the perfect life. At a certain age you must finish school, have a successful career, get the expensive car, get married, buy that big house, have kids...who ever said this is the only lifestyle out there? That’s when we realized that life was not for us..at least not yet...maybe never. . 👉🏼 Money. Time. Energy 📲 ricardoandlorena.com at Casa José Cuervo Tequila Jal.


In Tequila, Jalisco you will find the most beautiful fields of blue agave everywhere you turn!. . . . . Did you know that the agave landscape around Tequila is a UNESCO World Heritage Site??. . . 👉🏼 Top Things To Do In Guanajuato 📲 Link in Bio at Tequila, Jalisco


We interrupt our posts of Tequila, Jalisco to bring you our “Top Things To Do in Guanajuato, Mexico”. A charming city located in a valley surrounded by mountains. . . . Our favorite thing about Guanajuato was its famous Mummy Museum. You’ve got to check it out! Egypt isn’t the only one with mummies 😂 . . . Learn more about this crazy mummy phenomenon by clicking the link in our bio ✌🏼 at Guanajuato City


Wandering the streets of Tequila, Jalisco. . . . Popular Pueblo Magico known for the production of Mexico’s National Drink...you guessed it...TEQUILA!!! 🥃 at Tequila, Jalisco


But first, Tequila!!! 🎉. . . . 📍Tequila, Jalisco at Tequila, Jalisco


How cool is it when you get to your #airbnb and it’s better than expected?!. . . . We always love going with #airbnb because they offer a more personalized, welcoming and a home away from home experience. How lucky did we get with this one and it’s amazing views of Guanajuato?! Do you prefer Airbnb’s or hotels when you travel? at Guanajuato City


Don’t let the fear of what could happen make nothing happen!. . . . . 👉🏼Top Things To Do In San Miguel De Allende 📲 Link in Bio at Guanajuato City


One of our favorite things to do in San Miguel De Allende was to get lost wandering through the streets!. . . . It’s honestly the best way to get to know the city, but here another 9 Things To Do in San Miguel De Allende to help you plan your visit. ✌🏼. . . . 📲Click the link in bio at San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato


It’s like the Mexican Romeo and Juliet story...kind of 😂. . . . El Callejón Del Beso (Alley of the Kiss) is a popular alley in which a love story took place. A young girl fell in love with a poor miner. Once the father found out, he threatened to marry her to a rich old man and kept her from seeing the poor miner. In desperation the poor miner rented the room in the building directly across from hers so he could still see his love. When the father found out the couple kept seeing each other through the balcony he approached his daughter and in a fit of rage stabbed her to death. Some say the poor miner was so sad that he threw himself out the balcony window to end his life too. . . . . The legend says that when 2 lovers pass through el Callejon Del Beso, they must kiss on the third step in order for their love to last forever ever. Who would you kiss here?? 🤔😚 at El Callejón del Beso


Life is too short to worry about things that don’t matter. . . . Do what you want. Do what you love. Live the life you’ve always wanted. ✨ at Guanajuato, Mexico


In the picturesque streets of Guanajuato ✌🏼. . . . How awesome is that feeling of getting to a new country or city and having so much ahead of you to explore??!! That feeling is so addicting!! #cantstopwontstop . . . . . 👉🏼Top Travel Apps. 📲 Click link in bio. at Guanajuato City


The best part of traveling is the people you meet along the way!. . . . . With our travel buddy @hidelink exploring the town of Guanajuato, Mexico. One of the most colorful cities we’ve visited! Have you ever been? . . . BTW, have you checked out our Top Travel Apps? Link in bio ✌🏼 at Guanajuato City


It’s always good to wander where the WiFi is weak! ✌🏼. . . . . Although it felt so good to disconnect for a bit, I’m not gonna lie...it feels good to be back. Sometimes we take things for granted like technology for example, but for travelers it’s a necessity. If it weren’t for technology we wouldn’t be traveling as seamless and inexpensive as we’ve been able to!. . . . After much trial and error, we have narrowed down our Top Travel Apps we just can’t live without! 📲Click the link the bio for more. at Guanajuato City


History, culture, art👩‍🎨, shopping 🛍, great food 🥘 ,great rooftops, fun to explore by foot 🚶‍♀️ , mariachi 🎶, oh and great doors 🚪!! ...Do you need more reasons to visit this beautiful town?! 😉. . . . . It’s no wonder tons of foreigners are moving in, an estimated 25,000! Most of them are retirees from the United States, Canada and Europe. Yep! We could totally retire here...who wouldn’t want to live in the most beautiful city in the world? at San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato


More views of the beautiful Parroquia De San Miguel De Allende... . . . . Who’s excited for the World Cup Final today? Are you cheering for France 🇫🇷 or Croatia 🇭🇷 ? at San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato


La Parroquia De San Miguel Arcangel is one of the most famous landmarks of San Miguel De Allende. It can be seen from almost anywhere in town and it is one of the most photographed churches in all of Mexico!. . . . Zeferino Gutierrez, an indigenous bricklayer and self taught architect built the church in the 17th century. They say he drew his inspiration from postcards of Gothic churches in Europe. It has a Neo-gothic facade which many people compare to La Sagrada Family in Barcelona Spain. Do you see the resemblance? 🤔 at San Miguel de Allende


Now we have the perfect excuse to fill your feeds with beautiful images of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato….why you might ask?!... . . . Travel + Leisure readers just named San Miguel De Allende "Best City in the World for 2018". That's the 2nd year in a row this gorgeous town takes the crown! Its cobblestoned streets, baroque Spanish architecture, culture, food and warm hearted people will leave you enchanted! #youwillfallinlove #sanmigueldeallende #bestcityintheworld2018 at San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato


Queretaro was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. It's historic beauty can be seen all over the city center, but you also shouldn't miss the most prominet feature of this city...The Queretaro Aquaduct. A Spanish colonial aquaduct built in the 18th century with 74 arches that still stands today. #visitmexico #queretarotravel . . . . . 👀New blog post: Our Top Tips For Money Management. . 📲 Click link in the bio at Queretaro

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