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It’s a blahhggg. In Portland. Contact: [email protected] Similar users See full size profile picture

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I feel like so many paths are in front of me. It’s the “be something different and inspiring path” the “be a professional with your degree and be happy path” and the “forget it all and be comfortable path” but nothing good comes without struggle. And working towards something should be meaningful and rewarding. I know that I am happy but I am scared of what is and isn’t in front of me, whether it’s blogging or being at a desk. I am scared that I am enjoying every second. at Portland, Oregon


🐆 at Portland, Oregon


I’ve always known that I’m a little more emotional than the average person. I can cry remembering how a song made me feel, be so inspired by a YouTube video and unwaveringly happy by an email. My dad always told me that it’s the little things in life that matter and I hope that I never let that go. I might be easily up and down but I’m feeling everything that crosses my path and never letting go of the things I want. #pleasefeel at Portland, Oregon


cawfee time at Portland, Oregon


downtown boots at 615 Broadway


currently en route to coffee because I ran out at home at Portland, Oregon


i always have my hands like this at Portland, Oregon


🍊 at Portland, Oregon


I finally received my first @dailylook box in the mail and I am in love! I am keeping these trousers and can’t wait to dress them up for work and down for the weekend! Use the code ‘Rilee10’ for $10 off your first order! #ElevateYourStyle at Portland, Oregon


nyc at New York, New York


monday mood at Portland, Oregon


linen and leopard 🐆 at Portland, Oregon


weekend essentials at Portland, Oregon


Yesterday in the Lori Gold @shevoke at Portland, Oregon


Golden hour 🌙 at Ashland, Oregon


My farmers tan goes perfectly with my new basket bag☀️ at Ashland, Oregon


This is the city that I love the most. It’s different and it’s terrifying but addicting in way that I can’t describe. There is so much beauty and self awareness to be found when you feel small. Small in the literal sense and small humbly. I live in Portland now and am hoping that my dreams may lead me here one day. I believe in all of you and your passions because they are not a waste in any sense. DO YOUR THING BABY BOO IM HERE TO SUPPORT YOU! at New York, New York


always dressing inappropriately for the weather but my new blazer needed to shine even if I was sweating at Portland, Oregon

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